Monday, January 30, 2017

Riverdale Review : Chapter 1 "The River's Edge"

"Our story is about a town. A small town, and the people who live in the town. From a distance, it presents itself like so many other small towns all over the world.. Safe. Decent. Innocent. Get closer though, and you start seeing the shadows underneath. The name of our town is Riverdale." - Jughead Jones 

Meet my newest obsession, Riverdale. Riverdale is the new TV Series on The CW, based on the characters from Archie comics but its more dark than the comic books, some things and characters also changed. The whole season one focus on the death of Jason Blossom. I really enjoyed this pilot episode, its so good than i expected. 

- This post below contains spoilers - 

The episode opens with, Jughead Jones who introduced us to his small town called, Riverdale, that's more darker than it looks.. 

Which leads us to the show's first big mystery, the death of Jason Blossom. Here's what happened, on The 4th of July morning, Jason and his twin sister Cherlyl Blossom took a little boat ride out on Sweetwater River. 

Things already get mysterious here, they wear "white themed" formal outfits that's not actually proper for a boat ride and then they hold hands.. Its just so weird. According to Cherlyl, Jason was drowned while trying to get her gloves but his body has yet to be found. 

Then we meet "The girl next door",  Betty Cooper in her room 

chatting with her gay best friend, Kevin Keller 

About her romantic feelings for the one and only.. Archie Andrews.

We quickly learned from them that Archie got more attractive over the summer and popular in Riverdale, after working on his father, Fred's construction company. Then we learned, he got involved in a forbidden romance with his teacher, Miss Geraldine Grundy during summer break. Things got twisted, when he and Grundy were picnicking near The Sweetwater River when they heard a gunshot the morning of Jason's death and they can't tell anyone about it or they're together. 

His problem doesn't stop there, he wanted to pursue his music career but his father wanted him to focus on football that can get him to college. Remind you of Troy from High School Musical ? 

Now, Betty and Archie have been friends forever and she's ready to confess her feelings. But gets interrupted by a newcomer to Riverdale ( if you read the comics of course you know ), Veronica Lodge, and share immediate chemistry with Archie.

Veronica just moved with her mother, Hermoine Lodge from New York after her father was arrested for fraud and embezzlement.

Despite their "little love triangle", Betty and Veronica soon became friends and Veronica quickly bonds with Kevin. We then learned, Veronica also contemplates pursuing Archie but graciously back down after she learn from Kevin about Betty's feelings for Archie. 

Cherlyl asks Veronica to join tryouts for her cheer-leading squad, River Vixen. Veronica encourages Betty to join her but instead Betty told Veronica she's been rejected previously and she soon agrees to join her. Later during tryout, Cherlyl accepted Veronica but not Betty and Veronica told her they "come as a matching set". Then we see, Cherlyl "mean-girl" side quickly shown when she confronts Betty for joining her cheer-squad after what happened with their siblings. Which later we learn, Jason and Betty's sister, Polly used to date but their relationship didn't end well and Polly ended up in a mental hospital. But after Veronica defend Betty and speak up to Cherlyl, we see they get into the team. 

At Veronica urging, Betty tries to invite Archie to the upcoming semi formal but due to her shyness she asks him instead if he'd escort both her and Veronica. 

Move along to the parents, Hermoine visit Fred and asks him for a job. Then we learned, the two used to date but Hermoine left him for fortune. 
Then we get introduced to Betty's mom, Alice Cooper. 

Who apparently is a "control-freak mom" and not allow Betty to join the cheer-leading squad, go to the semi-formal with Archie, and friends with Veronica. But then, Betty told her to stop controlling her life and that she's tired of being perfect. 

At the semi-formal, Veronica and Kevin asks Betty to confess her feelings to Archie and she did but Archie doesn't say anything back, which makes the situation really awkward. 

Then at Cheryl's after party, Archie and Veronica get pairs up for a game of "Seven Minutes in Heaven". Inside the closet, they agree that the very last thing they should do is kissing, but they do it anyway ! When they emerge, Betty's gone. 
Archie returns to The Choc'lit shoppe looking for her but finds Jughead instead, writting a novel about Jason's death. Jughead sensibly encourages Archie to go to talk to Betty implying communication would've helped their own "damaged" friendship. 

At Betty's house, Archie tells her he loves her as friends saying he'll "never be good enough" for her which breaks Betty.
Back at the Lodge's apartment, someone drops off Hermoine's "missing bag" which is strange because she wasn't missing one. Inside, she finds thick wads of hundred - dollar bills, presumably an unwanted gift from her jailed husband. 

The episode ends with Kevin and Moose, who's about to skinny dipping on the edge of Sweetwater River. But they're interrupted by the sight of Jason Blossom's bloated corpse with a bullet on his forehead. 

Meaning, what Archie and Grundy heard that morning was really connected to Jason's death, Cheryl is totally lying, and everyone in Riverdale is a suspect.