Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Supergirl Recap : Season 2 Episode 3 "Welcome To Earth"

Supergirl and The DEO are assigned to protect the president when an attack on her causes alien vs human rights in National City to heat up. Alex investigates the case with detective Maggie Sawyer, meanwhile Kara fears Mon-El may be responsible. 

- This post below contains spoilers -

* The Alien Amnesty

The episode picks up where we left off, Mon-El wakes up at The DEO and grabs Kara's throat, feeling afraid he forces his way past Kara and The DEO forces and escapes by jumping out off the window and speeding off down the street. On top of this, President Olivia Marsdin is set to arrives in National City to sign an executive order that would provide alien in America with amnesty, which leads to pros and cons.. Kara is very excited about it, while J'onn is a lot more pessimistic about aliens stepping out of the shadows by saying, 

"People in this world don't have much tolerance for others who look different." 

Kara with her positive thoughts ignore J'onn and she's way too hyped about meeting President Marsdin at the airfield. But, an alien with fire powers attacks the president. Luckily, Supergirl is there to protect her. Alex immediately assumes it's Mon-El because the burn pattern matches the ones made by heat vision. 

At the crime scene, Alex meets Detective Maggie Sawyer who also there to investigate. Alex tries to get her to leave but Maggie doesn't back down. Meanwhile, Kara and J'onn gives President Marsdin a tour at The DEO and says thank you to Kara / Supergirl for saving her life. 

Afterwards, Kara heads off to do her first reporter assignment which is interviewing Lena Luthor about The Alien Amnesty Act. Even though she's not like the other Luthors fact is fact that she's still a Luthor, Lena reveals that she started building alien detection devices which she hopes to have everywhere. She even asks Kara to test it thankfully Kara used her heat vision so the device not works properly. 

Kara obviously feel insulted by this and ends up writing a very, very biased article about Lena which Snapper rejects. 

* Mon-El of Daxam 

Meanwhile, Alex reluctantly works with Maggie to track down Mon-El. Maggie takes Alex to an alien secret bar in National City to dig up some intel, Maggie then reveals that she has dated an alien before and says she can sympathize with aliens choosing to hide to survive, she had to do the same thing as a nonwhite, LGBT female growing up in Nebraka. Their trip to the alien bar gives them one lead allowing Winn to track Mon-El to an observatory, turns out he's trying to contact the planet of Daxam ( Krypton's sister planet ) 

As soon as Kara finds out, Kara flies off to confront him, knocks him out and throws him in a DEO Cell. Kara then explains that Krypton and Daxam used to clash because of their different ways of life, while Krypton was a democracy and Daxam was a monarchy and finding out Mon-El is from Daxam changes Kara mind immediately and assumes he's responsible for attacking The President, despite Mon-El explaining he was just trying to send out a distress signal to Daxam. 

* The Attack 

The next day, President Marsdin takes the stage and gives a powerful speech about her commitment to making aliens feel welcomed, unfortunately the moment is interrupted by Scorcher, who attacks the event with her fire power. Supergirl manages to protect the president (again) but Scorcher kidnaps Maggie. Eventually, Supergirl and Alex show up and with Maggie's help they take out Scorcher. Back at the DEO, Alex realizes ( thanks to Maggie ) that all aliens don't deserve to be lock up.

Meanwhile, Kara frees Mon-El from his cell and apologizes for the way she treated him earlier and she also informs him that Daxam is gone just like Krypton. 

* Another Martian ?? 

Before heading back to Washington, President Marsdin gives J'onn a piece of advice and taking her advice, J'onn heads to the underground alien bar in his Martian form and meets a bartender who's surprised to find a fellow martian, she tells him her name is M'gann M'orse a.k.a Miss Martian, The last daughter of Mars.