Friday, February 3, 2017

Teen Wolf Review : Season 6 Episode 10 "Riders on the Storm" ( Winter Finale )

Favorite quotes from this episode : 

Garret Douglas : "You of all people, Scott, should know what happen to a lone wolf."
Theo Raeken : "He's not alone. He has a pack !"
Malia Tate : "And Theo's not in it, but i am."
Peter Hale : "I'm not in the pack, but.. No one likes a Nazi."

Here we are in Season 6 mid - season finale, this episode titled "Riders on the Storm" based on The Ghost Riders of The Wild Hunt. On this episode, the fate of Beacon Hills is hanging in the balance with Scott and his pack face off against Douglas and The Ghost Riders in the final showdown. So many great lines in this episode and this is my favorite episode of all episodes in Season 6A and my emotions are a mess now.. 

- This post below contains spoilers -

* The Rift  

In The Ghost Riders train station, Stiles hears Lydia voice whispering his name and he call out to her. Then suddenly, there's a voice from the loud speaker saying "the train will be arriving in 25 minutes" and then we hears a gunshot which turns out to be Sheriff Stilinski ! Stiles rush to him and they hugs... ( But to be honest, their reunion is to short )

Stiles tells him, he hears Lydia voice and think he can get to her. Stilinski told Stiles to go and let him handle The Ghost Riders. Stiles jumps don the tracks and run towards The Rift, and hears Lydia voice calling him urging him to keep going. Back in the bunker, the white light and shadow Lydia believed to be Stiles faded...

Scott and Malia claim they didn't see anything, but Lydia insist, "Stiles is here, i can feel it." ( Really ? They're still put her in the "crazy person" position after they all remember him !? ) 

Then we see, the headlights of Stiles' Jeep "Roscoe" flash on. Its still parked in the school and a hand appears and grip the steering wheel, who turns out to be Stiles !!!!!( *SCREAMING*  )

* Stiles is back !!! 

Liam appears in the bunker and informs Scott that everyone's been taken and insist Scott to come with him. Scott told Malia and Lydia to stay in the bunker in case Stiles shows up. Meanwhile, Stiles goes to Scott's house looking for him and then to The Sheriff Station only to find a radio still on. Malia decides they should not stay in the bunker and told Lydia they should go looking for him.

Meanwhile Scott makes a shocking discovery, there are now train tracks running down Beacon Hills Memorial Hospital !! 
Liam tells him, that's been happening all over the school, they both don't know what's happening.. ( Neither do i ! ) Then of course, Mr. Douglas appears claiming "It's working." Scott and Liam takes out their claws but Douglas say something in German calling "The Hellhound" ( Allies become enemies ? ) Scott tries to talk him down, but Douglas says :

"There's no stopping The Wild Hunt, you'll make a fine Ghost Rider, Scott. I'll have a True Alpha by my side, and then a Banshee.. and a Were-Coyote.."

And before he could finish his wishlist, Stiles appears and says "A Stiles ?" and beat him him over the head with his ultimate weapon, his baseball bat !!! STILES IS BACK !!!

And he runs to Scott and they hug ! Sciles Reunion.. :) 

Liam attempt to inform them that Douglas and Parrish are about to attack them, but Stiles hugs him instead... 😆 

Then Parrish fire a green flames towards them and the boys run. 

* Beacon Hills have a train station ? 

Lydia and Malia find the marks in the school parking lot and Malia claims its from Stiles' Jeep, but Lydia points out he doesn't have the keys. Malia says he often started it with a screwdriver, they notices the train tracks now extend from the entrance to the school across the parking lot. They follow the tracks which leads to the school library, which now turned into a version of The Ghost Riders' Train Station ! And every one is in a trance-like state. Lydia and Malia quickly figures if there's a train station, everyone is gonna be taken. They attempt to yell at the people to wake them up, but it doesn't work. 

Back with Stiles, Liam, and Scott in the hospital. Stiles is looking for something while saying,

"I've been gone for 3 days and this whole place falls apart !"

Scott then told him he's been gone for 3 months, and Stiles continues with his sarcasm.. 

"What 3 months ?! Okay, if they don't let me graduate, i swear to God !!"

