Saturday, March 11, 2017

The Vampire Diaries : Season 8 Episode 9 "The Simple Intimacy of the Near Touch." Recap / Review

All the feels for this episode, actually the first episode on this season that actually makes me cry the whole entire episode. The simple intimacy of the near touch was Carol Lockwood's line to the participant about the dance for Miss Mystic Falls Pageant back on Season One. On this episode, The Salvatore Brothers take a break from their Cade duties and head home to Mystic Falls to the start of where Damon and Elena's romance began. 

- This post below contains spoilers - 

* Bonnie and Enzo 

Yaaas ! Our favorite couple is back, apparently from Paris. Bonnie goes to Caroline at the beginning of the episode giving her a gift from Paris that can be only open on Caroline's wedding day cause' its "wedding-themed", will we ever see that day ?? Meanwhile, Bonnie got another gift from Enzo.. He had given her a necklace of his blood as a token of his eternal love for her. Bonnie surprises us by saying that she would love to turn into a vampire for him but sadly she can't for Elena's sake, so during Miss Mystic Falls Pageant she gives him back the necklace. But by the end of the episode, Bonnie comes up with an alternative to one of them living longer than another by Enzo taking The Cure. At this point i got confused, did Bonnie still have another cure ? I thought its gone for good and the last person who took it was Elena. 

* Finding The Bell 

Meanwhile, let's get back to the whole mess with the sirens. Caroline and Bonnie are working at the pageant preparing the contestant, when Stefan and Damon shows up who apparently were invited by Sybil, her reason is because she wants Damon to give her the last piece of The Charter Bell. But Sybil's not the only one working for her own plan, Seline now has the bell and hid it at her house, where Matt goes to look for it there where is in intercepted by police officers who are under Seline's control. Matt manages to get away with the bell but stopped by Seline and Dorian. Selene actually knows the true purpose of the bell, which gonna be unfold next episode. 

* Stefan and Caroline 

It looks like the wedding officially off for now.. Stefan believes that he was made for Cade's work, so he ditches Damon who's seemed to be out of the loop for the moment, then he stakes Damon and stole the piece of the bell and surprisingly gives it to Caroline, oh wait.. But there's a catch, he starts turning each of the contestant into vampires because he was "Inspired" by Caroline's transformation as a vampire. Stefan succeeded turning one girl, Violet Fell during his rampage before Caroline stop him which led into an interesting conversation... Caroline wants to work with Stefan to end his deal with Cade, but Stefan seemed changed because he doesn't want to quit his deal at all. So, Caroline tosses the engagement ring to him and officially leaves him. 

* Damon and Elena's Memory Lane 

During the pageant, Damon realizes that with Elena's necklace he's able to mess with Sybil's mind games and stop her control over him. Although, he's been experiencing like.. A war between his subconscious and Sybil's control. Thankfully, Caroline finds him and decides to help Damon remembers Elena because Miss Mystic Pageant also kinda help him and we know why... 

Just as things been looking up for Damon, the episode doesn't end well.. After Damon smashes Sybil's head with the last piece of the bell ( Before Stefan steals it ), he takes her as his prisoner where Sybil floods his mind with guilt over the horrible things that he has done.