Thursday, March 9, 2017

The Vampire Diaries : Season 8 Episode 5 "Coming Home Was a Mistake" Recap / Review

Coming home was a mistake is Stefan's line to Elena back in Season One's, History Repeating. In this episode, Damon really goes on a deep downward spiral, meanwhile Bonnie risks her life to safe Enzo, and the twins are in grave danger from the devil himself.

- This post below contains spoilers - 

* Damon's Downward Spiral 

Damon's happy ending is still a blur at this point, his decision to killed Tyler has sent shock waves to our Mystic Falls gang with the episode starting with Matt giving phone calls to his friends informing them about Tyler. So, they decided to give him a proper funeral but Damon interfere and pretty much ruined the whole thing. 

They then realizes that Damon is trying so hard to make all of them hates him but at the same time he's lost ( he doesn't have any clue what the hell is he doing ). So Stefan decides to "Put Damon down" ( Vervain him and lock him until Elena wakes up ) because once Damon turned his humanity back on, he may never forgive himself for what he did. Damon then asks Stefan to meet him at the carnival, where Damon tells Stefan that he needs help and that he's terrified of what might happen if he turn his humanity on and has to face hell in eventual death. 

Stefan begs him to come home, so he can help him but Damon refuses to. So, Stefan attempt to shoot him with vervain darts but Damon catches and attacks Stefan. Thankfully, Caroline saves the day and shoot Damon, resulting Stefan to lock him in a coffin.

* "I'm Not Leaving You" 

Finally, we've been wondering what Bonnie and Enzo up to.. They're still in the cabin, with Bonnie trying to turn back Enzo's humanity switch but he's hard to crack ! She put a spell on the cabin via "The Flame of Imprisonment" from The Armory so Enzo will not be able to escape unless Bonnie blows out the flame. So she calls Caroline for some advice on how she turned her humanity back on after her mother's death, Caroline claims Bonnie had to make Enzo face his biggest fear. 

Desperate Bonnie goes extreme and pours gasoline all over the cabin, Enzo thinks her plan is to burn the cabin just like what happened to him & Damon during his imprisonment as The Augustine vampires. But, turns out Bonnie plan is to burn the cabin and tell Enzo repetitively that she will not leave him and that she would rather die and burn alive than abandoned him. Enzo remains the same until Bonnie passed out from the smoke, then he turns his humanity back on and tosses Bonnie out of the cabin because he can't get out. 

Until Bonnie wakes up and rushes back into the cabin to put out the flame and save him. They make it out unharmed and have a wonderfully romantic moment that make all "Bonenzo" shippers feel warm and fuzzy inside ! 

* What The Hell Is The Sirens Up To ? 

With everyone's still unaware that Seline is the other siren, she decides to take the twins to the carnival and psychotic things happened... While the twins suck at playing ring - toss game, Seline compels the worker with her siren song to give the twins a goldfish to cheer them up. But the thing is, Seline picks a dead goldfish and told the twins they gonna give her a proper burial.

She brings them to an abandoned warehouse, where she starts telling them that if they used their magic they'll be able to summon Cade to take the fish soul. Seline starts pilling up wood in which underneath those pile of wood, it's Georgie's corpse ! 
Psycho right ? Seline then asks the twins to siphon her power and starts a fire using the "Incendia" spell. 

It isn't until after the gang are honoring Tyler's life at the carnival, where Caroline shows pictures of the twins to Matt and one of them had Seline's in it. Matt quickly realizes that she's the siren because Tyler left him a box of photos of Seline behind and instructions for Matt to find her. 

Caroline and Alaric then rushes back home to find the twins but they're no where to be found, instead Caroline found a drawing of them, Seline, and Cade on the kitchen table. 

On top of all, Sybil makes her grand escape by breaking the glass with her siren song then on her way out from The Armory she found The Tuning Fork and last but not least, she free Damon from the coffin. In which later, Damon pledges his life to her. 

Which leaves us a ton of questions ! But most importantly, what does the siren wants with the twins ?