Thursday, January 26, 2017

Teen Wolf Review : Season 6 Episode 9 "Memory Found"

Favorite quote from this episode : 

"When i was remembering him, i see you two together. I don't think anyone ever had a strong connection like you guys." - Scott McCall 

This week episode titled "Memory Found" is full with tons of flashbacks, Scott, Malia, and Lydia enact a plan to try and remember Stiles to open a rift. Meanwhile, Liam and Sheriff Stilinski act as decoy to distract The Ghost Riders. 

- This post below contains spoilers -

* The Cold Sarcophagus

The episode opens with Scott, Malia, and Lydia seal up all the entrances in The Argent Bunker. Lydia then explains The Cold Sarcophagus in the bunker can be use to help Scott remember Stiles better, with his cold body temperature and his heart rate will placing him in a hypnotic state for memory regression, same to the ice bath they gave Issac Lahey to help him recover his memory of The Alpha Pack back in Season 3 Episode 2 "Chaos Rising".  ( I really wish, Dr. Deaton was there to help them 😢 )

* Distract The Ghost Riders 

It's now up to Liam and Sheriff Stilinski to distract The Ghost Riders, so they won't interfere Scott while trying to remember Stiles. Liam then tries to convince Stilinski to free Theo so he can help them, but Sheriff told him there's a lot of armed deputies that can help them in the station. But sadly, they arrives in the police station to find it empty.. Meaning, all the deputies have been taken too and they leave one person behind, Theo ! 

He tries to talk to Sheriff Stilinski to letting him go, Sherrif Stilinski asks him to tell one thing about Stiles. At first, Theo refuses to and grabs the bars angrily, but then he says Stiles was smart, smart enough not to trust him, and Sheriff Stilinski opens the cell. They decides open fire, but then there's a dozen of Ghost Riders and they take out Sheriff Stilinski, so now its up to Theo and Liam. They both make it out to the parking lot and jump into a patrol car, Liam tries to find the key in a box full of keys. The scene is so funny, when Liam tries the keys and its not even a car key, then they get the right one and run over a Ghost Riders 😆

* Scott's Memories 

Malia and Lydia lock Scott in the cold Sarcophagus and turn it on. Lydia explains they need to guide Scott and keep him focus, she had Scott to think about Stiles. Then we see, Scott in his mind climbing the stairs at his house, its his memory from back in Season 1 Episode 8 "Lunatic", when its the full moon and Stiles has handcuffed Scott to keep him from hurting anyone and Stiles yells at him for kissing Lydia, then Scott ( In the past ) asked Stiles to letting him go. 

Then suddenly all the memories flashes back, there's a snatch dialogue when Stiles complained about being "Robin to Scott's Batman" from Season 1 Episode 3 "Pack Mentality", 

Then Scott remembers the confrontation with Stiles at The Animal Clinic back in Season 5 Episode 9 "Lies of Omission"

Then the memory when he had an ice bath with Stiles and Allison for the sacrifice back in Season 3 Episode 11 "Alpha Pact",

Including the MRI scene from Season 3 Episode 18 "Riddled",

Back in the present, Lydia and Malia worried all the memories overwhelmed Scott and made him lose unconsciousness. So, Lydia tells him to imagine the school hallway with lockers and each locker holds a memory of Stiles. Scott successfully get the image in his mind, but still feel kinda confused then The Sarcophagus window begins to frost. Malia reminds Scott, Stiles were more than just friend, somehow Malia remembers Stiles plan to get an apartment with Scott after graduation back in Season 5 Episode 1 "Creatures of the Night",

She told Stiles moving in with your best friend is a bad idea but Stiles told her, he and Scott were more like brothers. Back in Scott's mind, he opens a locker and takes a firecracker inside, then another memory flashes back from Season 3 Episode 6 "Motel California", 

When Scott used a similar firecracker and spread a can of gasoline in a suicide attempt ( under the influence of Wolfsbane ). Stiles talked him down and saying if he was going to kill himself , Stiles would go with him. 😭😭

Back in the present, Scott's heart rate drops and fearing he might die, Lydia and Malia pull him out from The Sarcophagus and they all stressed out cause' they failed open a rift / portal. 

* Hospital Hideout 

Liam drives off to The Hospital since he claims to know the layout of the building so well. As they arrives, Liam turns on the siren of a parked ambulance, hoping the noise will bring The Ghost Riders after them. In the hallway, Theo also having a memory flashes back when his sister ripping his heart out. Liam suggest they need to hide inside The Cadaver Cooler, since The Ghost Riders only chase the living. Of course, Theo refuses and soon they hear the siren stops meaning The Ghost Riders arrives at The Hospital.