Then he finds a can of liquid Nitrogen and told Scott and Liam to hold Parrish and then he sprays it to Parrish, and he somehow enjoy it.. 😂

Then, human Parrish explains Douglas plan, he wanted to merge the hunt with the real world so he'll get his supernatural army and he points out they can't stop it, but they can try to divert the train.
Meanwhile, Hayden and Mason have been running around inside The Ghost Riders' train station and searched 57 similar rooms, but they can't find Corey. In that moment, the voice from the loud speaker announce "The train will be arriving at 19 minutes", Mason suddenly realizes the voice is Corey's ! Hayden question it, but Mason points out, 

"I know his smile. I know his touch. I know his voice."
( Totally ship Morey !!!! ) 

* Corey's The Key 

Stiles, Scott, and Liam follow the tracks to the school and discuss how Douglas merge two worlds. Liam who somehow become smart this episode come up with an idea and reminds them Corey can exist in both worlds and bring the people with him when he travels between them. He believes, Douglas uses Corey's power to merge both worlds. Stiles points out, they can't get to him since he's inside The Wild Hunt and the only way to save everyone is to divert the train. But Liam insist they have to get Corey, and says he doesn't have to be taken to get to The Wild Hunt and runs off without explaining his plan. Scott and Stiles discuss which tracks they should follow, to the woods or the school. Scott asked Stiles if he wanted to split up, and Stiles says "Never again" ( Yeah ! Don't you guys dare split up again !! ) And they follow the tracks to the woods to get to the diverter.

* Into The Wild Hunt 

Liam spots one of The Ghost Riders' horse on the school lawn, he's about to jump but one of The Ghost Riders appears and grabs him. Then, Theo appears he looks bruised and batter but he once again takes on The Ghost Rider to give Liam a chance to get away with the horse, and ride away. In The Wild hunt, Mason and Hayden begin tracking the speaker cable when Liam arrives riding the horse and reunites with Hayden and Mason. Meanwhile, Scott and Stiles spot The Diverter in the woods. Stiles plunges ahead but as he reaches the switch, Douglas whip him and fire The Ghost Riders' pistol at Scott, and both Scott and Stiles disappears. Stiles reappears in the girls' locker room and Scott reappears on the school hallway. Stiles joins him and this happened..  

Scott : "You okay ?"
Stiles : "I finally saw the girls locker room. It's not that different, kinda disappointing, actually.."
( I really miss how they joke around with each other ! :) )

Then they open the door and go through a bright white light, another rift.

* Father & Daughter Bonding 

Back in the school library, Lydia spots Peter in a trance-like state like others holding a newspaper and suggest Malia to use "emotion" to get through him, at first Malia refuses to but eventually she calls him "Dad" and Peter hears her and he stares at her. ( This is one of the most moving scene in Teen Wolf history, i actually tearing up watching this scene..) Loudspeaker Corey says "The train will be arriving in 12 minutes" and Peter tries to stop the people from boarding the train and a Ghost Rider appears in the tunnel. Malia growls at The Rider but Lydia steps in front of her knowing it won't attack her cause' she's a Banshee.. But Peter step in and The Rider whip him. Another rider appears and whip Malia, she screams in pain and because Peter concerns about her, he pushes Malia to safety and takes both of The Riders. He yells at Malia to run with Lydia but she turns back and rushes to help him fight The Riders.

* "I didn't say it back"  


Alone Lydia senses something in the hallway and rushes to investigates. Stiles reappears in the boys' locker room and headed to the door but a rider waiting and points a gun in his forehead... ( I was just like don't you dare, shoot him !!! Then i also realized, almost every season of Teen Wolf, Stiles almost got shoot in his forehead.. But this time its gonna be different, because this happened... ) Stiles calls out for Scott, but instead Lydia appears and she uses her banshee screams that throws The Rider across the room ( YAAAASS !!! ) 
And, the moment we Stydia shipper been waiting for.. 

After 6 seasons waiting, they finally kissed and i'm still not ready for this scene !! Now, Stydia are official canon.. 

* Saving Corey 

In The Ghost Rider train station, Liam, Hayden, and Mason finds Corey wired into the electronic in the same radio room we see in Episode 5 "Radio Silence". Mason touchs one of the wires in Corey's skin and he cries in pain, but Liam stops her saying they can't unhook him until Scott divert the tracks, if they stop the world from merging Scott won't be able to find the diverter. Mason disagrees pointing out his boyfriend in pain, but Corey agrees with Liam, saying they can save everyone. 

* Chrellisa happening already ?? 

One of the most shocking moment in this episode, Chris Argent and Melissa kiss ? What !!? They still trapped in another part of The Wild Hunt, and they about to tried the door and a Ghost Rider appears and pins Argent up, and they faces off on a "pistol duel" and Argent succeed to take The Ghost Rider down, and Melissa rush to Chris and kiss him. 

* Claudia Returns 

Stiles and Lydia about to goes out from the school. Note : They hold hands !!! 

But Stiles hears his mother's voice in the hallway and Lydia explains, The Wild Hunt brought her back but she's isn't real and Claudia steps out from the shadows, but her face is now a Ghost Rider !! ( seriously, its creepy.. ) 

She confronts Stiles of ''worming'' his way back to Stilinski memory even he's trapped in The Wild Hunt and if Stilinski remember Stiles, he can't believe in her. So, she needs to get rid of Stiles and starts attacking him. Lydia starts to scream but Claudia grabs her throat and squeezes it, Stilinski appears and fires a gun but the bullet go through Claudia. Lydia then joins Stilinski saying "fire again." He takes aim and she screams and this time it worked and Claudia flies backward away from Stiles and vanished. 

