Saturday, April 15, 2017

13 Reasons Why Review : Season 1 Episode 4 "Tape 2, Side B"

In this episode, Hannah thinks someone is stalking her and sets a trap with the help of an unexpected friend. While, Clay strikes back at someone who wronged Hannah. 

- This post below contains spoilers - 

* Halloween Madness 

Liberty High is celebrating by doing a costume competition, which comes with a $200 cash prize. Marcus opts for an ''El Nin̈o" tropical storm complete with a lighting sound effect, but loses out to Justin and Jessica who dressed up as Sid & Nancy. While Clay is cycling down in Hannah's neighborhood, some kids ''Toilet Papering'' The Bakers' house. Clay yells at them to stop and tries to clean up the mess only to be caught by Mrs. Baker who thinks he is responsible and threatens to call the cops, until Clay claims that he knew Hannah. Desperate for help and information, Mrs.Baker invites him in and tries to get him to go through Hannah's stuff with her. But feeling terrified (after he hallucinates her chocking him while he shows her the tapes) He quickly makes an excuse and leaves.

* Tape 2, Side B

Let's face it, we're always being followed and stalk by someone in a fun social media way and we also do the same to others. But, stalking someone in real life is a whole another thing...! This episode is all about stalking, so let's meet the subject of Tape 4 who's none other than, Tyler Down = The photographer kid. Turns out he's a bit of a creep.. 

Hannah reveals that he would stand outside her windows and take photos of her, preventing Hannah from being able to sleep at night because she was so afraid, Tyler took away Hannah's sense of safety so Hannah wanted him to feel scared as well by bringing all her tapes listener to his house (another significant place on Hannah's map) and tell them to stand by his window, most of them ended up throwing rocks at his window. 

The next day after listening to the tape, Clay confronts Tyler for stalking Hannah. Then, Tyler tells him that he didn't mean to hurt her because he actually loved her, but knowing he will not has any chance to hang out with her he took pictures of her instead. Tyler then point out that Clay was just the same for loving her too and just watching out on the sidelines. 

Now, let's get to the part where it gets real mixed up.. After Hannah shares her fear of being stalked and photographed by an unknown creep (up to this point she doesn't know it was Tyler), Courtney offers to sleep over and bring her ultra bright flashlight to help catch the stalker. Once Hannah's parents left for date night, Hannah take her parents' alcohol drink from the cabinet and quickly rushes to her bedroom with Courtney. 

As Hannah narrates, the girls forgets their plan instead they get drunk and play ''truth or dare'' then ends up making out because it turns out that Courtney is actually a lesbian and apparently also in love with Hannah. When the stalker arrives and taking pictures, Hannah quickly grabs  Courtney's flash light exposing Tyler as the stalker, Courtney then freaks out and leave. 

Afterwards, Courtney barely talked to Hannah. So to ''clear the air'' between them, Hannah decides to talk to Tyler to give her the pictures, Tyler gives Hannah the negatives but after Hannah laugh at him when he asked her to hang out, Tyler gets his revenge by sending Hannah and Courtney making out photo out to half the school. Hannah reveals that truthfully nobody knows that it was them, but regardless Courtney still blame Hannah. 

While, listening to this tape. Clay also remember something in the past while he's walking Hannah home after work and they had a talk about zombies, at some point Clay had a moment to kiss Hannah but he hugs her instead.

* Clay's Dark Side

In attempt to even the score, Clay sneaks up to Tyler's window and take a naked picture of him while changing then sends the photo to the whole gang. Tyler also received the text and cries alone in his room. Tony is clearly unhappy with Clay's reaction but Clay response that he's getting his own justice and cycle off.