Tuesday, March 7, 2017

The Vampire Diaries : Season 8 Episode 3 "You Decided That I Was Worth Saving" Recap / Review

You decided that i was worth saving is a line Damon said in the Season One finale, where he confess his love for Elena while its actually Katherine in disguise as Ms. Elena Gilbert. This episode, really put me on the edge of my seat, and playing with my emotions ! In this episode overall, Sybil becomes the mastermind making Damon and Enzo her humanity-free puppets leaving Stefan, Caroline, and Bonnie with a heartbreaking decision.

- This post below contains spoilers -

* Sybil's Mind Games

The episode, opens with a very memorable scene on TVD which is Elena and her parents trapped in the car after their accident in The Wickery Bridge, only this time there's no Stefan to the rescue and Liz Forbes claiming all three of them are dead as Sybil and Damon watched the whole thing

 She then asks Damon if he knew Elena and he replies he never met her, and now Sybil make sure that he never will. Urghhhh... Go back to hell Sybil !!! How dare you kill off Elena out of Damon's mind.. ! 
While Damon accepted his position as Sybil's right hand man, Enzo's continuing to fight Sybil's mind control which really annoys her causing Sybil to tackle the problem = Bonnie Bennett. 

Bonnie starts the episode by making us screaming in happiness, she surprises Caroline with a bridal celebration and tells her now she'll have to plan "The June Wedding" !!! 

So they goes to a bridal shop and trying on wedding gowns and everything went a-okay, until.. Damon ruined the whole celebration and attempts to kill Bonnie. Angry Caroline literally kick Damon's ass this episode, she throws Damon to the wall with a massive piece of wood, Go Caroline !!! 

Then she escapes with Bonnie to The Salvatore House where they came face to face with the she-devil none other than, Sybil herself. Sybil and Bonnie interaction are actually the highlight of this episode, Sybil's big questions are.. What makes Bonnie so special ? And more importantly, why is Damon so intent on protecting Bonnie ? Caroline then answers pointing out that Bonnie is fiercely loyal and will do anything to protect the ones she loves, which leads Sybil to put Bonnie to the ultimate test : Bonnie has to make a choice between Damon and Enzo, whoever she choose gets to live while the other one gets sent to die and tormented in hell for eternity. 

Of course Bonnie refuses to, but siren's always sneaky and full of tricks.. Turns out she forces Damon and Enzo to fight the death gladiator style. Damon knows this and meets Stefan in front of Mystic Falls High School, with Stefan thinking Damon's fighting Sybil's mind control and asks him for help. Meanwhile, Damon true intention is for Stefan as his backup during his fight with Enzo. 

This really devastating for Stefan because he'll always choose Damon because he's his brother, even though Enzo's the one holding up to hope. 
Back with the girls, now the three of them is heading to where the big fight is gonna occur with Bonnie driving. 

Meanwhile, there's a pretty cool scene here, Sybil decides she doesn't want to put the seat belt on claiming she's immortal.. Feeling sick of her, Bonnie slams on the breaks causing Sybil to go headfist through the windshield and they leave Sybil in the road to walk the rest of the way. 

Caroline's smile literally our reaction to Bonnie, round of applause for Bonnie Bennett ! 

* The Decisions 

Stefan tries to talk Damon out of the fight and keep the two from killing each other. But things get a little out of hand when Enzo's so close to killing Damon, Stefan had to step in and almost kill him but Caroline arrives in time to stop him. Then, Damon snapped her neck and so does Enzo with Stefan's. 

When Sybil arrives decisions have to be made, Bonnie made her decision when she had to stops Damon from ripping out Enzo's heart by choosing Enzo. This of course, doesn't go well for Sybil though because Enzo was not loyal to her, so she plans on having Damon to kill Bonnie if Enzo didn't turn off his humanity and pledge his loyalty to her. Enzo choose to safe the love of his life and turn off his humanity with his last message for Bonnie, that the only person that can bring him back was her. Hearing this, Sybil still feel threaten by Bonnie existences, so she decides to let Damon kill her. Just as Damon is going to kill Bonnie, Alaric comes out of nowhere and hits him with his car ! 

* The Tuning Fork 

In the middle of all of this madness, Alaric and Georgie were trying to figure out the purpose of the artifact they found and how it can be used to stop Sybil. Thanks to The Twins, we get to learn its purpose turns out that it makes a high pitched sound that'll weakens her 

Which Alaric discovers when The Twins accidentally drop it on the floor, the question is.. Why does it also effect The Twins ? Because they're not Sirens. 
So, Alaric uses it to knocks Sybil out and the gang locks her in The Armory. Meanwhile, Damon drives off and Bonnie taking Enzo to the cabin where she'll tries to bring back his humanity. 

* Hello, Tyler ! Goodbye, Tyler ?? 

The one of the most shocking moment of the episode comes at in the final scene, Sybil's still singing her creepy siren song inside The Armory which i think she sang it for Damon and we see him laying down in the middle of the road in front of a upcoming car targeting for dinner.. Who turns out to be, Tyler Lockwood ! Who somehow knows about Mystic Falls' siren problems. 

The episode ends with Tyler trying to talk to Damon and making him decides whether or not he's gonna be a "Siren bitch" or fight the control. Damon then walk away without saying anything but as we see Sybil continues her creepy song, Damon turns back and sinks his fangs into Tyler ! Leaving us in a cliffhanger, let's just hope that nothing bad happened to our favorite werewolf.