Tuesday, April 18, 2017

13 Reasons Why Review : Season 1 Episode 7 "Tape 4, Side A"

In this episode, in the past someone tries to sabotages Hannah's class project. While in present time, Clay having trouble between reality and his nightmare over Hannah. 

- This post below contains spoilers -

* Clay's Losing It 

Remember Clay's nightmare about Hannah's arms bleeding at the winter formal ? Well, it turns out that's how Hannah killed herself.. Mrs. Jensen mentions that Hannah, slit her wrist and bled out in a bathtub. Poor Hannah.. It's a really devastating thing to imagine, and Clay overhears this. 

When Clay arrives at school, he sees a girl trying to opens Hannah's locker. Clay then yells at her to stop whatever she's doing, she reveals that she's a new student and that now Hannah's locker is hers, but she's having trouble with the combination. He then hallucinates this girl asking him, what he did to Hannah but then he snaps out of it and realizes, she's just saying thanks for helping her. 

* Tape 4, Side A

At first Clay thinks that this tape is his, but Tape 7 is actually for Zach Dempsey. We picked up where we left off with Zach sitting with Hannah at the diner, while she ignores him and he offered to pay for her milkshakes. 

The next day at school, Zach was nice to Hannah but Hannah quickly freaked out telling him to stay away from her. I think Hannah got it all wrong this time, because Zach didn't had any ulterior motives like his friends. During communication class, they had a project to put a compliment anonymously inside their classmates compliment bags. 

Hannah reveals that she didn't get a lot of compliments, but she always gets a cartoon bunny and we all know who gives it... Clay ! We see through out the previous episodes that he loves to draw a cartoon bunny, and those compliments meant a lot for Hannah. One day, she finds that her bag was empty, she starts to recognizes something is up and somehow she knew Zach was the one stealing her compliments. 

So, she decides to write him a letter where she pours out her feelings about how she feels so lonely and how hard everything is. The next day, Hannah decides to stick her letter inside her bag so Zach would find it. We then see Zach gets and reads her letter, but Hannah tells us on the tape that he throws it away on the ground. Hannah then yells at him, 

"Why me, Zach ? Why me ?!" 

* Clay & Zach

Clay decides to shows up at the basketball game where Zach's winning the game, he then had a really creepy hallucination with Hannah bleeding on the floor, he also hears people talking about his fears and secrets about Hannah. 

When Clay goes outside in the parking lot, he find Zach's Audi and decides to writes ''Why me ?'' using his key. Skye witness this but says she won't tell, and that she likes this new ''Angry Clay''. 

The next morning, Zach and his mom ends up at Clay's house to confront him about keying Zach's Audi, Clay then admit that he did it and when he about to tell Zach's mom why he did it in the first place, Zach freaks out and stops him. 

Zach and Clay ends up having a small talk, and Zach shows Clay that he still has the letter, he keeps it folded in his wallet and confess that he didn't know how to react when he read it saying it was too heavy. He then says, he'll always be sorry and asks Clay if he wants to read it, Clay then answers he never could read it. 

* Clay's Meltdown 

Clay then decides to returns the tapes to Tony saying, 

"I can't listen, i can't hear it in her voice... It's starting to make sense to me why she did what she did."

He asks Tony again, why he's on the tapes. But of course, Tony refuses to but he can help Clay through it. The next day at school, Clay's acting weird by greeting everyone at school, then he starts hallucinates Hannah's tapes being play over the loudspeaker, at class he also hallucinates a questionnaire where he asks Mrs. Bradley, 

"How important was it to you to help Hannah Baker ?"

He then reveals to her about the note Hannah writes and left in Mrs. Bradley's compliment bag about not feeling anything anymore, but their talk gets interrupted by Mr. Porter who shows up at class asking for Clay to shows a group of international exchange students around with Courtney. This is the scene where i'm totally speechless... While giving the tour, Clay explains to the students the truth about Liberty High, like who runs the school.. Justin and Zach, and why there are so many suicide prevention posters on the walls, he explains..

"You see this lockers ? They all looked alike, but not this one.. This one's special, it belonged to a girl who killed herself because everyone here just so nice until they drives you to kill yourself. Sooner or later, the truth will come out. It's going to come out !!" 

Everyone gathers in shock, and Mr. Porter finally burst into crowd and tells Clay to come with him. Woah.. At this point i think that Clay's literally cracked.