* Battle Against The Wild Hunt

Scott makes it back to the diverter, where Douglas is waiting. Scott threatens him to stay away from the diverter, and Douglas claims he's impressed with Scott saying, 

"A very German way of doing things, you would make an excellent Nazi Youth." 

and continues mocking him ( quote above ) Then, Theo, Malia, and Peter joins him.

They fight ( The fight scenes in this episode are intense..) and Scott isn't able to get to the diverter, Malia grab a whip from one of the rider and tosses it to Scott.. ( They need to make Scalia happen ! ) Douglas realizes what's happening, but Scott is fast enough to cracks the whip toward the switch, catches it and pulls it back, the train tracks slide over to connect with the tracks heading away from Beacon Hills. 

Scott let out a loud and long howl and Liam hears it inside The Hunt and knows it's time to disconnect Corey, Corey screams in pain but told Mason it's okay. The worlds started separated. Back in the woods, the sky flashes with lightning and thunder rolls. Suddenly, The Rider hostler their weapon and walk away. Douglas yells after them in German commanding them to return and he's their master. Peter points out, that The Ghost Riders don't bow, they have no master. Douglas begins to changed into a Ghost Riders and then in a flash of green lightning, they all disappears. 

* Ending 

Parrish finds himself back in The Sheriff's Station and everyone act like nothing happened. Stilinski also seems surprised to see everything back to normal. Chris, Melissa and Mason get Corey to the hospital and heal him with ''The Nine Herbs" that we get to learn on Episode 6, ''Ghosted''. Meanwhile, in school its the last day before summer break and Stiles' disappointed because he missed a full months of his senior year, and says "Its so anticlimactic''. Lydia points out they still have graduation, Malia says she will go to summer school to graduate. They all exit the classroom, but Stiles stays behind until the classroom lights turn off and follows his friends. 

At the lockers, Scott says its hard to believe they're not in high school anymore and feels like nothing changed. But Stiles, shares a look with Lydia and told him, "Everything's changed."

I loveee this scene... :)

At the parking lot, Stiles makes a big deal at ''Passing the torch'' to Liam, 

Stiles : "Okay. So, Liam since you're the new Alpha..
Liam : "I'm not an Alpha."
Stiles : "Right, but you know.. 'Alpha-in-training' "
Liam  : "Well.. I have to kill an Alpha.."
Stiles : "Liam ! Since you're taking over, the most important thing you have to remember is that Mason is always gonna be the one that save your ass all the time."
Scott : "Well, not all the time.."
Stiles : "Most of the time, though."

And give Mason his baseball bat !! 

Stiles : "Which is why, Mason, you're gonna need this."
Mason : "But, i don't play baseball.."
Stiles : "Right, neither do i. That's not the point.."
Mason : "Okay. Thanks."

And once Liam & Mason leaves, Scott and Stiles talked about their plans for college... Scott got into University of California, Davis. Stiles will be attending The George Washington University in the fall, which Scott's dad help him to get into the Pre-FBI program. And last.. He give his beloved Jeep, Roscoe to Scott,

"You know if you hurt her, i'll kill you."

 Saying Lydia will drive him down to D.C and help him with his dorm ( Arghhh, My heart.... ) before she heads to Massachusetts Institute of Technology, who apparently is gonna be an incoming junior. 

Stiles : "You know she's starting MIT as a junior ? How do you even do that ?"
Scott : "She's a genius."

Stiles looked at his classmate and told Scott, 

Stiles : "They still need us.."
Scott : "They'll always need us" 

( True.. I'll always need Teen Wolf in my life !!)

Then, they get into the Jeep and The Police Radio comes to life with the Sheriff saying "There's a dead body, founded in the woods." Stiles turn off the scanner and give Scott "should we'' look and the Jeep spreads out from the parking lot down to the street heading to the woods. ( Amazing way to ends a season, Jeff Davis !! ) 

My opinions : Its an amazing mid-season finale and i really don't know how Season 6B is going to be like.. Cause' this ending is actually a great wrap up of their story, although there are some things that's still unclear.. Like, why does Douglas eats human pineal gland and breaths helium ? His backstory is full with plot holes. What happened to Peter and Theo ? And where the hell is Natalie Martin ? And then, there's no Stalia reunion.. I feel sorry for Malia, her anchor is Stiles and she's also his friend. Also, there's no Scott and mama McCall reunion !? Scott feel sad and depressed in the previous episode when he found out his mother has been taken, bun why there's no reunion ?! But anyway.. I still enjoyed this episode, and cannot wait for Season 6B on June.