Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Riverdale Review : Chapter Six "Faster, Pussycats ! Kill, Kill !"

First of all, sorry i'm late for the review. But, anyway.. Here i am with another review of my new guilty pleasure TV Series, Riverdale ! Last week episode, we see how Archie handles his fear, last week we see and learn more about The Blossoms now we get to learn about Josie's and her parents. This episode really filled with discoveries and new romantic entanglements. 

- This post below contains spoilers -  

* Archie's Stage Fright 

So, its time for The Annual Riverdale Variety show and Archie's getting ready to audition for the talent show and looking for his guitar straps in his room, where he finds a werewolf mask that kinda freaks him out. Later during his audition ( which Kevin's running as the host ) , we see Archie choke once he got on stage he sees Reggie and the rest of the football team starts making jokes about him and all of the sudden sees them in the same werewolf mask and runs off stage. 
Archie then asks Valerie to sing with him on stage but she turn down his offer because she's with the pussycats and they're the headline of The Variety Show, just as Archie thinks he can't perform at the talent show, Veronica came to save the day. 

She convinced Kevin to let Archie perform since Kevin has already heard Archie sing before, but Archie still in doubt because he needs someone to accompany him sing on stage. So, Veronica tells him she would love to sing with him and so Archie agrees. But at the same time, Valerie and Josie had a fight during practice and Valerie decides to quit because she feeling sick with Josie's whole "diva thing" and walks out, which i think Josie didn't actually thought Valerie had the guts to quit because her expression seems surprise when Valerie walks out the door. Josie then came home and told her mom about it, and we kinda learn why Josie's so controlling about The Pussycats because she also get a lot of pressure from her parents especially her dad who's really serious about music and apparently in town to see Josie and The Pussycats perform at The Variety Show which makes Josie panic, her mom told her to find someone else. 

Later, Archie's seen practicing his song with Valerie just as Veronica walks in. Archie thinks what Veronica said earlier about their duet wasn't serious, meanwhile she actually is. So, feeling angry she goes to Josie to let her join The Pussycats because she had a lot of aggression that needs channeling. Of course Veronica get the part ! 

During their practice, Archie told Valerie that he doesn't want to be the reason that breaks her relationship with The Pussycats and maybe the reason Josie's been acting weird because her dad's in town. Archie.. Archie.. You should think about that before you asks her to sing with you ! 

* The Variety Show 

So, before the show begins Valerie decides to talk with Josie and the two ends up making up and Valerie joins The Pussycats again and Josie says she can sing as co-lead from now on but only on the bridges. Josie and The Pussycats ends up performing with Veronica and Josie's dad was unimpressed at all and leave before the performance even finished, and its kinda heartbreaking to see Josie's face changes while she's performing but she handles it professionally and finished the show perfectly with a round of applause. 

Now it's Archie's time to shine. Before going to stage, Veronica tells Archie to just focus on someone that makes him feel safe to handles his stage fright. He goes on stage and closes his eyes, when he starts playing and everyone seems pretty surprise including Josie 

After the show, Archie and Valerie shares a kiss and it looks like Archie has found himself someone a lot better than Grundy / Gibson. Although i still ship him with Veronica, but let see how this go.. 

* Hermione and Fred 

Hermione is looking at Fred's books because now she had the book keeping job at his construction place, and it seems that the company isn't in a good shape. Hermione tells Fred about this and points out all of this is because he doesn't have the heart to fire some of his worker, maybe because of what happened with Jughead's dad ? Fred says there's actually a solution, if he can own the drive-in land construction deal, he can restore his business. Which Fred, asks the mayor to dinner since she's the only one who knows the anonymous buyer, so he can get the contract and asks Hermione to accompany him which is so awkward cause' little did he knows Hermione is the anonymous buyer. 

At some point there, the two of them are being flirty and Veronica walks up cause' she's just being a nice daughter that bringing flowers to congratulates Hermione for the job. But before she could give it to her, she saw Hermione and Fred making out from the windows ! 

Fred later tells Archie about him and Hermione which Archie kinda takes it easy saying that he's fine with it as long as his dad's happy and well, while Veronica has a totally different reaction because technically they both still married. Could it be because Veronica actually has feelings for Archie too ?

* The "Super-Awkward" Dinner 

Well, this episode's dinner isn't as awkward as "The Blossoms dinner party from hell" but still...
Fred and Hermione are joined by the mayor and her husband, Miles ( Josie's dad ), Josie and Archie but Hermione didn't bring along Veronica probably because she doesn't want Veronica to spill to everyone that she's the anonymous buyer of the land. As i mention things got real awkward when Josie and The Pussycats become the main topic, and Josie kinda points out at Archie for the reason that Valerie quits and overall we kinda starts to see how Miles treated Josie. Seriously, most of the parents in Riverdale has parental issues ( except for Fred and Sheriff Keller ) so far.. Hopefully. 

