Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Riverdale Review : Chapter Two "A Touch of Evil"

"Romeo and Juliet are the exception, not the rules." - Veronica Lodge

This week episode of Riverdale, revealed their first official suspect on the murder case of Jason Blossom but i'm gonna get to that in the spoilers section. In this episode, Archie deal with Miss Grundy about what they heard, Betty try to cope with Archie and Veronica, meanwhile Cherlyl deals with the pressure of Jason's death in her own way, and Jughead stumble upon a shocking discovery. 

- This post below contains spoilers -

* The Love Triangle 

So following the aftermath of the whole "Veronica and Archie" thing, Betty decides to give them a second chance but then she claims its "Too fast" for her meaning she's still hurt. But by the end of this episode, Betty and Veronica made up and vow never let any guy come between them again. Although i kinda not really sure about this, because in The Archie universe its always about their love triangle, but who knows ? 

* Frienemies

We all know Archie and Jughead have been friends like, forever.. But as we all see in the previous episode they're not friends anymore, and we've been wondering why ? Until now, Jughead confronts Archie and we learned that they were supposed to go on a road trip during the summer over The 4th of July but at last minute, Archie cancelled. And of course we know why, because he chose to goes on a "little picnic" with Miss Grundy. But up to this point, Jughead still doesn't know why. Until he saw Archie and Miss Grundy about to kiss in the classroom, and confronts Archie about it. Which Archie ended up confess everything to Jughead.. i mean by "everything" is The gunshot. But this whole fiasco, kinda fix their friendship.

* What The Hell Is Wrong With Alice Cooper?!  

Alice Cooper has done it again.. Being a total control freak and shady. First, she doesn't allowed Betty to be friends with Veronica, Archie, or Cheryl and basically every one in Riverdale because she think all of them are the spawn of Satan, don't know why but it feels like she wants to isolate her daughter. Even more shady, of all the places in Riverdale.. She decides to hang out in the morgue ! She even paid the pathologist to get information and see Jason's corpse, although we don't know what she's gonna do with it.. Is she gonna blackmail someone ?  Frame someone ? or maybe even cover it up ? Don't know, i guess we just have to wait and see. 

* Archie's Circle of Hell 

Throughout this episode, Archie's confused about what he supposed to do with the fact that he hears he gunshot, and go to Miss Grundy to plea with her to let him tell the truth. She insist that is so not gonna happen because she doesn't want to get fired. But i don't think its just because of losing her job, i mean there must be another reason for her to be afraid like she's protecting something. I don't know maybe, Archie isn't the only student she slept with. Maybe even Jason  ?

* Betty's The Killer ?!

In this episode, we see something is seriously wrong with Betty ! We see, Betty trying to be nice no wait.. Cross that she tries to become friends with her nemesis, Chelyl ! Earlier in the episode, Veronica gave Betty coupons for "Hers and hers" Mani-Padi that they eventually supposed to go on together, but they get into another fight and Betty invite Cheryl to go with her instead. And we picks up in Betty's room, where Cheryl put on this really "nice girl" act but its actually really creepy, just look at the picture above! And all of the sudden, she starts asking lot of questions about Betty's sister, Polly and then BOOM ! Betty reach her boiling point and she literally flip her switch so quickly, and goes angry at Cheryl with a serial killer look on her face,

"Get the hell out of my house, before i kill you !" 

Oh Betty... That's a really wrong choice of sentence to say out loud, especially when there's a murder investigation. She could be a potential suspect !

* Cheryl Is Guilty !?! 

Just as Archie going to Principle Weatherbee office to ''Hopefully'' tell him about ''The Gunshot'', we see Sheriff Keller and Weatherbee came out from the office and go to the science class where Cheryl immediately stands up and saying she's guilty and they're here because of Jason's autopsy. And then we see, Sheriff and Weatherbee walked her out from the classroom probably gonna question her and that's not the shocking part.. Based on the autopsy report, Jason didn't die on July 4th as they believe but he died over a week later ! And now we know, Cheryl statement were lies but i don't think she's the killer, it's too soon to find out who the killer is. And seeing some scenes from this episode and the previous, i think incest could play apart in this whole thing.. In the previous episode where Cheryl asks Jason before go on the boat ride if he's scared, i think they're about to run away together for the summer.. And when she told Veronica that Jason supposed to come back, maybe he is but something definitely went wrong. And then they hold hands and wear matching white outfits, the way Cheryl look at Archie while she remember Jason we could actually see the lust in her eyes, and in the beginning of this episode we see a scene of her and Jason sharing milkshake.. Something is definitely wrong with this twin.