Saturday, April 1, 2017

Riverdale Review : Chapter Eight "The Outsiders"

After three weeks hiatus, the wait is finally over ! In this week episode, Fred loses his crew just as they're about to start the construction, Archie and his friends try to help making them targets for an attack and Jughead worries how his friends will react when his secret comes out. While trying to make things better between The Coopers and The Blossom, Veronica throws a baby shower for Polly. 

- This post below contains spoilers - 

* Fred's Construction Site 

So as we know Fred got The Drive-In land and now he's going to start the construction, but sadly all of his crew left because Clifford Blossom offers them a better job with guaranteed work for two years. Fred then confronts Cliff about it and why he wants to try to stop this whole construction on The Drive-In and it turns out because of that maple syrup business ! 

Cliff reveals that The Drive-In land used to belong to The Blossoms back in those days and its where the maple founded and they were actually in the process of buying the land, when Fred's "mysterious boss" bought it out from under them and since they don't know who the buyer is they can't go after the person and go after Fred instead, and wants Fred to be basically bankrupt so he can buy the land in lower rate. The next day, Fred tells Hermione about it and Hermione asks if Cliff actually knows who the buyer is. Of course she's trying to cover her tracks and make sure no one finds out and she's in the clear for now because neither Cliff or Fred have any idea that Hiram is the buyer. 

We can see Fred looks so stress out afterwards, Archie being "the sweet son" he is gather up his friends including Jughead, Kevin, Moose to help Fred with his construction. The boys finished up their works for the day and along with Fred they head back into the office and when Moose says he forgot his phone, he runs back out to get it but then he walks up on two guys with crowbars trying to destroy Fred's construction equipment. 

Moose gets attack while trying to stop them and the rest of the gang rush out when they heard noises and found Moose on the ground. Fred called Sheriff Keller immediately. Sheriff Keller claims that he doubts someone like Clifford Blossom would do something like this and suspects The Southside Serpent instead, because maybe they're pissed of Fred for taking The Drive-In which basically their territory. 

Jughead quickly snaps them out of it saying that they didn't mess with him when he worked there, Sheriff then says that he'll talk to The Blossoms but i doubt he will and just as i thought Keller is the only good and honest parent left in Riverdale, but after this whole conversation i'm not quite sure..

* Archie and FP 

Archie has decided to take matters in his own hands because no one's doing anything to help out his dad, so he goes to Jughead who has been avoiding Archie's texts and we all know why.. Archie tells him that he and Moose are going to The Southside Serpents' bar because he's pretty convinced that they're the ones who attack Moose, he says that Kevin's serpent boyfriend, Joaquin can get them into the bar. Betty disapproved this plan claiming its too dangerous saying they're drug dealers who Jason worked for, Jughead at this point looks confused AF and that's when Archie asks him to goes with them and of course, Jughead tries to talk Archie out of it and trying to avoid this whole situation. Archie then leaves in disappointment saying 

"Thanks for having my back !"

Woah... Is this what Jughead mean in the previous episode by backstabbing Archie in his dream or it means something else ?
Archie, Moose, Kevin, and Joaquin are now at the bar and tries to find the guys that attack Moose. We all know this is a bad plan... And yeah, Archie got into a fight with a guy and then look who appears ! 

FP stops them and meet face to face with Archie, he then walks Archie out and Archie explains why they're there in the first place, and now he thinks that the whole thing is personal and FP's payback for Fred laying him off, but FP defend himself saying life's too short for that. 

Later on, Archie shows up at Polly's baby shower just to confronts Jughead about FP being a Serpent which shocked Betty. Back at home, Fred and Archie are discussing their legacies. Jughead then appears at Archie's bedroom and apologizes for not telling him anything about FP, Archie then forgives him and the two had brotherly talk. Later on, after explaining everything to Betty Jughead and Betty pays FP a visit at his trailer, where Jughead asks if FP has something to do with Jason's murder.

Although FP says to Jughead and Betty that he doesn't had something to do with Jason's death, we all know he must've and if you've suspected it, you're right ! It's revealed that he works with Joaquin to spy on Sheriff Keller by "pretending" to date and likes Kevin, although we kinda learn that Joaquin starts to likes him for real. Then we see, them pack Jason's evidences including his jacket from the previous episode saying its their insurances. What does that even mean ? 

