Saturday, March 11, 2017

The Vampire Diaries : Season 8 Episode 8 "We Have History Together" Recap / Review

We have history together was Elena's line to Stefan when she met him in the graveyard back in The Pilot episode. On this mid-season premiere, Stefan is determined to be self controlled in his new job as Cade's servant along with Damon. Meanwhile Caroline, Alaric, and Matt makes a discovery about Mystic Falls town history. 

- This post below contains spoilers - 

* Mystic Falls Founders' Bell

At the beginning of the episode, Caroline fill us in with what everyone's been doing these past three weeks. Bonnie and Enzo still in Paris, Alaric is keeping the twins safe, and Caroline has been sent to Mystic Falls High School to cover for The Founders' Day events. It is later revealed that Sybil's masquerading as the history teacher and she's the one that tell Caroline's boss to send her, so Sybil can teach her some "history''. 

Sybil reveals that The Forbes, Lockwoods, Gilberts, Donovans, and Salvatores weren't the first families in Mystic Falls, but a group of 100 witches who burned at the stake. Sybil's plan is to asks Caroline to find the original town's Charter Bell, which was thrown away over The Wickery Bridge back in 1992 by Peter Maxwell a.k.a Matt's father. Sybil has been sending people to find it, but no one founds it. So to force Caroline, she sirened a bunch of students to tied at the stake and gonna be burn if Caroline didn't find the bell. Been wondering why the freaking town bell is so important to Sybil ? 

Peter revealed to Matt that The Maxwell family was treated badly by the other founding families, so he decides to tosses the bell over the bridge as an act of vengeance. Sybil wants to put together the missing pieces of the bell to create a "super siren" bell. So, Sybil and Caroline look for it at Caroline's garage but instead they found a note from Seline saying that she took the bell.  

This doesn't go well for Sybil so she decides to pour her anger on the students by telling them to light the fire, thankfully Matt and Peter arrived to save the day. Sybil knows it and gets angrier and digs into Caroline about why she wants to marry Stefan who's going to go full "Ripper". 

* Stefan Goes Cuckoo 

Meanwhile, Stefan and Damon have goes anywhere to collect souls for Cade. But this time, Stefan hunts the "good ones'' where he think like Cade that inside the innocent ones are pure evil. They then encounters a doctor named Tara, who is a spitting images of Elena for Damon so he's hesitant to drag her into these whole mess with Cade, even tho Stefan convinced him that there's darkness inside of her and she's corruptible. 

So, Stefan decides to vervained Damon and brings him to the hospital where Tara's the doctor who's taking care of him. Turns out, Tara parents were killed in a car accident similar to Elena's. So, Stefan decides to compels Tara to believe that Damon was the drunk driver that killed her parents, then convinced her to pull the plug on Damon and kill him, and he wins. Tara killed Damon ( Sort of.. ) Until Stefan revealed to Tara the truth and ended up killing her to send her soul to Cade.

On the road, Stefan sees Damon holding Elena's necklace and told him to throw it away so he'll not get any distraction. Damon then throws it out from the window, although we can see his face kinda sad.. Maybe there's a chance for Damon after all. 

The next morning, we see Damon's out on the side of the road looking for Elena's necklace, which he finds it in an inmate conversation about redemption and this is also the first time in this season that Damon didn't kill the man or compel him, i mean he could've if he wants to and send his soul to Cade but he choose not to, could it be because of Elena's necklace ? #Delena 

Stefan on the other hand has gone full "Ripper" and kills everyone on the hospital. Note : There's a lot of head rip off and blood.. Even Damon look surprise.