Monday, February 6, 2017

Shadowhunters Review : Season 2 Episode 5 "Dust and Shadows"

Favorite quote from this episode : 

"We are but dust and shadows." 

This week episode of Shadowhunters is probably my favorite episode of Shadowhunters, cause' while watching this episode i feel things, i'm literally full of emotions ! So, "Dust and Shadows" follows the aftermath of Jocelyn's death and the demon massacre at the institute. Throughout the episode, we follow Clary that won't stop at nothing to bring back her mother and Alec struggle with the guilt for killing Jocelyn while he was possessed by the demon. Meanwhile, Jace and Isabelle struggle with their own problems.

- This post below contains spoilers - 

* Magnus' Mommy Issue

We got a little details about Magnus' past when we learned he got some major mommy issue. Clary and Simon visits Magnus to basically begged him to help her bring Jocelyn back to life, to which Magnus revealed it only can be done with dark magic, literally very dark magic and Magnus won't touch that. So he comforts Clary instead and tell her to just "let it all out", the tears, pain, grief, and give it some time then deal with it. Because not all problems can be solve by magic, sometimes magic just makes it worse. And then we learn, Magnus "rocky" relationship with his mother, its actually very dark.. When Magnus was 9 years old, his eyes changed color and his mom cannot accept the fact that she had a son of a demon, so she ended up killing herself.

* The Iron Sisters duty 

Aldertree banned Jace from any field duty because now Valentine has The Soul Sword. Aldertree reveals that he would rather Jace let him die than saved him but let Valentine has The Soul Sword. Really Aldertree ? You would rather die ? Just be thankful that Jace saved your life ! Since Jace cannot do the mission to The Iron Sisters, Isabelle decides to step in. But, she's injured while she was possessed by the demon and the wound got infected. Let's be real.. It's Isabelle Lightwood we're talking about, she pretend like she's okay, while secretly hiding the pain. Aldertree somehow knows that she's in pain and offers her a solution.. 

That got me shock and scared at the same time, Yin Fen !! If you've read The Infernal Devices you know exactly what it is and without spoiling the book i can let you know that its a very very bad "solution" !! And i'm still scared at the fact that Isabelle used it, cause' she will become addicted and i still confused why Aldertree give it to her, and now i'm sure he's up to something. 

* Simon Incident 

So, Simon decides to move back to his house to keep his sanity and everything went well, his mom is happy, all is well.. Until, Simon's sister go through his stuff and find his thermos full of blood ! Simon tries to convince his sister that its fake blood, but she insist that its real blood and decides to flush it down the toilet. Which means really bad cause' sooner or later Simon will get really hungry.. Then, Simon decides to tell his mom the truth about him being a vampire ! 

Well, his mom kinda accept it and they had this nice bonding moment.. But, later on we see her calling Simon's doctor which means she think he's crazy. That's not crazy compare to this one..

His mom decides to go to his room ( without knocking ) and boom! She finds Simon feeds on a rat.. !

* Iris Rouse 

Despite the fact that Magnus has warned her about bringing her mom back to life is dark magic, she search another warlock and obviously she founds a really shady witch, named Iris Rouse. Iris agrees to help Clary resurrect her mom, but she wants something in return which she doesn't want to tell Clary and desperate Clary without thinking twice strike the deal by giving her blood. 
Clary come back with Alec this time ready to resurrect Jocelyn, Iris begin the ritual..

But suddenly Clary changes her mind and tries to call off the deal, Iris points out that she already has Clary's blood signed, sealed, and delivered ! What is exactly her favor ? Just a slight warning, never agree to make a deal with a warlock / witch cause' it never ends well ! Turns out, Iris wants to impregnated Clary with her own personal demon to have a baby warlock ! At first i get kinda confused here cause' what i know from the books that a demon couldn't get a shadowhunter pregnant.. Turns out, this sneaky witch come up with an elixir that she put in Clary's tea earlier that could help a demon impregnated a shadowhunter ! Clary screams for Alec help and tries to fight but she ended up in the basement, where a really creepy and disgusting demon appears !! 

* Clary's vision rune 

Clary has break her hands free and the demon come to get her and all of the sudden, she sees images of a rune and draws it on her hands and ended up killing the demon ! At the same time, Jace arrives to safe her and he got confused claiming Clary just shot sunlight out of her hand and asks her how she does it, she explains about the vision and Jace told her to keep this between them until they found out how she does it.