Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Supergirl Recap : Season 2 Episode 2 "The Last Children of Krypton"

When CADMUS attacks National City with a Kryptonite powered villain who ends up seriously hurting Supergirl, Superman blames J'onn because the Kryptonite was stolen from The DEO. Meanwhile, Kara first day as a reporter doesn't go as planned after she meets her new boss, Snapper Carr. 

- This post below contains spoilers - 

* Metallo 

The episode begins with Supergirl and Superman flying through National City having fun while saving the day. But, their fun time ends when they're called to the scene of a potential suicide jumper at The National City Bridge. When they arrives, they came face to face with John Corben now "Metallo" with a Kryptonite heart upgrade by CADMUS. 

Obviously, both Superman and Supergirl can't handle Kryptonite energy beams that Corben shoots from his chest and they both lose this battle. Clark wants to know how someone other than The DEO has access to the one thing that can kill him and Kara. Then, J'onn and Alex admit that a shipment was stolen four months ago and they still haven't figure out who did it. 

* Kara's Dilemma 

This episode also show Kara's first day as a reporter and Cat has assigned her to the magazine's investigative unit which introduces us to Kara's new boss, "the grumpy" Snapper Carr, who doesn't even want her on his team because he doesn't feel she earn it. Feeling down and devastated, Kara runs off to Cat for help but Cat is unable to help her because she thinks Cara needs to stand on her own and Cat tells her she's taking absence from Cat.Co, she claims that she's ready to try something new. Of course, Kara starting to freak out about all the changes that's happening in her life.

So, to get away from all of her trouble and changes.. She decides to follow Clark back to Metropolis once they're done with Metallo. Alex's upset when she heard this because she feels Kara has been blowing her off ever since Clark arrives. Kara tells her, Clark is the only one that understand her, then Alex points out that he's also the one who give her up to The Danvers. 

* Team Up ! 

The thing is the whole family drama have to wait because CADMUS, has created a second Metallo to terrorized Metropolis which split Superman and Supergirl. But this time they're ready, cause' Winn has made a Kryptonite shield. Meanwhile, Alex is tracking down on finding who's responsible for stealing the Kryptonite shipment, again.. Thanks to Winn, she discovers Agent McGill is behind it and about to caught him, when the evil scientist who is head of CADMUS ambush her and offers Alex to join her. Obviously, Alex refuses and then she instruct her people to kill her which leads Alex engage in some badass hand to hand combat. Thankfully, Supergirl arrives in time to help and afterward Alex apologizes to Kara about what she said earlier. This gives Kara an idea on how to defeat the two Metallos in Metropolis and National City, who doesn't love a team up ? 

While Superman and Martian Manhunter team up to take down Metallo #2 in Metropolis, Supergirl and Alex takes down Corben in National City. 

* Goodbye, Cat Grant :( 

Afterwards, Supergirl pays Cat a visit to say goodbye and the next day Kara goes to Snapper with a 500 words article on "The Metallo Battle", Snapper then reluctantly agrees to teach Kara how to be a reporter. The episode ends with Kara visiting Mon-El at the infirmary and he wakes up immediately grabs her throat.