Tuesday, April 18, 2017

13 Reasons Why Review : Season 1 Episode 6 "Tape 3, Side B"

In this episode, Hannah's date on Valentine's day didn't go so well. In present day, Alex get into a big fight at school and Clay grows closer with Sheri. 

- This post below contains spoilers - 

* Alex's Breakdown

In present day, Alex and Montgomery get into a fight after he almost run over Alex. Their fight goes pretty bad and students ends up watching and recording everything on their phones. Mr. Porter then breaks up the fight and they ends up at his office. 

The vice principal decides not to do anything since it happened outside of school, but Mr. Porter decides to bring it to the honors board for a decision.At the meeting, Courtney and Marcus blames it on Alex for starting the fight, but Clay ends up pointing out that its all of their faults.

* Tape 3, Side B

Tape 6 is for Marcus Cole and all about Valentine's day. Liberty High was hosting a match-making charity event called "Dollar Valentine'', where all you have to do is fill out a questioner and with some algorithm it'll find a significant matches. 

Everyone at school participated, including Hannah who reveals that while filling out the questioner she was describing a certain someone, who we then find out was Clay ! All the feels for these two... 

But unfortunately, she didn't get his as her match because Jeff changed several answers on Clay's questioner, instead Bryce fill the number one spot on her list, how did that happened ?! Marcus who had Hannah on his list ends up asking her out, Hannah said she'll think about it, then Sheri suggest her to go out with him because they need the money and a success. 

While working at Clairmont, Hannah asks Clay if he had join Dollar Valentine, Clay tells her that he didn't just as Jeff shows up with his date and asks him about his Dollar Valentine which Hannah immediately knows that Clay's lying to her. After Jeff leaves, Hannah asks who Clay got on his list. But, Clay answers that he didn't get a certain someone, which upsets Hannah. So, she decides to call Marcus (in front of Clay) and go out with him. Although she said on the tape, 

"If only someone else could have had me on their list." 

They decided to go to Rosie's diner, at least Hannah goes. Marcus shows up an hour late with his gang. Hannah is clearly angry but decides to gives him another chance which she regrets, why ?

Marcus starts to feel her up, cause' he thought Hannah would be an easy lay. Hannah then pushes him away and is left alone, embarrassed, and feel this somehow her fault. 

Just as i thought most of the boys in her school are jerks, Zach came back in to the diner alone and just accompany her. 

* Sheri's Tape 

Clay and Sheri decides to meet at Monet's after school, but their meeting gets interrupted when Tony shows up and Clay think he's following him. So, he asks Sheri to study somewhere else. Sheri then suggest Clay's house. After they talk about their parent issues, they ends up making out. 

Clay then breaks their kiss claiming he can't do it, Sheri knows that Clay won't because of Hannah. She then reveals that she's there because she also on the tapes and wants Clay to like her despite what Hannah said about her. Clay then asks her to leave his house. 

* Secrets After Secrets 

After Sheri leaves, Clay's mom shows up at Clay's room saying she really wants Clay to talk to her because she can't help him if he doesn't open up. Clay tells her that she can't help anyway and closes the door in her face. Woah, Clay.. That's rude ! 

Hannah's parents have just realizes that Hannah kept a lot of secrets from them and she's such a mystery to them because Mrs. Baker can't understand how they didn't know their daughter was in pain, Mr. Baker tries to tells her that they can't blame themselves for what happened to Hannah, and it seems based on their conversation that Hannah had also experienced some bullying in her previous high school and that's the actual reason for the family to move. 

After having a fight with Justin, Jessica goes back home and before she goes to sleep her dad shows up at her room and asks her if she's okay, then he tells her that he'll kill anyone who hurts her. 

Once he leaves and closes the door, Jessica drinks vodka that she stole earlier from Justin's, straight from the bottle. Uh-oh.. Don't go down there, Jess ! 

The episode ends with Hannah narration about her research on epitaphs for gravestone, and the best she could find is ''Don't try''. Hannah then wonders what will be on hers.