Wednesday, April 12, 2017

13 Reasons Why Review : Season 1 Episode 2 "Tape 1, Side B"

This episode continues Hannah story when she makes friends with Jessica and Alex, two other new students. While, Justin doesn't show up at school and Hannah's mom finds something troubling. 

- This post below contains spoilers - 

* Family & Secrets 

The episode opens with Clay and Hannah making out at some point ( Still don't know if its really happen or not ) Then cut to Clay's mom telling Clay that she's making breakfast. During breakfast, Clay gets an intervention from his parents and the reason that his mom's making breakfast is to talk to him about taking his pills (which he stop taking two years ago) Clay fights back and rushes away, while his parents debate about him keeping secrets. Seriously, they will have a heart attack if they know about the tapes.. 

* Bye, Justin ? Hello, Sheri ! 

Apparently, after meeting with Mr Porter (The Guidance Counselor) Justin goes MIA and ditched school for the day, where he supposed to show up at the pep rally and the coach is pissed and looking for him. He's not the only one looking tho.. Jessica Davis (Alisha Boe) is even more frantic searching for him, we'll get back to her later. Now, Clay is still having trouble listening to the tapes and also looking for Justin for more answers. When he exits the gym after the pep rally, Sheri (Ajiona Alexus) Jessica's fellow cheerleader follows. Sheri's kind and it looks like she likes Clay, during their talk Clay learns that Sheri was friends with Hannah, but as you know friendship at school can be complicated.. 

* Tape 1, Side B 

Remember, Jessica Davis ? It turns out that Side B is about Jessica, she is Justin's ''Girlfriend'' and Hannah's former friend. We then see a series of flashbacks as Hannah narrates that shows their friendship. The two meets at the counselor's office, both of whom were new to the school. At that time, the guidance counselor is Mrs. Antilly who was concerned about both of them who don't have any friends. They joke about each other but ends up having hot chocolates at Monet's (Another significant place on Hannah's map). 

As you know, they became friends and soon their friendship grows when they befriend, Alex (Miles Heizer) a loner who sat in Monet's and ''Stalked'' them until they invited him to join. The three of them becomes close friend and did everything together, they saw each other as often as possible. As Hannah describes, 

"Day after day, drink after drink, we lifted mugs, and lifted each other."

She explains that the three of them would comes to Monet's and talked about their FML's, but their ''warm'' friendship started to ''cool'' overtime. Alex was the first one to stop coming and makes new friends, then Jessica move on too and start become a cheerleader. 

But, when Jessica and Alex started dating Hannah perspective towards them started to change and we can tell based on the flash back and her voice that she's hurt by feeling left out. If only it all ended here, instead Hannah goes on to tell the story of how Jessica came to hate Hannah for something she never did, which leads us to.. 

* The List 

Alex apparently wrote a list about the girls in the high school and their looks. Jessica blamed Hannah for making Alex to a ''Douche-bag" and causing him to break up with her. It's still unclear what happened between Jessica and Alex, but it made Jessica angry enough to slap Hannah's face at Monet's, breaking both their friendship and Hannah's heart further.. At the end of the episode, Hannah's mom finds the list inside one of Hannah's books from her locker, she reads it and show it to her husband claiming that Hannah was bullied at school. 

* What Is Happening ?!

Back to present day, weird thing happened Zach and Marcus try to give Clay a ride to Bryce's but Tony suddenly appears from out of nowhere saves him from the trip. Which gives Clay time to talk with Jessica,  Jessica warns Clay not to believe everything Hannah said (Jessica already listened to the tapes) and claims that Hannah lies. Just as we thought we can trust Jessica, this happened.. Turns out Justin's been hiding out at Bryce's pool house to avoid the consequences of Hannah's tapes. Later, when Jessica confronts Justin in the pool house she tells him that Clay has the tapes now but he hasn't get to ''That part''. Jessica then realizes that if Hannah were lying about everything, Justin wouldn't be so scared. 
The episode ends, with Hannah's mom calling Tony about Alex's list.. Of all people, why Tony ?? Tony then arrives at The Baker's house while Clay watches from across the street.