Wednesday, March 1, 2017

The Vampire Diaries : Season 6 Full Recap

It all went down this season of The Vampire Diaries, i've got a full recap for you guys ! Months after the devastating events, everyone is dealing with the loss of their love ones, some more destructive than others. Meanwhile their hometown, Mystic Falls continues to be a magic and supernatural free zone. If our Mystic Falls gang wants to get their lives back on track, they have to find a way to push through their grief and band back together. 

- This post below contains spoilers - 

* Damon and Bonnie's Fate

Season six opened where we left off in the season five finale, with Damon and Bonnie still trapped in an alternate 1994 Mystic Falls which Bonnie claims to be a Prison World, and they have to live the same day all over again for months and they actually develop a friendship ! 

It wasn't until a few episodes, Damon finally made his way back to Mystic Falls. Meanwhile, Bonnie was heavily tortured by a new villain, Kai Parker. TBH, Bonnie has approximately infinite amount of lives, although at some point Bonnie was going to kill herself. But thankfully, she returned home later in the mid - season.

* Elena's Downward Spiral 

As Damon's stuck on The Prison World, Elena is totally 100% not okay ! We see how she's hysterical and inconsolable, first she consumes witch drugs from Luke that allows her to hallucinate Damon's presence. Then when she can't handle her loss anymore, she asks Alaric ( while he's still a vampire from The Originals' bloodline ) to compelled her memories and feelings for Damon ! 

As Damon returns to Mystic Falls, everyone explain to both Elena and Damon what happened, and since now Alaric has crossed the Mystic Falls border which turn him human, he cannot bring back Elena's memories. At first, Elena doesn't want to meet him and starts dating a pre-med student, Liam. But, Damon tries to win her back and when he finally did they decides to create new memories. 

* Kai Parker "The Living Hell"

Remember the guy from The Prison World who tortured Bonnie heavily ?? He doesn't stop there, he betrays Bonnie and uses her magic to go back to our world, and so he arrives in Mystic Falls and brings havoc everywhere. It is later revealed that Kai is actually Jo's twin brother and his family is in The Gemini Coven, but his family / the coven treat him differently because he doesn't born with magic meaning he can only siphon it from others, that's why he grow up evil. The reason he's trapped in The Prison World in the first place is because he wants to be the leader of the coven without going through The Merge ( A ceremony once a set of Gemini twin reach 22 year old, the stronger of two will claim a twin power and become the new leader meanwhile the weak one die ) and killed all of his siblings ( with the exception of his twin sister, Jo, and his other twin siblings Luke and Liv ) Back in 1994 in the most gruesome ways. 

When he got back, he begins to search for Jo, Luke, and Liv to kill them all. But, Luke decides to protect his sisters and do The Merge with Kai instead, thinking he's stronger than him but sadly not.. Which led Luke to his death and Kai become the new leader of the coven. 

* Steroline is happening already ?!

Stefan and Caroline's friendship had been stronger than ever these past seasons and this season it grows into something more ! Stefan was there for Caroline when our beloved Sheriff Forbes had died of cancer, which lead Caroline to turn her humanity off and goes cuckoo with Stefan, basically they totally fell in love.. Its also Stefan that bring Caroline's humanity back on.  

* Mommy Issue

While Bonnie's about to get out from The Prison World, she encounters a woman who Damon claims to be Lily Salvatore a.k.a mama Salvatore ! Although for him its impossible since she's already died centuries ago, so Damon goes to check her coven and finds that its empty !! So, Lily faked her own death ?! Since, the only person that can bring back Caroline's humanity is Stefan, they need to bring Stefan's humanity back first and the only one that can do that is mommy dearest. So, Damon, Elena, and Bonnie uses Kai's magic ( Who suddenly had a good side after his merged with Luke ) to goes to The Prison World to release her, so she can help Stefan. They succeeded bringing Lily back, but vengeful Bonnie left Kai in The Prison World along with a group of decay vampire corpses that Lily claims to be her family. 

Which she ends up making a deal with Damon, if she succeeded for bringing Stefan's humanity back he will help her release her "Prison family". Lily ends up succeeding for bringing Stefan's back 

But Damon lied to Lily about releasing her family because they turns out to be a group of vampire-witch hybrids who called themselves, The Heretics and according to Jo, they're ruthless and cannot be set free. But, as we see from the season six finale, Kai releases them and they all wreak havoc on Mystic Falls. 

* Alaric and Jo's wedding massacre 

After falling in love with Jo and found out that she's pregnant with his twins, Alaric proposes to Jo which lead to their wedding day ! But there's no happily ever after in Mystic Falls... Just as Jo about to say her wedding vow, Kai crashed her wedding and killed her and the unborn twins ! Poor Alaric, every single girl that fall in love with him since season 1 ends up dead..

Kai killed all the coven member that attend the wedding. Oh also, Tyler ends up killing Liv and turns back into a werewolf ! 

* The Sleeping Beauty Curse

We know Nina Dobrev's gonna leave TVD this season, so we know the writers gonna have to end Elena's storyline somehow.. Which make things even sadder. As we know, Bonnie brings gift for Damon from The Prison World and that is The Cure ! 

Of course, Elena takes The Cure and becomes human again. Even Damon finally made up his mind and wants to takes The Cure with her after Jo and Alaric's wedding but of course we never get to that part. Now that Kai's back full of revenge and feeling betrayed by Bonnie and everyone, somehow he magically links Elena's life with Bonnie's, which means that Elena will remains unconscious in a deep slumber until Bonnie die on natural cause ( Basically, both of them cannot live at the same time ) Not able to say goodbye directly, all of the gang goes inside Elena's mind and Elena says her last messages for them. 

Damon ends up putting Elena's body inside a coffin and put it in The Salvatore Mausoleum, where Bonnie sealed it with a protection spell so no one will harm her. Elena surely will be in our hearts forever..