Tuesday, March 7, 2017

The Vampire Diaries : Season 8 Episode 2 "Today Will Be Different" Recap / Review

So episode two titled, Today Will Be Different  was a line from Season One, its actually Elena's first line ever on The Vampire Diaries while she's writing her diary. In this episode, a person from Stefan's past maybe Damon and Enzo's next target, Bonnie attempts to free Enzo from whatever has a hold over him. Meanwhile, Alaric and Georgie discover a mysterious symbol that maybe related to a supernatural force. 

- This post below contains spoilers - 

* Sybil's Plan

For the first time, we get to see The Siren in action and we also get to know her name, Sybil. The episode starts with Enzo and Damon fishing more victims for Sybil to feed off and drag down to hell. Damon seem to enjoy the whole thing, while Enzo just look sick of the whole situation. We see Sybil enjoying an afternoon swim, while she sing with her seductive siren voice and the victim willingly come to her inside the pool and tortured him. Sybil main goal this episode was to get into Enzo's head which was something she's unable to accomplish or figure out what kind of leverage she could have over him. While, Enzo's desire is to protect Bonnie another name pops up when Sybil is attempting to get into his 
mind : Sarah Nelson a.k.a Sarah Salvatore ( Damon and Stefan's last remaining relative ). 

So, Sybil plan is to kill any girl with that name, so nothing can hold Enzo. Meanwhile Caroline, Stefan, and Bonnie realizes their doings when the murder of two girls ( both with the same name ) pop up in their radar. Stefan quickly realizes that that Sarah is in danger and so they race to rescue her, but Damon and Enzo get to her first, 

Sarah tho has changed since the previous seasons she's no more clueless.. She stabs Damon with vervain and knocks him out. While, Enzo helps her pack her stuff and told her to leave town far away as possible, and they meet with Stefan and Caroline who's been waiting in her dorm room and Bonnie finally meet with Enzo again but he's still trying to push her away. So, Bonnie decides to take matter in her own hands by vervaining Enzo and decides to leave town with him leaving the whole drama that's going on.. Really wish it could be that easy, when Enzo wakes up, he's in pain because he's too far away from Sybil that forces him to leave Bonnie again.

Although, later on when Sybil's in Enzo's mind, we get to see that Bonnie and Enzo shared a moment and i think "Bonenzo" are becoming the couple that we're shipping and rooting for, 
The bad news is.. Sybil now finds out about Bonnie. Even worse, she breaks into Damon's mind too and replacing all his happy memories with Elena with memories of her !!!! 

I swear i really want this siren die for breaking my "Delena" heart and this moment literally "Delena" shippers worse nightmare. This also leads to the unfortunate death of Sarah when Sybil shows up at her dorm, mind controlling Stefan, then stabs Sarah and since she's already messing with Damon's mind, he does nothing to stop her.

* Georgie's Trip To Hell ( Literally..)

Breaking away from all the drama with Sybil, Alaric and Georgie's storyline are actually pretty interesting this episode. While exploring the origins of our main antagonist, Alaric's continue balancing running The Armory and making sure The Twins and their babysitter, Seline stay safe. At first, Georgie doesn't seem to believe in the supernatural until Alaric pulls out a book documenting that The Armory received a shipment of a mysterious artifact back in 1790 from Mystic Falls and on the page there's a mysterious symbol,

After seeing this symbol, Georgie runs out of the room near tears until we found out why.. Turns out, Georgie has been to hell and back like literally ! She tells Alaric that a few years ago, she was driving her best friend home from a party while she's intoxicated which resulting them in a bad car accident and leads them to their deaths,

Georgie points out that she wakes up somewhere where she can only feel fear and pain, which she claims to be hell ! While in "hell", Georgie points out she saw the same symbol from the book and shows Alaric that she got the same symbol on her stomach after her trip. Georgie was saved in time by the paramedics meanwhile her best friend doesn't, but she's still haunted by her "experience" which caused her to dedicate her life to research. She also tells Alaric that she's afraid, because someday when she dies she will be going to hell for what she did to her best friend. It doesn't end there, Georgie later uncover the artifact with the same symbol, which she believes was made in hell.

* Steroline's June Wedding ?! 

While everything seemed doom and bringing us closer to the devil himself completely, this episode actually ends on a sweet note..
Stefan comes home after watching his last relative died and Damon literally lose himself, but Caroline's there for him and changes the mood completely. Stefan brings Caroline upstairs where he shows her that he has been building and expanding a room for Caroline's daughters to stay in when they come visit her.. As amazing as this sound, our smiles suddenly comes with happy tears when Caroline opens the dresser drawer and find a box with a ring inside !!!

Stefan propose to Caroline in the most adorably awkward way possible, with Caroline still in shock for the fact that she's  getting propose to. But at the end, Caroline accepted his proposal and lets just hope that their relationship will have only a few bumps in the road..