* Malia's Memories 

Scott wants to go back inside The Sarcophagus but afraid of his condition, both Malia and Lydia refuses to. Malia decides she's the one who go inside, since she's a werecoyote she handle cold better than Scott. Lydia tells her to imagine herself in the school library, each books represents her memories, Malia tries to find section of her memories about Stiles. She then opens a book and flashes back to her first meeting with Stiles inside Eichen House and punching him hard, and the shower scene back in Season 3 Episode 20 "Echo House."

Another book release the memory of Stiles trying to calm her down during a full moon back in Season 4 Episode 4 "The Benefactor",

Then she opens another book and remembers when she's dying back in Season 4 Episode 7 "Weaponized",

And Stiles explained he had to leave for a while and she made him promise that he would come back, then he says he would never leave her behind. In the present, Malia arms started to frost. Scott and Lydia sees the light change, then they rush to free Malia. Lydia then shut down The Sarcophagus, both Malia and Scott protest claiming that its working and they can remember Stiles better now, like he's somehow feel more real. Lydia points out there's a huge different between a vivid memories and an actual human being, ( i get kinda confused here cause' all this time it's Lydia that convince them about Stiles and now.. she's having second thoughts ?? ) 
Scott and Malia believes, Lydia is the key cause' both of them remembers Lydia and Stiles had a strong connection. Malia convinces her to give it a try.. ( I feel sorry for Malia, Stiles is her anchor maybe she still loves him and when she convinces Lydia to remember him, she starts to cry.. )  Since Lydia is "human", sort of.. she couldn't survive The Sarcophagus so she settles an actual hypnosis. 

* The Bait 

The Ghost Riders somehow know how to use the elevator... 😆😆
Now, Liam and Theo team up to confronting The Ghost Riders and somehow succeeded to defeat The Ghost Riders and they're about to fist bump their victory... ( Love them together !)

But then, there's another whole team of Ghost Riders !! Liam is about to fight them again, but then Theo shoves him to the elevator claiming someone needs to be "The Bait" and he sacrifices himself for being taken by The Ghost Riders.. ( I love Theo this episode, maybe he tries to redeemed himself...) 

* Lydia's Memories 

Lydia lights a candle and has prepared an "Induction Script", then asks Malia to read it, but she read it in a funny way.. So Lydia hand over the script to Scott. Then he reads, 

"Take a deep breath and look at the candle. Feel the muscles in your body begin to relax. Your hands relaxing. Your eyelids relaxing. As you relax, imagine you're sitting in front of a TV. When you turn on the TV, it's going to play memories from your life. The remote gives you total control. You can play any memories you like. All you have to do is hit the button."

Then we see in Lydia's mind, she's sitting in a classroom and there's a TV in front of the class and she has a remote then she pushes the button. On the screen, flashes her memories when Stiles visits her back in Season 1 Episode 5 "The Tell",

In which she was high on drugs after seeing The Alpha Werewolf the night outside the video store. Stiles comes to check up on her ans she asks "What the hell is a Stiles ?" #ClassicLydia
She clicks the remote and the screen changes to another memory during Winter Formal back in Season 1 Episode 11 "Formality",

She went as Stiles' date after Jackson Whittemore dumped her. Scott tells her to find a memory where she felt a connection with Stiles, she remembers Stiles saying he's the only one who realizes how smart she really is and she corrected him when he said she'd win The Nobel Prize,

"Nobel doesn't have prize for mathematics, The Fields Medal's the one i'll be winning." 

Scott continues guide her to find another memory of Stiles, now Lydia hears the discussion she had with Stiles in the hallway, she tries to follow the voices. Which leads her to the locker room, where she saw herself with Stiles from the memory back in Season 3 Episode 11 "Alpha Pact". 

With Lydia ( In the past ) trying to calm Stiles down from his panic attack, and she kisses him to get him to hold his breathing and calm the panic,

Present Lydia says "That's when it happened." Scott and Malia question what she meant, but she's still lost in the memories.
She sees another memory of Stiles wrapping a red yarn around her finger in Season 3 Episode 15 "Galvanize"

Then the memories of herself with Stiles hiding from The Dread Doctors at Eichen House in Season 5 Episode 5 "A Novel Approach",

Then the memory of her relieves when Stiles saving her from Eichen House in Season 5 Episode 16 "Lie Ability"

Then in the present, she says "When i kissed him, that's when it all changed."
Finally after six seasons, wondering her feelings for Stiles.. we finally get a confession !
Then the memory of being in the Jeep with Stiles before he was taken by The Ghost Riders back in this season premiere, "Memory Lost",

But Lydia seems crushed and breaks down in tears when she remembers Stiles said "I love you." Then, present Lydia says "I never said it back.." And that's also my break down moment.. those five words crushed me too :(
Then, the lights in the room changes and Lydia felt drawn to the door, Scott opens the door and they all sees a bright white light in the tunnel and the episode ends with Lydia and all of us wondering if the person is Stiles. 

So i guess we have to find out on next week episode, mid - season finale. Good news, Stiles back !! Bad news, Teen Wolf almost over :(