Monday, April 24, 2017

Pretty Little Liars Review : Season 7B Episode 11 "Playtime"

Pretty Little Liars has returned for its final 10 episodes and what a hell of A game... In this episode, Aria must deal with the fact that Nicole is still alive and back on Ezra's life while struggling with the wedding plans. Spencer after surviving of shot in the previous episode probably by A.D, now wants to learn the truth about her connection with Mary Drake. Alison must cope with the news of her pregnancy and her relationship with Emily. While, Hannah is trying to make her relationship works with Caleb and explore her fashion career. On top of all of this, A.D has a special delivery for the liars that reveals the final endgame, which pushes things to a whole new level. 

- This post below contains spoilers - 

* The Aftermath 

This episode start where we left off, Spencer was rushed to the hospital after the gunshot with the liars in tow. While waiting for Spencer in surgery, the liars were shocked to see Toby being wheeled in on a stretcher after the car accident with Yvonne. Things jumped one week forward with Toby still at the hospital recuperating and waiting for Yvonne who still hasn't wake up from her coma, since the accident. Toby then reveals that the accident was now being blamed on a deer in the road. Really ? A deer ? Anyone else think A.D was behind this ?? Maybe A.D still needs Toby in Rosewood for the endgame, that's why A.D (probably) plotted the accident. While, Spencer is now back home.

* Another Lies, Another Secrets.. 

Remember, Mary Drake revelation after Spencer get shot about her being Spencer's biological mother ? Spencer obviously still question this and when Veronica arrives back from French, Spencer confronts her. At first Veronica tried to change the subject and talk her way out of it, but she comes around eventually and reveal the truth about Spencer.. It is true that Mary Drake is Spencer's biological mother, the big question is who's the father ? Veronica later reveals that Spencer's father is Peter Hastings ! So, Spencer's truly a Hastings. But, how did this happened ??! 
So, as we know.. Mary had a mental problem. She tricked Peter into sleeping with her by pretending to be dearest twin sister, Jessica DiLaurentis, who had an affair with Peter at that time. Jessica then told Veronica about everything and Veronica decided to raise Spencer as her own than let her go into children's home, Veronica then tells Spencer, 

"5 minutes, you're in this world for 5 minutes before i first held you. And, I've been holding on to you ever since."

Although that's a very sweet thing to say but this isn't a Hallmark movie, Spencer seems shocked like all of us were and before she freaks out and leaves, she points out, 

"Everything that i thought i knew, everything. It just came from the big bag of lies." 

* The Liars' Lament 

Later on, a huge black box with a lovely red bow on was delivered to Spencer's and then she calls the liars, so they could open it together. After reading a note from A.D, they realizes that Noel Khan wasn't A.D and their nightmare wasn't over. 

Inside the box, they find a board game with a very high technology that A.D made and promise to be ''Endgame'', each of them had their own figures and the board featured landmarks and locations around Rosewood, and A.D called it ''The Liars' Lament''. They have no idea what they should do with it, so they decides not to play it. 

* Emison's Meltdown ?

Alison is furious when she discovers that Paige is now working at Rosewood High too along with her and Emily. Emily tried to act normal and stay neutral, but during a committee meeting Alison goes back being her bitchy old self and dragging up Paige's past. Afterwards, Emily confronts Alison about it, and Alison claims that she's jealous of what Emily and Paige used to had and her memory with Emily, none of them were real including their kiss. Emily then tells her not to kiss her again until she knew why she was doing it, and Emily's tired for being the only one that want their relationship to work. 

Later on, Emily tells Paige to expect an apology from Alison but Paige admits that she's tired of Alison always playing the victim and Emily come to her rescue all the time. 

* A Blast From The Past 

Aria was left thanks to the unexpected return of Nicole that taking all of Ezra's attention. Aria finally losing it and decides to leave Ezra's apartment, just as he returns and told her to stay. Unsure about their engagement, Aria continues planning the wedding with Hannah's help. She then bumped into Holden, whose sister ran one of the wedding firms that Aria was considering and the two caught up.

 Later, they bumped into Ezra who's in a rush to go to New York as Nicole's parents ask him to. 

* Teaming Up ! 

Hannah distract herself from all A.D drama by catch- up in her fashion career as Caleb suggested. Thanks to Mona, Hannah meet with Katherine Daly, daughter of a senator and agrees to wear Hannah's dress but mistakenly thought Mona's her boss. 

Hannah later confronts Mona about it, and Mona claims it was a mistake and misunderstanding, she decides to call Katherine to explain. It seems that Hannah's the only one (right now) who's life doesn't seem to messed up... I mean, she's back with Caleb and start her career !

* The First Player 


Spencer who just finds out the truth about her parents, feels desperate to find Mary and wants to know about her, receives a text from A.D promising to reveal more if she plays the game. Spencer then starts it and faced with a ''Truth or Dare'', Spencer choose Dare and A.D instructs her to visit Toby in the hospital in exchange for more reveal. After visiting Toby and kinda comfort him about the accident, when she returns home the game gives her a letter written by Mary while she was pregnant in Radley, explaining why she did what she did and saying she was sorry about it. Afterwards, Spencer tells the liars what she had done and they're all unhappy about it. Hannah who feels sick and tired of A.D, tries to destroy the game but as she did so, the smartphone in the board game shows a footage of the liars digging up Archer's body. 

The episode ends with Jenna drinking tea and later being given a braille book by A.D and as she reads it, she says ''Endgame'' with a really creepy smile on her face.