Thursday, March 30, 2017

Supergirl Recap : Season 2 Episode 7 "The Darkest Place"

In this episode of Supergirl, Kara learns the whereabouts and identities of some pretty important characters, J'onn learns the nature of his worsening condition. Meanwhile, National City's new hero, Guardian goes from hero to murderer in no time flat when an impostor vigilante tarnishes his good name. 

- This post below contains spoilers - 

* CADMUS Kidnapped Mon-El

The episode opens with a fight between Supergirl and J'onn cut to ''24 hours earlier''. Kara, Alex, Winn and James are at the alien bar hanging out and discussing Guardian, Kara and Alex are skeptical of the new hero while James and Winn defending Guardian. Then, Maggie shows up and she and Alex have an awkward conversation, Maggie wants to make sure that they're still friends and Alex agrees, while later on she's not okay with it. Afterwards, Kara asks Alex about Mon-El because he's not there claiming he practically lives at the bar. Little did they know, Mon-El is actually imprisoned at CADMUS. He actually escapes and about to reach the door when CADMUS scientist stops him threatening they will kill J'onn who somehow also gets kidnapped, Mon-El agrees not wanting them to harm J'onn i think its because Kara cares about J'onn and seeing this side of Mon-El actually interesting because he's not like the other Daxamite Kara and we all assumes. 

* The Impostor 

Guardian is out stopping a robber whom manages to tie from an overpass by his feet, he leaves him for the law enforcement and after that a lookalike crime fighter with a gun comes along and shoots the robber dead. The next day at Cat Co, the big story is that Guardian murdered a man the night before. Having heard the news, Winn confronts James alone. James insist that he never killed anyone and asks Winn to help him find the lookalike crime fighter at a major drug shipment where he will likely come after Guardian. And James' right,.. After Guardian arrives, the lookalike arrives too. After killing the guys who's buying the drugs, he tells Guardian that he's hoping they could be allies. Then Maggie and NCPD shows up to take them down but the impostor and Guardian escapes. 

The next day, Winn goes to James at Cat Co to fill him in on some info on the impostor, his name is Phillip Karnowsky who's specifically targeting people who were charged with crimes but then got off on a technicality. Winn supplies a list of next possible targets, Guardian shows up to find Karnowsky holding a guy at gunpoint. They fight just as it looks like Guardian = James will lose, Maggie and Alex rush in to save the day. Back at the DEO, Alex confronts Winn about Guardian and Winn being scared and can't keep his mouth shut reveals that James is Guardian. Alex wants to tell The DEO about it including Kara but Winn begs her not to, Alex agrees for now.

* Saving Mon-El 

While trying to catch the impostor, CADMUS contact Supergirl who demands that Supergirl come to CADMUS alone or Mon-El will die. When Supergirl arrives, she's shocked to see J'onn is there but he's actually not J'onn.. He's the real Hank Henshaw ! He reveals that he's been hiding out with CADMUS ever since J'onn took his identity and became director of The DEO, CADMUS brought him back to life and continue his mission to getting rid of all aliens on Earth. We then see the scene from the beginning of the episode, where Supergirl and Hank fight. Supergirl shoots her heat vision at his face revealing a robotic eye = Cyborg Superman !! He defeats Supergirl, knocking her unconscious and Supergirl wakes up in a cell next to Mon-El. 

Supergirl tells Mon-El that she's there in the first place to save him and J'onn isn't captured, Mon-El apologizes for getting her into this but Supergirl feels bad because they captured him to get to her. The CADMUS scientist later revealed that she's Lilian Luthor, which is Lena and Lex's mother. She basically wants revenge on all aliens for what Superman did by "convincing" humanity that her son was a criminal and eventually got him locked away for life. 

After "storytelling", she wants Supergirl to wear a special helmet which she can solar flare to drain her power and make her powerless as any human. To encourage her, Lilian shoots Mon-El's leg which not only hurt his leg but puts lead into his system and  he could die from too much exposure. Supergirl agrees to save Mon-El and she does, Lilian then drags her to an exam room where she takes a sample of her blood. 

Then, a powerless Supergirl and Mon-El sit in their cells talking about how afraid they are. She asks Mon-El to tell Alex if she doesn't make it out of there that Alex needs to keep living her life on her own terms and that she wasn't scared. Meanwhile, Mon-El thinks that if he dies there he deserves it for having survived the fate of Daxam. Suddenly, Jeremiah shows up and saves them both ! He's alive !!! He leads them to an exit but says he need to stay behind to distract those that will follow. So, Supergirl had to leaves him but she promises him she'll come back for him. Back at The DEO, Alex rushes to the medical facility to see Supergirl and Supergirl tells Alex that her father still alive and he's the one who rescued her and Mon-EL which gives Alex all the feels. They goes to where CADMUS was but the entire facility has been cleared out. 

* The Martians

Back at The DEO, M'gann brings J'onn an old martian home remedy and asks how he's healing up. Thanks to her blood transfusion, he says that he's nearly back and grateful. Suddenly he sees his wife and daughters and freaks him out a bit, when M'gann leaves we see his hand still shaking the way it was in the previous episode. Supergirl then finds J'onn doing what looks like Tai Chi alone and tells Kara that he's been seeing his family everywhere, Kara then suggest this might have something to do with M'gann saying, 

"Having M'gann in your life doesn't mean losing your family, it means feeling whole again." 

Later, J'onn sees a white martian on the stairs and grabs his gun to shoot it, Alex snaps him out of it and he sees that he's pointing a gun at a fellow DEO agent. J'onn realizes he's not well, and asks Alex to run some test on him. Alex runs a blood test on him but she never seen anything that's happening in his blood, but he has and knows the truth. 

J'onn confronts M'gann and she confesses that she's actually a white martian but she's unlike the other because she couldn't stand to see innocents getting killed. They show themselves in their true forms and fight in the sky over the alien bar, J'onn wants to kill her to avenge his family but instead he brings her to The DEO and lock her for life in The DEO cell. She then tells J'onn that there's nothing he can do because this was another way for white martians to destroy green martians by turning them into more of white martians. J'onn then leaves and sees his fingers starts changing into white martian. 

* Mon-El and Kara ?? 

At the end of the episode Kara and Co. gather at her apartment, Kara and Mon-El sit on the couch talking about their recent experience. Kara tells him that she's been underestimating him and he tells her, 

"Any courage i have, i learned it from you."

When Kara's talking with Alex, Mon-El asks James and Winn if Kara's "Mated to anyone", we all assume because he's totally crushing on her now. 

The episode closes with Hank a.k.a Cyborg Superman uses Supergirl's blood to get into The Fortress of Solitude and once he get the system going, he asks about something called "Project Medusa".