Friday, March 10, 2017

The Vampire Diaries : Season 8 Episode 6 "Detoured On Some Random Backwoods Path to Hell" Recap / Review

Detoured on some random backwoods path to hell is Caroline's line from Season One and this is the first Vampire Diaries episode with the longest title and the last episode we'll ever see directed by Paul Wesley. This episode, Caroline and Alaric goes on a warpath to save their daughters which effect tension to boil between Caroline and Stefan. Meanwhile, Enzo finds himself unable to fight Sybil's mind control over him. 

- This post below contains spoilers - 

* The Sirens' Plan

The episode begins with Seline is on the run with the twins, Lizzie and Josie. Have you been wondering what's her grand plan with 3 year old twins ? She wants to make a trade with Cade by swap places with the twins so they can spend the rest of their lives serving for Cade, when they've come of ages instead of her and Sybil. Caroline and Alaric call the police and An Amber Alert is put on the missing girls meanwhile, Stefan compel the chief police to make the twins on the top of their priority. 

This officially becomes a problem for Seline, but also for Sybil and Damon who joins her on the run with the twins. They got starred down by civilians when the Amber Alert goes off their phones and later on when they hit the road and get stopped by the police, Seline ends up using her siren song to get them out of both trouble. 

Then, Damon had enough at this point and take charge of the situation. He suggest to do the ritual to summon Cade at the hotel they're hiding out. But, Sybil had her own plan to offer Cade.. Damon and Stefan in place of the twins. She also mind torturing Enzo, so Stefan could get their location. Which actually kinda make sense tho because the sirens are basically the female versions of The Salvatore Brothers = Sybil will always hold grudges over her sister for forcing her into cannibalism, just as Damon still hold grudge over Stefan for forcing him into vampirism. 

* Caroline and Stefan's Sacrifices

During their times searching for the twins, Alaric explodes on Caroline telling her that once they get the girls back, he's going to take them away from the darkness that follows Caroline as a vampire. He also brings up the fact that genetically they aren't Caroline kids. Ouch.. That's way too far, Ric ! Which at the end of the episode, Caroline agrees with him that the twins need to be far away from her until the whole mess with Cade can be sorted out. 

Meanwhile, Stefan makes the ultimate sacrifice for the twins. He makes a deal with the devil himself, Cade that him and Damon will take the places of Seline and Sybil as his servant. Which literally breaks Caroline when she found out about it because Stefan promise to marry her. 

* Damon's Dead ?!! ( Or not.. )

Meanwhile, Damon is at the bar when Alaric and Matt ambush and stake him because they realized that they compromised Damon for too long and he needs to be stop. 
So Damon's dead ? He looks dead but he attends Caroline's Christmas party next episode, i guess we just have to wait to find out.