Tuesday, March 7, 2017

The Vampire Diaries : Season 8 Episode 4 "An Eternity of Misery" Recap / Review

An Eternity of Misery was Damon's line to Stefan in The Pilot episode, which actually kinda play a part in this episode. So, we kinda learn more about The Siren, and their enemy is closer than they think.

- This post below contains spoilers - 

* The Tale of Two Sisters

Family and siblings always plays a huge part on the show and this final season is no exception, with now Sybil's being locked up in The Armory, Stefan and Alaric decides to uses this opportunity to learn more about her. The episode starts off with a flashback in 750 BC with two sisters laying by the fire with the eldest telling a bedtime story to the younger about a man named, Arcadius or Cade for short, who was a kind man with psychic abilities but he was betrayed by his people and burned at the stake. This is when Cade learned what true evil was, but he had his revenge, and the eldest claims that they will have their revenge as well.. 

 Back to Sybil, she opens up to Stefan telling him a story about a village girl who was born in The Mediterranean with psychic abilities and was banished by her people to a deserted island, where she met an island girl who appears to have the same abilities and the two bonded like sisters. They starts luring in ships with their abilities only to destroy the ships ( From the same village where the village girl came from ) to prevent them from landing on their island. 

Although, the village girl unknowingly being fed human flesh from the ship victims by her sister ( the island girl ) turning both of them into a cannibalistic monsters. Stefan then realizes, Sybil's one of the girl and just as we thought Sybil's the worse of the worse seeing her mind games from the previous episode and now she treat our heroes like puppets, she turns out to be the "nice sister'' and there's someone who's worse than her ?! TVD really goes full dark no stars this season.. Sybil then points out, while she's being locked up in The Armory her sister's still roaming around out there planning God knows what. 

While this is all happening, Georgie sneak into Alaric's house to get a book where she bumps into Seline who's about to call Alaric but Georgie threaten her not to. Which actually makes us wonder, is Georgie the other siren a.k.a Sybil's evil sister ? 
This theory becomes more real when Alaric goes inside the vault and Georgie shows up from nowhere and locks him in, then she vervain Stefan to knock him out !

While he's unconscious, Sybil gets into his head and reveals all the truth to him. Turns out, Seline's actually Sybil's sister !! When Sybil founds out that she had been eating human flesh, she tries to kill herself by jumping off a cliff. But, she's saved by Cade.

 But of course, making a deal with the devil has a price.. Which Seline agrees to anything in exchange for immortality for both of them where they must feed off of human flesh and send the souls of the wicked to hell where Cade resides. Before Stefan could warn Caroline and Alaric about Seline, Sybil erases his memory about it before he wakes up. Looks like, the twins are in danger ! 

* Georgie and Alaric's fate 

Wait.. If Seline's the other siren, what happened to Georgie ? Seline is just using Georgie to do the dirty work for her and then she snapped Georgie's neck and we see her soul was sucked into hell at the end of the episode where we also sees Seline eating Georgie's flesh. Meanwhile, Alaric has to dig a long knife into his ears, because the only way you can find your way out this time and ended up in Mystic Falls ! Hopefully, he'll find some vampire blood for his hearing problem. 

* Damon Goes on a Hunt 

Meanwhile, Damon's searching for a man named Peter Maxwell who apparently has a Maxwell family heirloom that will help Sybil with her plans. When Damon come face to face with Peter, he stabs Peter and Matt shows up out of nowhere, who later revealed that Peter is actually Matt's father, well we can see the resemblance... The casting team really did a great job here ! 

When Damon wakes up, he told Matt about what had been going on in Mystic Falls while he's gone. He also reveals that he attacked Tyler previous night and left him dying in the trunk of his car. Matt then races with his dad to save Tyler, but they don't make it on time, making Tyler the first main character since season one to die this season which literally breaks me. 

* Stefan and Damon are doom ( Basically.. )

At the end, Sybil asks Stefan which sister is Stefan's spirit animal ? Because the tale of the two sisters similar to how Stefan forced Damon to drink human blood and completed the transition to become a vampire just so he wouldn't be alone, plus she reminded him about Stefan being the Ripper of Monterey. Stefan told her that he's both and asks her a way to save Damon, but Sybil told him there's no way for saving Damon because his fate is already sealed to the devil himself, which is Cade, and Damon already believe in hell and to be honest, Sybil revealed that Stefan's just as doom as Damon and if there's a way.. The only way is to kill Cade. 

This brings up so many questions, is Damon really beyond saving at this point ? Is Cade really the devil ? And if so, how will our heroes defeat him ? And what does Selene true intention with the twins ?