Saturday, March 11, 2017

The Vampire Diaries : Season 8 Episode 16 "I Was Feeling Epic" ( Series Finale ) Recap / Review

After 8 beautiful seasons, we're finally here you guys.. And tbh, i'm still recovering and crying while making this review. So, i'm not going to give you a synopsis for this review because we all know what the gang going to face-off one last time, and this is also gonna be my last time writing review and recap for The Vampire Diaries. I was feeling epic was Lexi's line to Stefan describing his relationship with Elena back on Season One, and pretty much describes this episode.

- This post below contains spoilers - 

First and foremost, Bonnie made it guys ! Although, her heart stopped for a while and she kinda goes to the afterlife / bright world and met Elena and Enzo. She tells them that she's ready to die but Elena and Enzo won't let her saying that this isn't her time. Bonnie Bennet is actually the key of saving Mystic Falls ! And i'm not surprise at all.. 

Vicky's still ringing the bell, threatening to rain hellfire on Mystic Falls because that's her only get away from hell card from Katherine, who apparently already show herself once more to The Salvatore Brothers in a way.. That i already see coming since they releases the first two promo, Elena in her blue dress is NOT Elena its actually Katherine, and thank God the brothers didn't fall under her trap this time when Damon recognize that she isn't Elena. So, where the hell is Ms.Gilbert ? Katherine trapped Elena at the boiler room at Mystic Falls High and sealed it with a spell so she can get out, and the person who sealed it was Kai Parker !

Thankfully, Bonnie Bennett discovers a way to saved our beloved town.. Mystic Falls by using the bell energy to send the hellfire back to hell and kill Katherine with it. So, Bonnie told the brothers that they need to make sure Katherine actually make it to hell ( Because we all know she's sneaky and always finds her way to survived) And this time they really make sure she doesn't.. We'll get to that later. So, when Vicky rings the bell for the last time and unleashed hellfire. Bonnie at The Armory starts her magic and spell, and able to hold the hellfire for a while until she got helps from.. the people that she loved the most, her grandma and Enzo also The Bennett witches stood by her side to help her. And they did succeeded saving Mystic Falls.  

Now let's get to the part of killing the myth, the legend, the baddest bitch of all.. Katherine Pierce. Remember earlier that someone needs to make sure Katherine get back to hell for good ? Well.. Someone sure did and this person makes the ultimate sacrifice. Damon brings Katherine to her tomb and claimed the task and said his final goodbye to Stefan and compels him to walk away. But did i forget to mention that Stefan had put his "Hero hair" ? 

It is later revealed that Stefan had been drinking vervain and so he decides to take his blood ( Which is The Cure ) and snuck back into the tomb then injects it to Damon ! That's right.. Damon Salvatore is now human. Stefan pushed Damon aside, stabbed Katherine with the dagger and let the hellfire burns both of them.

Also remember when i told you before someone had to make a sacrifice, that person is Stefan. Oh, and the way Stefan revealed all of this to us is by telling it to Elena in the afterlife version of  The Mystic Falls High School ! The way they meet this time brings all the memories back from The Pilot because they also bumped into each other at the same hallway. Before saying goodbye and leave, Stefan left Elena a message for Caroline because he didn't get a chance to say goodbye to her because earlier Caroline had to leaves Mystic Falls (Before she knew what Stefan had the suicide mission plan ) for her family safety.

Then Stefan went outside where he finds his best friend, Lexi waiting for him and tells him that was a hell of a show then Stefan tells her "I was feeling epic" and they hugged. Which i think Stefan didn't goes to hell at this point maybe because he sacrificed himself to end all of it was the way for him to redeemed himself and now we know that he for sure already find peace. 

Bonnie now who seemed to get magic and witchcraft all covered, was able to break Elena's sleeping spell, and she woke up ! Welcome back, Elena... We miss you !! 

All of our Mystic Falls gang, gives Stefan a funeral and for the first time in forever.. All is well with every single one of them #flashforward

We see Matt continues being Sheriff and now he got his own bench, then we see Vicky ( Who seems to find peace ) along with Tyler looking at him from a far. 

Say hello to Dr. Elena Gilbert.. or should i drop the bomb and writes, Dr. Elena Salvatore ! Yup, first of all they didn't throw another wedding for "Delena" but we can see the rings on their fingers. While writing her diary, Elena told us that she went back to finished her med school and we can see she lived a happy long life with Damon. 

Bonnie Bennett went to lived her life to the fullest ( Just like what Enzo said ) by travelling the world ! God finally.. Our beloved witch deserves to be happy and we can see Enzo's still with her. 

Then, after Elena had told Caroline about Stefan's message that he would loved her forever.. Caroline help Alaric to start The Salvatore Boarding School for the Young and Gifted ( X-Men vibes anyone ?) 

Which also had help from the memories of Liz Forbes, Professor Jeremy Gilbert, and.. Oh another bomb, a donation from Klaus Mikaelson ! Who according to Alaric is "The beginning of another story" Could this means we'll see Caroline on The Originals ? Or even there could be hope for "Klaroline" ?! 

Then, TVD decides to goes full fast forward and lead us to Elena and Damon's death ( Thankfully, they didn't die tragic. They died because of old age according to Wikia ) We see Elena went first, 

Where the minute she let go of Damon's hand, she starts to see her family home ( The Gilberts' house ) Also included with The Gilberts who has been waiting for her on the porch, her parents, Jenna and John all ready for a big group hug. 

Then, we see Damon. Who actually fear that hell will comes to him, found himself in front of The Salvatore House and finds Stefan waiting for him with a glass of bourbon on his hand, and Damon do his classic "Hello, brother" like when we first see him in The Pilot episode where he appears in front of The Salvatore House, and both of them hugged. 

What an epic finale ! This show have taught me so much about the full meaning of family, love, and forgiveness. This show will forever be in my heart. This post will be my last review and recap on The Vampire Diaries, thank you guys so much and goodbye.