Friday, March 17, 2017

The Originals : Season 1 Full Recap & Review

If you probably didn't know, The Originals is a new supernatural drama TV Show which is actually a spin-off of The Vampire Diaries. The Originals centers around Niklaus Mikaelson ( Joseph Morgan )  and the original family of vampires, as he returns to the supernatural circle that is The French Quarter of New Orleans, a town he help build centuries ago and is reunited with his former apprentice, Marcel Gerard ( Charles Mikael Davis ). As his siblings, Rebekah  ( Claire Holt ) and Elijah  ( Daniel Gillies ) tries to aid him on his fight for power when they found out that a werewolf, Hayley Marshall ( Phoebe Tonkin ) is pregnant with Klaus' child, The Originals must confront Marcel and his followers with absolute power but they will also confront a dangerous witch, Sophie Deveraux ( Daniella Pineda ) and The Harvest witch, Davina Claire ( Danielle Campbell ) with her plotted revenge against them, as well as The French Quarter coven that swears vengeance on The Mikaelson family and will do anything to kill the unborn child. Also a bartender named, Camille O'Connell ( Leah Pipes ) who studies psychology trying to find out the question what makes someone evil when she later meets Klaus and Marcel and she found herself being involve in the dangerous crossfire of The French Quarter where unlikely alliances are made, blood is shed, secrets are revealed, close ones betrayal, and revenge becomes best served cold as the fight for power not only causes chaos in New Orleans but also chaos within The Originals which will tear them apart so hard that their "Always and Forever" will be threatened. 

- This post below contains spoilers - 

* Klaus and Marcel

It's later revealed that Klaus and Marcel had quite a history centuries ago. While he's out of town, Klaus sees a man beating up his own son in public and based on Klaus' history with "Daddy issues" he feel sorry for this boy and save him. Klaus decides to take him away from his father to live with him and gives him a name, Marcellus which means, little warrior. That's basically how their story begins and Marcel adores Klaus and Klaus teaches him everything he needs to know, until one day he turned him into a vampire, and Marcel ruled The French Quarter of New Orleans after The Mikaelson leave centuries ago. 

* The Harvest Witch 

While Marcel's ruled as the king of The French Quarter, he's able to keep eye on the witches the reason is that he got himself an ultra-powerful young witch, Davina Claire ( A witch who along with three other girls was supposed to be ritualistically sacrificed to the ancestors during a ceremony called The Harvest ritual and if its complete they would've been resurrected afterward ). However, Marcel interfere the ritual and Davina escaped as the only survivor and absorbed all of their power leaving the ritual incomplete and soon the witches could eventually lose all their powers, leaving Davina as a target and later those powers are too much for her and whether she like it or not, she needs to complete the ritual and so she along with the others can be resurrected. 

* Ex's and Oh's 

Turns out one of Elijah's former girlfriend, Celeste Dubois, a witch that he believes dies centuries ago ( when Klaus asks all witches to be killed ) is still alive and able to resurrect herself into a new body every time an old one dies. But this doesn't mean she wants to reconcile with Elijah, she wants revenge on Klaus, yeah.. Same old story everyone in this show wants to kill him. So when Davina completed The Harvest ( Who Celeste actually arranged ) So her minions can get resurrected instead of the four harvest girls.

* Family Betrayal and Forbidden Love 

Celeste decides to work with one of the resurrected witches, Geneveive, who make Klaus and Rebekah become psychically linked allowing him complete access to her memories which also include, the time when Rebekah and Marcel conspired against him. It is revealed back in 1919, when Rebekah works as a nurse along with Geneveive to take care of tuberculosis patients.

She's later aware that Geneveive's a witch and so she befriend with her and asks her for help because back then actually she's kind and naive witch. Rebekah asks her to do a locator spell on the person that Klaus feared the most, Mikael a.k.a their father, so Klaus will run and leave town so that she and Marcel can live happily ever after without Klaus disapproval. But later, Rebekah and Marcel realizes its bad idea and so Rebekah asks Geneveive to undo the spell but Geneveive told Rebekah it doesn't work that way and she blames Geneveive for that. Realizing what happened and feeling betrayed, Geneveive about to tell all of this to Klaus but before that could happen, Rebekah infects Geneveive with tuberculosis blood and while all of this happen one of  Geneveive friend ( Who later revealed to be Celeste ) sees it and so Rebekah infects her too so that her secrets will stay buried. 

And we see both of them dying of tuberculosis. Mikael still came for them later on and that's the actual reason of why Mikael founds them and they soon leave New Orleans. Once Klaus finds out, he's about to kill both of them but thanks to Elijah.. Klaus didn't kill them but instead he let Rebekah leaves New Orleans in order to be free from him for good. Meanwhile, Marcel gets banished though he shows no intention of giving up the town. 

* The Long Lost Queen 

Let's take a break from The Mikaelson's drama and move along to our pregnant wolf, Hayley. She finally learns more about who she is and her family history after coming across a pack of wolves in the bayou, she discovers that her parents are werewolf royalty, making her the main leader of the pack. The problem is they've all been put under a reverse-werewolf curse which they can only turn human during the full moon and must remain in their wolf form the entire time. Luckily, Hayley eventually finds a way to break the curse and also turns out Hayley's betrothed to another werewolf royalty, Jackson. But, sadly he can't make it to the end of the season. 

* Mikael's back, Father Kieran's dead ?!

On top of everything, remember Camille a.k.a Cami the bartender ?She finds herself being dragged into all of this especially when her uncle, Father Kieran getting hex by one of the resurrected witch, which leads him to his death ( The same witch and hex that also killed Cami's brother, Sean ). But before he dies, he tasks Cami to guard a secret room filled with weapons and items that can used against the supernaturals in case they ever cross the line. 

Meanwhile, Elijah ends up killing Celeste to stop her diabolical plan which allows Davina to be resurrected. Unfortunately, she has a huge grudge against Klaus for killing her friend earlier in the season and as payback she agrees to bring Mikael back to life ( Due to The Other Side falling apart on The Vampire Diaries ) that allows Mikael ( as a ghost ) to communicate with Davina with a promise of getting rid of Klaus forever. 

* Hello, Hope ! Goodbye, Hope ??

Hayley goes into a psychotic witchcraft labor during the season finale and ends up giving birth to a beautiful "Tribid" baby girl named, Hope. However, Geneveive was ordered by the ancestors to kill the baby once she's born, which after Hayley gave birth one of The Harvest girl, Monique, slit her throat and steals baby Hope. But since, Hayley still had Hope's blood in her system she simply went into transition of becoming a hybrid. 

They're able to track down the witches, which resulting a lot of blood in the cemetery.. With Hayley killing Geneveive and Mikael help retrieve the baby and kill Monique. Though after all of this, Hayley know that Hope is still going to be in danger from other supernatural beings. So, they decides to fake Hope's death and temporarily send her away under Rebekah's care until it's safe for her to return. 

* What Just Happened ?! 

Before Hayley killed her, Geneveive confesses to her and Elijah that Esther Mikaelson was the ancestor witch who set the whole plan in motion. And after all the above, at the end of the season finale later that evening two bodies get resurrected in The New Orleans Graveyard. The male calls the female "mother" as the two of them stand over Esther Mikaleson's tombstone, i assume this is Esther & Finn in possessing a new bodies.