Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Riverdale Review : Chapter Seven "In A Lonely Place"

Riverdale new episode always leads us to another clues and suspect, this week is no exception. This episode overall focused on Jughead relationship with his dad. Meanwhile, Betty throws a search party for Polly. Oh and anyway, let's celebrate because The CW just announced that our new favorite guilty pleasure show is getting a Season Two !!! So brace yourself for a lot of my reviews for another season. 

- This post below contains spoilers - 

* Mother and Daughter Feuds

So, we know from the previous episode that Hermione forges Veronica's signature for giving Fred the contract of the drive-in land and Veronica founds out about it. So now, she snaps back at her mother by doing things that used to pissed her off back in New York, buying stuff online and.. Goes out clubbing on a school 
night with Kevin, Reggie and Josie. On her way out, Hermione stops her and asks her what she wants. Veronica claims she wants her mother to confess what she did, Hermione thinks Veronica's talking about her kiss with Fred but we all know that's not what she meant.. Veronica then makes it clear, that she wants her mom to admit to her father that she's forges her signature and the one who sign the contract. But, Hermione tells her she can't do that.. So, Veronica leaves to the club. 

After all the dancing, Kevin asks Veronica if all of this helping or makes her feel better. Veronica then remembers, when her father was arrested Hermione tells her that there's one thing that nobody could ever take away from her and that is.. Her name. Of course she felt disappointed and betrayed because her own mother took it away just like that. When Veronica arrives home, Hermione is waiting for her to talk and negotiate, she tells Veronica that she had feelings for Fred but she doesn't know where their relationship going and hope Veronica can accept her affair, Veronica then agrees on one condition that nothing between them could happen at their house, she then told Hermione to come clean for forging her signature. We then see they wait for the phone to ring which being call from the jail, where Hiram is but we don't get to hear the conversation although Hermione seem really nervous..

* Polly's Search Party 

Move along to Polly, The Coopers, and The Blossoms family drama.. So, Betty ended up telling the gang about Polly, she reveals that her parents haven't report to the sheriff that Polly had escaped and gone missing because they don't want anyone to know that Polly is pregnant and suspect her for burning down Jason's car, because logically she could've done it ! 

At some point here, Jughead comforts Betty which make Archie and Veronica look surprise. Later, Jughead tells Archie about him and Betty, Betty also tells Veronica about her and Jughead which "Veronica Lodge approves !" The thing is while they having those conversation one of Cheryl's minion eavesdropping and text Cheryl about it, who's currently at The Sheriff's Station with Penelope. Cheryl asks her to give her back The River Vixens in exchange for "The information", Penelope agrees and Cheryl starts talking..

Oh, After that she also tweet the whole thing using these hashtags.. 

Gosh.. Cheryl ! 

So, Betty decides to throw a search party for Polly before The Blossoms find her, cause' God knows what will they do to her... As they go searching in the woods, they bump into The Blossoms ! 

PS : Nothing good comes when The Coopers and The Blossoms breath in the same air.. 
Penelope confronts Alice that what if Polly had escaped before and killed Jason, Alice then loses her nerves and held a little press conference at the church where she "spill the bean" about Polly being pregnant with Jason's baby, so there's no way she could've kill him. Oh, what's interesting is seeing the look on The Blossoms especially Cheryl !

Could the fans theory true, that "Twincest" play apart in this whole thing ? I mean, Cheryl's face really pissed off when Alice drop the pregnancy bomb. 
When Jughead walks Betty home, Betty reveals that this isn't the first time Polly went missing, and we kinda see she realizes something and so she kisses Jughead goodbye and rushes to her house. Then, she goes to the creepy attic at her house filled with creepy toys and old dolls, and then Polly suddenly appears from behind and basically surprised Betty and all of us ! 

Polly reveals that she runs away because there's no point waiting for Jason where he'll never comes. She then tells Betty that she and Jason had a plan to raise the baby and she wants to carry out that plan but she needs money, and she can't asks the coopers for this because it turns out that they wants her to give the baby up for adoption, and of course she didn't want to do that and for her child to grow in a house or family that never wanted her. Betty comforts her and tell her that she will find help because she doesn't want to lose her again. 

