Friday, April 14, 2017

13 Reasons Why Review : Season 1 Episode 3 "Tape 2, Side A"

In this episode, jealousy and gossip take on Hannah's relationships. While, Alex struggles with feelings of regret and Clay is pressured to get drunk. 

* Justin's Family Issues

As we see Justin still staying at Bryce's and while he's alone he walks around Bryce's mansion and stop to look at a family portrait, he then cries because his home life is nothing like Bryce's. Thanks to Jessica we know Justin can't stay at home with his ''Careless'' mom and her boyfriend, Jessica then shows up at Bryce's to comfort him. Seriously, i don't know how i feel about Justin, i mean i kinda feel sorry for him but later on he continues on being a jerk.. 

* Mrs. Baker Discovery 

After discovering Alex's list in the previous episode, Mrs. Baker tries to talk to the principal but given the lawsuit she and her husband have against Liberty High, he only offers his condolences. Feeling disappointed, Mrs. Baker cries in the girls' bathroom and notices all the inappropriate messages on the stalls, that calling each other Sluts and Whores and insulting basically everyone. Mrs. Baker takes snapshots of the messages and when she about to leave, she bumps into Courtney in the hallway who prepared a memorial for Hannah. Courtney tells her that all the roses are from Hannah's friends, Mrs. Baker then claims that if they were really Hannah's friends they would know that she hated roses. Then we see, Mr.Porter still hoping to talk to all the students. Later, he even meets with Courtney and Marcus. But is it just me or there's something that he's hiding because Hannah tell us that Mr. Porter will be in one of the tapes. 

* Tape 2, Side A 

Tape 3 is for Alex Standall, anyone see this coming ? Alex's story is interwined with Jessica's, cause' he's the one who causes what went down between them. The biggest question is, what exactly happened ? Before finishing the tape, Clay tries to get some answers from Alex who he finds ripping down the suicide prevention posters in the school hallway, Alex still doesn't want to opens up to Clay and left. After thinking it through, Alex decides to talk to Clay about it and tells him to meet up after school at Monet's.

Clay happens to arrives early and gets to talk to Skye, the barista who apparently to be his friend a long time ago but their friendship cool off overtime just like Hannah's did with Alex and Jessica. Alex reveals that he started to date Jessica because the jocks considered her hot and he can't say no, he then puts a lot of pressured on Jessica just like the jocks did on their girls. When Jessica refuses to having sex with him, he lashes out with the list which he made with the jocks during lunch. Both Clay and us never really thought Alex could do something like this, cause' he seems like a really nice guy. 

Well.. You can't really judge a book by its cover. Alex tells Clay that he regrets for what he did by making the list and ruined Hannah's friendship with Jessica, then he raise his voice claiming that all of them killed Hannah. As you all know, Hannah's story for each tapes always ends with a slap. 

This tapes leads Clay to the liquor store where Hannah frequently bought chocolates and candy. As Hannah narrates and we see a flashback, where Bryce spotted Hannah inside and casually harassed her and there's nothing she could do about it. She explains in her tape to Alex that putting her on the list, even if it's a joke left her as a target for bullying. 

* Getting Caught 

In present day, Clay walks to the same liquor store and bump into Bryce, who buys him a giant bottle of beer and when he's about to throws it away he get caught by Bryce, Justin, Zach, and Alex, who are drinking around the alley. They forced Clay to chug the entire bottle and compete against Alex, Clay ends up winning but he get caught (again) by Tony who watches the entire scene, he then leaves but Clay rides on his bike and follows where he spots Tony beating up someone he doesn't know with another man behind a factory. When Clay gets home, he's totally drunk and his parents can see that, he ends up vomiting all over the dining table in fronts of them.. Which leads him to be grounded for good. 

* The Astronomy Boy

All of that to depressing ? Let's just dive in to a less depressing flashback between Clay and Hannah. Sometime in the past, Clay asks Hannah to watch an eclipse with him later that night. After work, they head up to the roof and it's a sweet scene from there.. Both of them shy to act on the sparks they feel, so instead they just spend the night in the cold glancing at each other and staring at the sky. 

The episode ends with Alex hanging out at Bryce's pool house with the gang, and then Alex walks out alone and fall into the pool then stay submerged for a while, who seem really tired and guilty about what happened with Hannah, the tapes, and everything. 

While Clay is at his bedroom preparing for the mysterious fourth tape which Hannah warns that this one will require the listener to break some rules.