Thursday, March 30, 2017

Riverdale : Things You Probably Didn't Know

Obsessing with The CW new ''guilty pleasure'' show ? I've got some scoop for you guys, some might be new to you, some may be not. Anyway.. Here's some things you probably didn't know about Riverdale, 

* Riverdale The Movie ? 

Yup, you read that right. The creators originally wants Riverdale as a movie but the studio executives loved the characters so much and decided to make it into a TV show instead. And honestly, i'm really thankful that they make it into a series not a movie i mean its better to have Riverdale every week than watch it in 2 hours movie duration. 

* Casting & Audition

As other TV show that's been airing, a lot of the cast didn't play the characters that they've audition for and Riverdale is no exception. My favorite character on the show, Jughead Jones played by Cole Sprouse was originally asked to audition for the role of Archie Andrews. 

But, Cole asked to read for Jughead when he found out he's the narrator and read it in the style of Rod Serling  because he had just finished binge watching The Twilight Zone. 

Madelaine Petsch who played our favorite mean girl, Cheryl Blossom was originally brought in to audition for the role of our girl next door, Betty Cooper. Even so, the casting director knew she'll be perfect to play Cheryl. 

Camilla Mendes who played Veronica Lodge says she used Gossip Girl's, Blair Waldorf  as inspiration for Veronica and The OC's, Summer Roberts for her humors. 

KJ Apa who played Archie Andrews reveals that he's a natural brunette and has to dye his hair for the role every two weeks, and some times burned his skin. Ouch! 

* The Parents 

A lot of familiar faces played the roles of the parents in Riverdale and they aren't unfamiliar with teen TV show either. M├Ądchen Amick who plays Betty Cooper's mom, Alice Cooper has had roles on Gossip Girl, Gilmore Girls, and Dawson's Creek but she's probably best known for her role in Twin Peaks and Witches of East End. 

Archie's dad played by Luke Perry is known for his role in Beverly Hills, 90210.

Molly Ringwald who's known for movies like, The Breakfast Club and Sixteen Candles will make an appearance later in the season as Archie's mom, Mary. 

Jughead's dad played by Skeet Ulrich is best known for his role in Scream and The Craft

Hermione Lodge a.k.a Veronica's mom played by Marisol Nichols is known for her role in Teen Wolf

* Cheryl and Jason's Relationship

Although some scenes in the episodes shown ''unusual'' relationship that Cheryl and Jason had that makes a lot of fan speculation surrounding it. During an interview, Madelaine Petsch confirmed that there was never any incest between Cheryl and Jason.

* Riverdale Album 

There are some original songs from Riverdale that already out on Spotify and it's revealed that a Riverdale album is in the works. Who's excited ??! 

* Who Killed Jason Blossom ? 

Before the cast officially found out who killed Jason, they had their own theory . Cole Sprouse want it to be Jughead, AJ Apa also thought it was Jughead and at one point Madelaine Petsch thought it was Cheryl. So at least we can cross those two off the suspect list. It's revealed that we will find out who killed Jason in Episode 12, they had to filmed a few different endings for Episode 12 in order to confuse the cast and make sure the secret didn't get out. According to Lili Reinhart, they've all been really good at keeping secret, she also revealed that the show will explore Betty's mental issue later on in this season.

* The Iconic Love Triangle 

The creators revealed that the Archie, Betty, Veronica love triangle isn't happening for now so the storyline will not be boring. KJ wants Betty and Archie to be end game but Camilla thinks Veronica is perfect for Archie. 

* Season 2 Teaser 

The characters will continue as sophomores in Season 2 and there'll be a Halloween and Christmas episode, Season 1 ending will literally change "Safe and innocent town"  Riverdale.