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The Vampire Diaries : Season 4 Full Recap

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Season 4 is a big change for everyone in Mystic Falls, especially Elena who wakes up knowing she's in transition of becoming a vampire or face death. Stefan and Damon are torn over how to help Elena adjust to a life she never wanted, and everyone has to cope with the chaos Alaric has made in the previous season, when he outed the vampires and their supporters to the Mystic Falls Councils and local church leaders. Despite everything that has happened to them, Elena and her friends enters senior year of high school before graduation that will send them off to different paths. But of course, they can't have a ''normal'' senior year cause' on top of everything.. A new mysterious villain is introduced and seems intent to destroying their lives and Mystic Falls. 

- This post below contains spoilers - 

* Elena becomes a vampire 

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Stefan and Damon tries to convince Elena that becoming a vampire isn't that bad ( Because we all know that both of them don't want to lose Elena ) and teaches her how to control her urges for blood. But everything goes wrong, when Pastor Young decides to capture every vampire in town including Elena ( and in that moment she's still in transition ), Stefan, and Rebekah. He locks them up in a cell, Elena refuses to be a vampire but Stefan cannot bear to see her dying, so with Rebekah help.. Elena ended up completed the transition by feeds on a man who guards the cell.
Elena decides to drink from blood bag cause' she doesn't want to lose control and kill any human, but we all know its not gonna be easy for Elena.. She can't drink from blood bags !! Everyone thinks maybe its something to do with her being a doppelganger. So Stefan try to teach her to hunts animals and drink their blood ( Vegan vampire ), but she starts throwing up. So there's no choice from Elena other than drinking fresh blood from human. Damon teaches her how to feed from human so she's not going to lose control and drain all of their blood, but Elena still in shock.

* Funeral Massacre 

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Turns out there's a new vampire hunter in town, Connor. He goes on a hunting spree after Pastor Young and the whole entire Mystic Falls council died in the explosion. At Pastor Young's funeral, April Young ( his daughter ) comes back to town who apparently Elena used to babysit her and friends with Matt and Jeremy. Connor decides to kill all vampires at the funeral and uses April as bait by making her bleeds, everyone able to control their blood lust except for ''The-newly-turned'' Elena who hasn't feed for days and to distract Connor, Matt let Elena feed on him. Even crazier, Elena almost killed April cause' she saw her bleeding, Caroline arrives just in time and told Elena that's the last thing she wants to do because' April is her friend. So instead of killing her, Elena helps her. 

* The Vampire Hunter 

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Connor has an invisible tattoo that only ''Little Gilbert'' a.k.a Jeremy can see, which later Connor explains to Jeremy its Hunter's Mark and only potential vampire hunters can see. According to Klaus, its the mark of The Five a group of vampire hunters and it's actually a map that leads to The Cure to immortality, Stefan wants to find this cure for Elena, but to find this cure he needs to find The Sword of The Five to complete the map and the only one who knows its where about is Rebekah, who used to date one of The Five centuries ago and claimed she buried him along with The Sword back in Italy. So, Klaus goes to Italy and stake Rebekah ''again'' so she doesn't ruin the plan. Things get twisted when Elena killed Connor and once he dead, the mark starts appear in Jeremy's hand. What Elena doesn't know, killing a hunter requires a consequences, which she will have hallucination and soon wants to take her own life and this will not stop until another potential hunter kill their first vampire. 

* The Believer 

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Bonnie meet a professor who also A Believer, Professor Shane. He starts teaching Bonnie how to use Expression so she doesn't need to be attached to the spirits anymore. While the truth is, Expression actually dark magic and without realizing Bonnie continue practicing until it lured her to dark side. Shane told Bonnie about The Cure and he claimed to know where it is, but he has his own plan by using it on Silas, 2000 years old vampire who buried alive in a cave by a witch named Qetsiyah, who loved him after being betrayed and Shane needs Bonnie help.

* Sire Bond 

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Meanwhile Tyler bring back a new friend to town, Hayley a werewolf that help him break his sire bond to Klaus and now they worked together to help Klaus' other hybrids to break theirs. 
On the other hand, Caroline makes a discovery that shock Stefan claiming that Elena is sired to Damon ! Because she does everything he told her to. Stefan confronts Damon about it, bu Damon denies it, so Stefan told him to prove it by Damon telling Elena to drink from the blood bag, if she throw up like before then she's not sired. But if she's able to drink it means she's really sired. And Caroline was right Elena is sired to Damon, cause' now she's able to drink from blood bags, which now also makes Damon wonders Elena feelings for him. Damon and Stefan then goes to New Orleans cause' Damon confess to Stefan he had another sired named, Charlotte back in the 90s and what do you know ?! After all this years, Charlotte still waiting for Damon. Then they go to witch and asks her how to break the sire bond, but the witch told them, Sire bond was created because the sired has feelings / human love for the sire before being turned, by becoming a vampire just heightened the feelings and the way to break it is the sire has to free the sired, by letting he/she go. Damon decides to prove it on Charlotte and tell Stefan he'll also free Elena. But when Damon told Elena about her being sired to him, she refuses to let go instead the two continue their relationship. 