At the end of the episode, FP shows up at Fred's construction site bringing his Serpents to help Fred's construction works and have a little chat with Hermione. He reveals to Hermione that those guys that attacked Moose isn't locals, at this point Hermione kinda confuse and then he drops the bomb. 

He says that those guys works in Montreal which based on their conversation we find out that means they works for Hiram, and FP thinks maybe Hiram found out about her "affair" with Fred and trying to get back at them. But the real question is who ratted Hermione out to Hiram ? Did Veronica tell her father about it ? If its not her then who ? 

* Polly's Baby Shower 

All the gang are in the common room discussing about Polly, Hermione wants Polly but not the baby while The Blossoms wants the baby but not Polly. So, to get The Blossoms and The Coopers to get along for Polly and the baby sake, Veronica suggest to throw a baby shower for Polly where The Blossoms and The Coopers have to get along in public where they can't fight. Just then, Alice enters the room wants to talk with Betty and Veronica. Veronica then breaks the news about Polly's baby shower and of course, Alice disapproved claiming it's hardly appropriate. 

Back at Pembroke, Veronica tells the news to Polly and Hermione where Hermione suggest Veronica not to get involved because The Blossoms and The Coopers' family feuds will not end just because Polly's pregnant with Jason's baby. Veronica agrees and tell that she should talk to Alice so she'll come to the shower. 

Then we see, Alice and Hermione meets up at Pop's where Hermione tells Alice to reconsider her decision towards Polly because she'll regret it. And up to this point, i'm really curious what the hell happened to them back then that makes them split up. 

Then it's time to party ! We see Jughead and Betty shares a cute moments #Bughead and then we see Alice shows up and Polly's so happy to see her come, she apologizes for what she did and glad that Polly and the baby are safe. Just as everything went fine, The Blossoms appears with Cheryl bringing a stroller that she brag "Only money can buy" 

In return for Polly making her the baby's godmother, little did she knows earlier Polly told Betty that she wants to Betty to be the baby's godmother in case anything happen to her, Betty's the one she believes can take care of the baby. Nana Blossom uses some kind of "magic" to know the baby's gender and she claims that Polly's expecting twins for each sex ! When its time for Alice to give her gift for Polly, she gives Polly her night lamp that she always keep for her to pass on to her child. At some point, i know that this baby shower will goes wrong.. And i'm right !! 

When Penelope and Cheryl apologizes to Polly and asks Polly to stay with them at Thornhill instead than stays with The Lodges, at some point here Penelope mentions something that offended Alice for sending away her own daughter just because she's pregnant. Alice then snaps back at her and all goes down.. After the whole fight that makes Alice realizes to accept Polly, she asks Polly to come home with her and Betty. But then, Polly says she can't and that's when she reveals something about "daddy dearest'', Hal Cooper.. Polly reveals when Hal found out about Polly being pregnant with Jason's baby, he makes a doctor appointment for her saying that money will not be a problem to fix her mistakes. After hearing this, Alice seriously mad as hell and her face is 100% really creeping me out. 

* Alice Cooper's Secret

Alice comes home and confronts Hal about his plan for Polly, and she turn off the TV and throws the remote across the room and starts talking and yelling at him. During their intense fight, we get another reveal that turns out Hal also asks Alice to get an abortion ! Hal then defend himself saying that he'll not raise a baby with Blossoms blood. 
She then scream at him to leave the house and threatens him that he doesn't know what she capable of, Hal then doubts her but Alice makes it perfectly clear that she's not afraid and she doesn't care anymore at what people thinks. Now, what is it that she's capable of.. Did Alice cover up a crime that involving Jason's death for Hal?

I think this reveal is really ironic for Alice and The Coopers, at the beginning of the episode we see the family portrait of The Coopers as Jughead narrates two high school sweetheart, who get married and have two beautiful daughters, seems like all is well with them but the truth is the opposite. I also kind of gets why Alice being the mom she is towards Polly and Betty being so controlling and over protection because maybe what she's been through in the past. 

* What's Polly Up To ? 

The episode ends with Polly decides that she'll live with The Blossoms. But, her facial expression before she walks into The Thornhill gate makes me wonder.. What the hell is she up to ? She claims she do it for her baby / babies, but no.. no.. That's not it, first she wants Betty as the godmother, Alice already accepted the fact, and Hal is out of the picture for now, so there's shouldn't be a problem. I'm sure she's planning something that needs her to be in Thornhill.