Fred then starts his presentation about the bidding, unfortunately the mayor cannot give the contract because the buyer already in the middle of another bidding, so it will take two shareholders signatures to stop that current bidding and give it to Fred. 

* Hermione Lodge ( Continues ) Being Shady 

After the dinner party's over, Veronica and Josie hang out at Pop's and have some bonding time. Josie tells Veronica maybe there's another side of the story between Fred and Hermione that worth hearing, so Veronica decides to apologize and talk to her mom. But Hermione ruined the whole thing by asking Veronica to sign a motion to give the contract for the drive-in land to Fred because when Hiram get arrested, they decides to made Veronica the legal officer of Lodge Industries ( Which means she's the second signature that the mayor talked about at dinner ) 

We all know Hiram wouldn't approve this cause' he already has another bid with someone else, Veronica then snaps back and refuses to sign it because she thinks it would be like giving it to her "mom's boyfriend", but then she agrees only if Hermione stop seeing Fred, which of course she can't since she work for him. So at the end, when Veronica leaves she ends up forges Veronica's signature and now Fred's got the contract. Just as i thought, Hermione is the only normal and nice parent in Riverdale.. I take it back, she's just as evil as everyone else.. Which makes me wonder, we kinda learn from previous episodes that Hermione will do whatever it takes to get what she wants so, how far she willing to go ? 
At the end of The Variety Show, Veronica bumps into Fred who later tells her that he got the contract thanks to Hermione.. Veronica then get the whole thing including her mom forging her signature and leaves. 

* The Infamous Polly Cooper ! 

At the beginning of the episode, Betty invites Jughead for breakfast and we kinda see how its just as awkward as those dinners ! 
Jughead then says that he needs to go to the bathroom, Betty's about to stand up to show him but Alice ends up insisting she'll be the one showing it. Little did she knows, the whole breakfast thing was a set up so that Betty could sneak into her stuff and ends up finding Alice's checkbook. 

It looks like Alice's been writing a lot of check to a place called, "Sisters of The Quiet Mercy", Betty and Jughead googled it and turns out to be a home for troubled youth, and it must be where The Coopers sent Polly. 

Betty and Jughead decides to skip school and goes there, the head-nun seems creepy and takes Betty to see Polly in the garden. And at last.. We finally meet Polly !! 

She's really excited to see Betty and we can see how much they miss each other... and we also see that she's indeed, pregnant ! 

Polly then asks Betty what does their parents tell her about Polly being here, drugs or alcohol ? Betty answers, they told her that Polly's sick and trying to hurt herself. Meanwhile, they told Polly that Betty didn't want to see her. Seriously, what the hell is wrong with their parents ? Its like they don't want them to be close with each other.. But why ? 

Polly ends up telling her story to Betty, she told Betty that their parents were so happy when they found out that Jason had dumped her but after she told him about her being pregnant with his child, Jason was excited and plans to run away with Polly on July 4th ! 

But before she could leave the house, she's taken by the head-nun and that's how she ended up there, meaning The Coopers somehow found out about their plan to run away. Turns out, Polly has no idea what happened to Jason, also means that The Coopers have been lying to Betty cause' they told her, Jason's death breaks Polly even more. Betty ends up ''sort of'' telling Polly that something bad happened to Jason and she literally starts to break, Betty tries to comfort her but the head-nun calls Betty to come with her, only to find Alice claiming the head-nun called her that Polly had a visitor. On their way out, they bump into Polly and Polly then yells at Alice for not telling her about Jason and starts freaking out. 

Back at home, Betty ends up confronting her parents about everything. Even asks her dad if he breaks into Sheriff Keller's house that night and kill Jason ! 

Which makes Alice suddenly laugh because she thinks there's no way he could have the guts to do that and claims Betty is crazy like Polly, and her dad also points out that Polly's delusional. Which at this point i have no idea who to believe..

* Bughead !! 💘

Later on, Jughead shows up at Betty's bedroom window and comforts her that she's not insane, and then the two kissed !!! 
Bughead shippers like me, #Allthefeels  !! 
Betty breaks the kiss remembering that Polly claims something about a car and Betty tells Jughead they need to find the car to prove Polly's not insane or lying. Bughead skips The Variety Show and ends up finding the car.. But they seems forget to wear gloves while investigating a crime scene. 

They opened the trunk and finds Jason's stuff along with some drugs, they decides to run to Sheriff  Keller telling him about it but they don't realizes that someone is watching them from a far while they investigate. 

When the Sheriff arives, they find the car on fire !! Which mean that the person who watching them must've burned it. Bughead then rushes back to get Polly, but finds she had escape from the window leaving blood trails.. 

I really hope that Polly's okay and doesn't tries to do something crazy because news flash ! She's carrying a breathing, living human being..

Now, let's talk about this week's episode. It looks like we're gonna learn more about Jughead's family and his relationship with his dad, but the end of the promo kinda worries me because Jughead get taken to the sheriff's station and he asks for a lawyer.
 Check out the promo below :