Friday, March 10, 2017

The Vampire Diaries : Season 8 Episode 7 "The Next Time I Hurt Somebody, It Could be You" Review / Recap

Merry jolly Christmas on Vampire Diaries ? I don't think so.. 
The next time i hurt somebody, it could be you is Stefan's line to Elena in the Season One finale. In this episode, we had to experiences the dinner party from hell, backstabbing and heart-wrenching moments that made this fall finale pretty memorable. 

- This post below contains spoilers - 

* A Blast From The Past 

The episode starts with Stefan's past on 1917 as The Ripper of Monterey, where he literally slaughter everyone inside the camp on Christmas eve. Back to present day, our "sweet" Stefan is trying to make his last day with Caroline ( Before serving for Cade ) special by making a big Christmas eve dinner, he even decorates the whole Salvatore House and Christmas tree ! 

Until, Sybil and Damon crash the party and bring trouble.. Damon ruins Christmas for Caroline and us when he decides to killed Stefan ( Temporarily ) with a Christmas decoration ! During his death, Stefan basically meet with Cade and goes on a trip to memory lane where Cade explains why Stefan's the perfect choice to be his servant. 

Cade brings him to see all the horrible things he's done during his time as "The Ripper", which is kinda a blur for him because he wasn't alone. After the slaughter, Stefan's carving the names of his victims on the walls when.. Look who show up ! Seline.

Yup, Stefan had actually met Sybil back in 1917 where actually Stefan changed her. She was so moved when she saw remorse in Stefan's mind that she refused to send his soul to Cade and wiped Stefan's mind clear of the incident, that's why he remembers nothing. But this means nothing compares to this one.. 

Stefan literally breaks ( and we do too ) when Cade brings him to Mystic Falls High School, the day he bumps into Elena in the hallway. Cade explains that Stefan brought darkness and evil into an innocent girl's life who had just experienced death and grief in her life and that act makes Stefan an evil person, even though he had good intentions. 

* A Deal With The Devil 

After their trip to memory lane, Stefan set his own term to his agreement with Cade that he will become "The Ripper" again but after, Cade has to set him and Damon free. Cade agrees and gives Stefan a year to become "The Ripper" and bring soul as many as he can to him, though Cade warns him that Stefan will never be able to stop once he got started but Stefan still hang on to hope that he will because of his future with Caroline. 

* The Dinner Party From Hell 

Meanwhile, Caroline has to stick with Sybil while she's literally hacking away at the turkey, throwing slabs of meat into a bowl with her bare hands and trying to get along with Caroline. But, Caroline starts to enlighten up when the twins and Alaric shows up but this also brings tension between Alaric and Damon since we all know what happened in the previous episode. To ease the mood, Caroline starts giving out gifts for everyone including Sybil and Damon. Caroline gives Damon a small wrapped gift and says that one day she hopes Damon will apologizes to her after what he had done to her and the twins, that gift will breaks us later in the end of the episode ( we'll get to that later ). 

Matt then arrives with his father, Peter Maxwell when dinner starts, and this is when everything goes down. Damon decides to play a game, whoever has done the worst deeds is going to die. He ends up poking Peter and revealed that he leaves Matt because he simply didn't want to be a father again, Damon then tries to kill Peter. Everything stopped when Bonnie and Enzo arrives with The Tuning Fork, that turns out also had an effect on Bonnie.. So Damon leaves to get Sybil out of the house. 

* Love And Adventure 

Those two words really describe our lovebird, Bonnie and Enzo that saves Christmas. Earlier in the episode, Enzo surprises Bonnie with a trip to Paris whenever she wants to go meanwhile, Bonnie only get Enzo some new T- shirts. During Caroline and Sybil small talk, Sybil reveals that she has been staying with a wealthy family in the town next to Mystic Falls. Caroline then calls Bonnie with the information. So, Bonnie and Enzo goes to check out the house, only to finds a woman singing Christmas carol to her family and Seline writing in a notebook. Which leads to another reveal.. 

Seline turns out isn't all that bad, she feels a lot of remorse for what she had done to the twins and told them about her and "Ripper" Stefan, and how she picked up his habit by writing victims name down. Seline then request Bonnie and Enzo to deliver a message for Alaric that she had to see the twins one more time, so she can wipe their memories clean and disconnect them for good from Cade's influence. 

* The Salvatore Brothers 

Stefan and Damon both makes big decisions before starting their work for Cade. Stefan said goodbye to Caroline by kissing her one last time under the mistletoe that he had prepared before while decorating the house, and promises her that he will come back to her after his job done with Cade.

Meanwhile, Damon gives Sybil the gift that Caroline give to him which turns out to be.. Elena's necklace ! When he wears it on Sybil, his memories floods when he give Elena her necklace on her birthday back on Season Three and as we all know that's the moment Elena actually fall in love with Damon. So, Damon ends up ripping out Sybil's heart and leaves her on a town bench. YAAS! 

The episode ends with The Salvatore Brothers driving to leave town and we see Stefan turn off his humanity and shows his "Evil-Ripper" smile.