Tuesday, April 11, 2017

13 Reasons Why Review : Season 1 Episode 1 "Tape 1, Side A"

If you probably didn't know, 13 Reasons Why is a Netflix Original Series based on YA novel by Jay Asher and executive produced by Selena Gomez.. And ever since i start the play button, i binge watch the whole Season 1 ! Anyway.. 13 Reasons Why follows the story of high school student, Clay Jensen, in his quest to uncover the story behind his classmate and crush, Hannah Baker and her reasons for ending her life. 

- This post below contains spoilers - 

* In Stereo 

Hannah Baker's (Katherine Langford) voice opens the episode where she takes her listener through her heartbreaking journey, which includes 13 recorded tapes each explaining a person who had a part that leads her to committed suicide. She also explains a certain rules, everyone who gets the tapes will have to listen to complete set, then pass it along to the next person addressed on the tapes. If they don't, a second set of tapes will be release by a ''trusted friend'' who's name not on the tape and all of them will be implicated. 

* Helmet 

Meet, Clay Jensen (Dylan Minnette) who's a nice socially awkward guy among high school cliques, and the person that leads us to Hannah's story. During class, we see him flash back to an earlier time where he complimented Hannah's haircut, other times we learned that they worked together in a movie theater where the two becomes friend and Clay immediately had a crush on Hannah, who later gives him a nickname, Helmet. After coming home from school, he finds a package for him in front of his doorstep and of course.. He opens it, and find a set of cassette tapes inside a shoe-box. He use his dad's boombox but later its broken, so he decides to go to his friend, Tony (Christian Navarro) who has a Walkman, Clay stole it and continue listening. Through troubles and tribulations finally we get to Hannah's beginning story of an end . 

* The First Tape, Part 1 

As Hannah explains, the first tape is for Justin Foley (Brandon Flynn) who's a jock with a ''charming smile'' that makes her happy until he became her ''Kryptonite''. Their story begins at Hannah's friend, Kat's house party who introduced Hannah to some of her friends from school, which Hannah made some connections with. First, there's Bryce (Justin Prentice) a head-jock, and all around douche-bag. Then, Clay awkwardly makes a rare appearance who's obviously enamored with Hannah. But, she's too busy wandering for Justin and his teammate, Zach (Ross Butler) Hannah quickly falling for Justin not Zach the one that actually Kat recommends. We soon find out that Kat's dating Justin at that time, but not for long... Kat moves away before school starts, leaving Hannah alone. On the other hand, Kat's leaving also means Justin is single. After getting a permission from Kat to pursue Justin instead of Zach, Hannah grows closer to her crush. As much as i hated their relationship, the way these two trying to win each other is so cute ! Then of course, the date night and the first kiss.. Hannah and Justin meet up at a playground and they kissed after Hannah slides down a slide in a dress. In the present, Clay's at the same playground after following the map that Hannah left along with the tapes. Now, settle in.. Because it's gonna get painful from here. Nothing honestly went wrong on that date, nothing.. But no one say anything about the day after. During their date, Justin took a couple of Hannah's pictures on the slide and one of them is an upskirt shot of her as she went down the slide. Bryce being a douche he is, took Justin phone and sent the picture to literally everyone at school, embarrassing Hannah and took her dream of the first perfect romance.  

* Pardon Me,

By now, Clay is having trouble continuing to listen to Hannah's tapes so he confronts Tony about the Walkman. Instead, Tony asks Clay to keep it because he still need to listen to the tapes. Tony reveals that he has listened to the tapes and knows that Clay's one of the 13 reasons and he demands Clay to finish the set. Clay until know still feeling confuse because all this time he's kind to Hannah, at least he thought so until.. He remembers the first time he failed Hannah. When all of her friends, had shut her out after ''the picture'', she sit with Clay in the cafeteria and tried to strike up a conversation with Clay who seemed really pissed off. He had been jealous that Hannah was so into Justin, so he dismissed her without even hearing her part of the story. Hannah held back tears and then leaves, present Clay is horrified to think of that memory. 

The episode closes with Justin gets taken away from class by the guidance counselor, and just before the bell rings Clay sees Hannah projected from his memory dressed in white looking alive with her angelic smile from down the hall. Then back at home, Clay decides to continue listening to the tapes and he flipped the tapes to side B.