Monday, April 17, 2017

Riverdale Review : Chapter Ten "The Lost Weekend"

In this episode, Fred decides to finalize his divorce with Archie's mom and Archie hides his true feelings about it while he's trying to win Valerie back. Meanwhile, Betty decides to throw Jughead a surprise birthday party but Cheryl hijacks the party and makes it interesting and out of control. Veronica contemplates whether she should testify for her father release. 

- This post below contains spoilers - 

* Archie and Veronica's Family Issues

The episode opens with Fred getting ready to head out from Riverdale to visit Archie's mom in order to finalize the divorce papers, which kinda upset Archie who still wants his parents to get back together and fix things with each other. 

While, Hiram's lawyer is meeting with Veronica and Hermione at The Pembroke to prepares their statements. Veronica snaps back saying she's not gonna gives any statement and doesn't care what will happen to her dad, cause' she thinks he basically deserves it. 

At school, Veronica ends up talking to Archie and Betty about it and Archie reveals to Veronica that Mr. Blossom = Clifford Blossom is responsible for Hiram being in jail. 

* It's Jughead Birthday ! 

Archie later reveals to Betty that the next day is Jughead's birthday, and he tells her they always goes to a local theater. But since, now Betty's his girlfriend Archie thinks that she should go with him. 
So, Betty decides to call FP to also come with them so that Jughead's birthday will be special. 

But FP quickly turns down her offer saying the best thing for Jughead is not to come at all because Jughead hate birthdays and he never had any birthday party. 

This gives Betty an idea that she should throw Jughead the best birthday party ever, Betty tells this idea during lunch at the cafeteria to Archie, Veronica, and Kevin. Archie warns Betty that Jughead will not like this idea, but Veronica suggest that they throw a small ''Inner circle only'' party. 

* Look who's back.. ! 

Their discussion gets interrupted when Chuck shows up at the cafeteria, when Betty sees him she immediately gets a flashback of the night she goes dark and tries to drown him on Ethel's hot tub. Chuck then sits down at Ethel's table, then Betty ambushes him telling him to stay away from Ethel. 

Although, Ethel says that it's okay. At some point here we can see that Betty's about to lose it then she starts to clench her fists and goes back to her table. 

When Betty looks down at her hands, we see there are nail marks in her palm. Afterwards, Betty meet up with Alice where she reveals that the principal wants her to be the advisor for the school newspaper, Blue & Gold. 

The two had a nice mother - daughter moment, when Betty asks Alice for a relationship advice. She asks Alice if she ever kept secret from Hal when they started dating, Alice then says she actually told everything to him and regrets it cause' now he uses her weakness and secrets against her, but Alice tells Betty that she should trust Jughead but not with everything. 

* The Lodges & The Blossoms 

After hearing about Hiram and Clifford from Archie, Veronica dig into her dad's files and actually finds something interesting.. She found out that for 75 years, Blossom's Maple Farm has been paying Lodges' Industries but the payment stop 5 months ago after Hiram went to jail. Veronica then tries to put the pieces together and has this theory in her mind that as payback Hiram has something to do with Jason's death, Hermione tells Veronica not to question anything and let it go and not dragging The Blossoms into all of this especially not Cheryl. 

But Veronica seems like she can't get it out of her hair... So, during practice Veronica ends up having a dance-off with Cheryl and the vixens votes Veronica as the winner and that she should be up front and center for the upcoming performance at the homecoming. 

This surely pissed Cheryl off and you all know... Bad things follows when Cheryl's not happy !

* Let's Party !

Betty and Jughead are at the theater where Jughead asks what really happened between her and Chuck that night, Betty still doesn't want to open up instead telling Jughead that Veronica wantsto keep everything under wraps. 

While these two are at the theater, Archie, Kevin, Joaquin, and Ethel are waiting at Archie's house to surprise Jughead, when Veronica shows up instead of Jughead. 

While waiting for Jughead, Veronica ends up having a chat with Kevin about what happened with her dad and little did they know Joaquin overhears their conversation. 

When Jughead and Betty finally shows up, they all surprises him but Jughead is not okay with everything, when Jughead walks up to Archie he notices that Archie is drunk. Betty then shows up with a burger cake and sing happy birthday to Jughead, which somehow Jughead thinks is haunting.. Well, i think so too.