The next day at school, Cheryl tells Betty that she wants to help Polly. Betty tells her that Polly needs financial support, Cheryl then tells Betty she will asks her parents about it because Polly being pregnant is a game changer. Betty then meet with The Blossoms at Pop's and they tell Betty that they want to give Polly both financial and emotional support, which is so weird because we all know how they treat Cheryl who's basically their own daughter ! Why would they help Polly all of the sudden.. 

At the end of the episode, we see Betty and Polly accompany by Veronica, Jughead, and Archie waiting to meet up with The Blossoms at Pop's. But instead of The Blossom, Cheryl rushes off and Polly greets her and tell her Jason always talked about her and how much he loved her. And we see the kind-nice Cheryl we see in the previous episode with Veronica, and she tell Polly that she should run away before her parents arrives because she thinks they want Polly out of the picture !

So everyone kinda freak out because they don't have a back up plan for Polly.. Then we see Betty, Polly and Veronica at The Lodges' apartment, where Hermione says that she wants to take Polly in and "Would do anything for Alice Coopers' daughter".. Hold up, i thought they didn't get along very well, but maybe Hermione still has a heart and Polly's safe for now.. 

* The Jones 

We also kinda sees and learn more about Jughead backstory and his relationship with his dad. Earlier at the beginning of this episode, opens with Jughead having a dream with a very familiar theme with Jughead, Veronica, Archie, and the whole Coopers including Polly and Jason ! All wearing their iconic costumes from the original Archie's comics. In this dream, we see Jughead about to carve a turkey but the knife is missing then Archie comes in asking Jughead "Why you stab me in the back ?'' with the missing knife on his back. Does this dream means something ? I mean why would Jughead dreams about stabbing Archie in the back.. Does this referring to Betty or it means something else ?? 

Jughead then reveals to Archie that he's homeless and been living in the broom cupboard underneath the stairwell at school ever since they closed the drive-in ! Jughead then goes to see his father, FP ( The Southside Serpent ) Who's been living in a trailer park, and Jughead tells him that he need to get his life back on track, so his mom and his sister, Jellybean would come back and they can become a family again. 

For a start, Jughead tries to talk to Archie so he would talk to Fred for giving FP a second chance and allow him to work at Fred's construction site again. FP then starts his first day where he met Hermione ( Again..) and the two agrees to keep everything that happened between them. Everything went well until Jughead is later brought in by the cops for question about Jason's murder !

And we soon learn more about Jughead's backstory, turns out Jughead almost burn his elementary school which makes Sheriff Keller reveals that Jughead is currently on the number one spot on his suspects list because of his unpleasant circumstances, being bullied and family issues. Jughead asks for a lawyer but Fred come instead. Fred even make a fake alibi for Jughead claiming that he works for him on July 11th and making a fake time card for evidence which Archie reveals at some point that Fred has been doing it a lot. Okay.. Now Fred's the one being shady. 

Jughead get released and FP come to pick him up saying sorry he's late because he forget to charge his phone, although we know that he's actually drunk. Then he makes a promise to Jughead to give him a month to settle back his life..In the meantime, he asks Fred to take care of him. At least we all know that he's safe with The Andrews. Everything seem fine, at least until the end of the episode.. When we see FP still drinking alcohol and so far from being sober and as he walk pass the closet, where we see Jason's jacket just hanging in there.

Could Jason has ever meet with FP ? Or someone plan to framed him or Jughead for Jason's murder ? Or could FP possibly kill Jason because he somehow maybe didn't payback / finish his bargain with The Southside Serpent ? I mean we see how Hermione got terrorized with a snake. 

Okay, things got more interested every episode, more drama.. But sadly we have to wait and see it on March 30th because this show is on a 3 weeks break. Anyway, let's check out the promo :