Sunday, March 5, 2017

The Vampire Diaries : Season 8 Episode 1 "Hello, Brother" Recap / Review

Season Eight is the last and final season of The Vampire Diaries, so this episode is officially a beginning to an end, titled Hello, Brother which according to executive producer, Julie Plec, this final season episodes are gonna be titled based on the characters memorable lines. Hello, Brother was Damon's first line ever on The Vampire Diaries which he said to Stefan back in the Pilot episode. This episode opens with Stefan, Bonnie, and Caroline still searching for Damon and Enzo months after they've gone MIA from The Armory's Vault. Meanwhile, Alaric's fear for his daughters safety after a dangerous encounter with an unexpected visitor. 

- This post below contains spoilers - 

* The Worst Of The Worst

The opening scene is really a throwback from Season One, with a couple in a car talking about the movies they like and don't like and the road starting to covered with a lot of fog. Then, we see Damon standing in the middle of the road after they hit Enzo who appear out of nowhere. Damon and Enzo take them to a slaughterhouse and asks them what's the worse thing they've ever done, 

The girl first answer that she stole make up once from a drugstore but Damon uses his mind compulsion and told her to "dig deeper" and points out at some point that his duty with Enzo is to bring the worse of humanity, the dregs of life.. I think TVD goes full evil and pure hell for its final season cause' we're heading there. The girl then answer again that she slept with her best friend's boyfriend, meanwhile the boy answer he stole his grandma's pain pills and sold them while she's dying of cancer. After that, the one's with the worse sin get to be tortured, and in this case is the boy. We see Damon put a hook on his back that will push him inside a tank of water full with blood and we all know The Armory's Monster is inside that water, cause' that "thing" just eat that boy flesh in a second ! 

* Damon and Enzo's Search Party 

Caroline tell Stefan that they've found a body in the woods and so Stefan and Bonnie goes looking for the body. Bonnie then tells Stefan that she's ready to give up, but Stefan told her not to give up and keep holding on to hope and remind her how strong she really is.

But, hopeless Bonnie told him that she's been holding on to hope for a long time and it'll just makes her get hurt even more. 

They find a body but actually more like a skeleton, so that person has been dead for God knows how long...! They both know that it must be Damon and Enzo's doing. Caroline call Stefan and told him that there's a slaughterhouse nearby, of course they both goes there and Damon greet Stefan with his memorable quote..

Stefan thinks that staking Damon is a good plan but that doesn't ends up well cause' Damon had turn off his humanity.Bonnie sees Enzo for the first time in a very long time but he pretty much ignores Bonnie. Damon threaten to hurt Bonnie if they didn't leave soon, of course Stefan keep insisting that he can help Damon get through this. But, Damon points out that they can't win against this "thing" and that his life is over. So, Stefan and Bonnie decides to leave. 

* The Armory's Vault 

So, we also see now Alaric runs The Armory and been researching with his interns, Georgie and Dorian inside the vault. Until they found a hidden wall that can lead their way out using their sense of feeling. Then they also found a hidden treasures inside a tunnel inside the vault. 

* The Intruders 

We get to see the twins' nanny, Seline, in the most thrilling scene this episode. We see Seline's calling Caroline claiming there's someone inside the house and before she could finish, we see someone cut her throat from behind who turns out to be... Virginia St. John !

Thankfully, Caroline arrives on time before Virginia could get her hands on the twins and saved Seline with her blood. Caroline then knock her down and tied her up on a chair and asks her what exactly is inside that vault, 

Instead of answering Virginia warns Caroline claiming "it" wants the twins and before she could continue, somehow she starts choking blood until she died. 

* Caroline's Love Triangle ?

Alaric tells Caroline its better if he lives with the twins, so he decides to move back to Caroline's house. But, Caroline told him its not a good idea since now she's with Stefan, so she decides that she'll move out and move in with Stefan. Then, Alaric can live with the twins. Which i totally 10000% approve !

* The Armory's Monster

We get to see Bonnie and Enzo flashback moment, with Enzo reading Bonnie a book about The Sirens. Back to present Bonnie, who tries to put the pieces together, and realizes Enzo's trying to send her a message about what they're up against. Bonnie then take out the book and calls Alaric to asks him what does he knows about sirens.

Alaric told her there's a lot of different versions and myth but overall, sirens are the messenger of the devil. Then we see, Damon and Enzo just about to leave the slaughterhouse when they heard singing and we see the monster inside the water climbing the ladder in a body of a woman ! 

We then see her body and face covered with blood and we know that she must be a siren.