* The Cure 

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Everybody decides to find The Cure with the help of Professor Shane, he brings them to an island where Silas is buried. But everything goes wrong when Katherine came and ruins their plan and stole The Cure for herself which leads to waking up Silas by feeding him with Jeremy's blood until he dies.

* Jeremy's death 

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Elena and Stefan brings Jeremy's body back home with Elena still thinking Jeremy still alive cause' he's wearing The Gilbert Ring. But, Damon and Stefan realized The Ring no longer works since Jeremy is no longer human ( a vampire hunter ) but they can't talk to Elena about it since Jeremy is the one keeping her humanity, Damon realize she'll know about it sooner or later. Soon his body starts to decompose, but Elena still in denial. Until her breakdown moment when she realized her brother is dead, she screams and cries that she's hurting,

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No one is able to seeing her in pain, so Damon ( as her sire ) told her to turn her humanity off so she doesn't need to feel the pain, leaving ''Emotion-less'' Elena burning her house along with Jeremy's body. 

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* Everybody hates Elena 

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"Elena without her humanity is a stone-cold bitch." - Damon Salvatore 

Agree with Damon ! Elena without emotion really pissed me off cause' she's like a whole other person. She'll do everything she wants and hurt everyone around her. She teamed up with Rebekah to find Katherine, 

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She almost kill Caroline and her mother, 
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She confronts Bonnie for not bringing Jeremy back to life, 
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She broke both Stefan and Damon hearts. 
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They both tries to get her humanity back but nothing happened until..

* Elena gets her humanity 

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Matt sacrifice himself and Elena wants to drain all of his blood, but Damon stops her by snapping Matt's neck violently, Elena and Stefan both shock. Later on, Damon show them Matt is wearing The Gilbert Ring meaning he's not dead. Elena starts to cry and she turn her emotion back on, Stefan told her to let all of the emotions in and focus on one emotion and she did, but on hate. So now Elena wants to kill Katherine !

* Love Confession and Graduation

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After all the madness that's been happening to them non-stop, they all graduate !!! It's an emotional scene, especially when Bonnie saying goodbye to her father 😭 
Caroline is surprised by someone at her graduation.. Klaus,

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And he finally confess his feelings for Caroline.. 

"I have considered offering you a first class ticket to join me in New Orleans, but i knew what your answer might be. So i opted for something i knew you would accept, Tyler is now free to return to Mystic Falls. He's your first love, i intend to be your last..However long it takes." - Klaus Mikaelson 

I really ship them to be honest, can they be together in the final season ??!! 
Speaking of ship, Elena finally made her decision over The Salvatore Brothers. And she choose, Damon ! 

"I'm not sorry that i met you. I'm not sorry knowing you has made me question everything, that in death you're the one that made me feel more alive. You've been a terrible person, you made all the wrong choices and of all the choices that I've made this will prove to be the worst one. But i'm not sorry that i'm in love with you. I love you, Damon." - Elena Gilbert

* Katherine & The Cure 

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"Have a nice human life, Katherine." - Elena Gilbert

As i told you before, Elena wants Katherine dead. So she decides to kill her and they got into a fight. Katherine about to kill Elena, but then she take The Cure and force it down her throat. So i guess we will see in the next season, Katherine live her life as a human being.

* Silas 

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Turns out Bonnie and Professor Shane have been mind control by Silas and they've committed three massacre for him by killing 12 humans ( Pastor Young and The council ), 12 demons ( Klaus' hybrids ), 12 witches ( Aja's coven ), as the result by creating Expression Triangle to drop the veil between this world and The Other Side. So Silas can be reunited with his one true love, Amara. Which Bonnie later on turn him back to stone, and decides to bring Jeremy back, but the consequences is killing her. The season ends with Stefan on his way to dump Silas' body inside a safe, Silas surprisingly confronts Stefan and shows his true self and he look exactly like Stefan.. Wait, another doppelganger ?????
He told Stefan, in order for Silas to be immortal nature had to find a way to find balance for immortality by creating the same version of himself that can be kill / mortal a.k.a The Doppelgangers. Then, he locked Stefan inside the safe and throws it to the quarry, and we can guess Silas will pretend to be Stefan next season to finish what he started.