We then see both drunk Archie and Veronica have a talk at the kitchen when Jughead and Betty walks in while arguing about the party and they also had a fight. And then.. 

* Here Comes Trouble 

Remember when i told you guys earlier, bad things follows when Cheryl's not happy ? Apparently, Cheryl and Chuck decides to work together to ruin Jughead's birthday party and breaks Betty and Veronica. So these two shows up at Archie's house with some kids from school including Valerie and Melody, 

they really throws a party for Jughead which upset Jughead more and he decides to go hide in the garage when FP shows up bringing present for Jughead. 

FP then go inside and finds Joaquin, they decides to talk in Archie's room and Joaquin tells FP what he hears about Hiram.

Then we see, Alice is spying on them from Betty's room but weird thing is she doesn't call the sheriff to inform that these two are clearly shady and somehow it's okay for an over-protective mom like Alice for seeing her daughter and some high school kids partying and even get drunk ?? 

Oh i almost forgot.. During the party, FP bumps into Veronica and that's when she realizes FP is the serpent that she saw with Hermione, she then asks Kevin about him and Kevin reveals to Veronica that he's Jughead's dad. Also, drunk Archie.. He decides to ambushes Valerie to give him another chance, seriously Archie ? No actually he insist to get back together with her and Valerie ends up, throwing her drink at Archie and left. Then we see, Archie calling his dad to not finalize the divorce. 

Now, this is where the trouble begins.. Cheryl and Chuck decides that all of them should play a game of ''sins or secret''. Cheryl first take down Archie saying she can't keep up his relationship because he had mommy issue, 

then Veronica snaps back saying Cheryl and Jason's brother-sister relationship are kinda twisted pointing out a ''Twincest'' relationship. 

Dilton Doiley who's also there then claims that he saw Ms.Grundy's car at Sweetwater River and he thinks its odd that two days later she resigned from school and get out of town because he only told Betty and Jughead about it, Cheryl immediately knows that Archie had a relationship with Ms.Grundy for his music career. 

Betty tries to snap back claims that Doiley plays with guns, then Chuck drops the bomb about what happened between him and Betty that night at Ethel's and Jughead punch him Go ! Jughead !!

But Chuck punch him back and this is when FP steps in to stop everything and tells all of them to leave. 

Jughead then about to leave everything including Betty but FP tells him not to run away but face it instead because Betty needs him and everything he had with his friends is something that FP and Jughead's mom could never gives him. I really loves this moment because we see FP finally act like a father to Jughead. 

After Jughead go back inside, Alice decides to talk to FP and their conversations reveals that Alice used to be a serpent and these two had a history together ! What ?! And somehow i have this theory that what if FP is the father of Alice's supposed aborted child ?? But who's the child ? It couldn't be Betty because Alice and FP would clearly freak out about her and Jughead, what if it's Polly ?

* Bughead and Varchie ?! 

So we see, Betty and Jughead ends up making up at Pop's where Betty finally told Jughead that something's wrong with her and show him the nail marks in her palms. We then see this cute moment where Jughead comforts Betty. Oh, Jughead without his beanie !!

Now, move along to Veronica and Archie.. Veronica still at Archie's house where they had a talk about their parents issues and then they ends up making out ! 

We then see the next morning, Veronica ends up sleeping in Archie's bed and Archie sleeping in Jughead's mattress on the floor, Gosh these two... Will Archie and Veronica ends up being together by the end of this season ? Because i totally ship them ! When she about to leave, Jughead stops her and now he knows what's going on between Veronica and Archie but he promise to keep his lips sealed.

The episode ends with Veronica ends up testifying for her dad because he threatens to destroy Veronica and Hermione's future, if she won't, and we see Hiram sent Veronica a pearl necklace as her gift. 

Then at school, Veronica meets with Betty and telling her that she wants to join the investigation for Jason's murder because she thinks her dad is involve. Back at Archie's home, we see Fred returns home not alone but along with Archie's mom ! 

Woah.. A lot of things are revealed this episode including their secrets. Check out next episode promo :