Monday, February 13, 2017

Riverdale Review : Chapter Three "Body Double"

The CW addictive new show, Riverdale. This week episode titled, Body Double was jammed packed with some big reveal and OMG moments. After new information, surrounding Jason's death come to light, Cheryl finds herself under a cloud of suspicion and forced to come clean about the last time she saw her brother. Meanwhile, Archie makes a tough decision that puts a major strain on his relationship with Miss Grundy. Elsewhere, Betty decides to revive the school newspaper and asks Jughead help to investigate Jason's death. Veronica and Ethel expose the truth about the school "Secret Playbook". 

- This post below contains spoilers - 

* The Gunshot

The episode opens where we left off with Cheryl confess to Weatherbee and Sheriff Keller that she's guilty, but of what ? Turns out, she's guilty of lying about Jason and what happened on July 4th. Cheryl points out the last time she saw Jason was on July 4th and that morning she was just helping Jason to run away from Riverdale by faking his own death. So they decided to go on a early morning boat ride and decided to say that the boat tipped and Jason drowned. While in reality, they crossed over safely to The Greendale side of the river where Cheryl said goodbye to Jason and he promises to call her every month. 

But as you know, she never heard from him again. So, basically The Blossom's parents must have done something bad because why would Jason want to leave ? What happened that causes him want to fake his own death ? I feel like there has to be something major. 

Back to the reveal, Cheryl also claims she heard the gunshot on July 4th.

 In which leads, Archie to tell Sheriff Keller and Weatherbee that he heard the gunshot too, now he does lie and say that he was at Sweetwater River working on his music accompany by his dog, Vegas. So, Miss Grundy is off the case for now cause' Archie cover for her ! 

But Cheryl and Archie aren't the only one that heard the gunshot that day, Betty decided to revive the school newspaper and she enlist Jughead to help out. In which they revealed that scout leader, Dilton Doiley and his scouts were also in the woods that day near the river.

Jughead eventually uncovered that Dilton was the one who fired the gun because he's trying to teach the scouts to protect themselves. Instead of going to the Sheriff, Dilton confesses to Jughead and Betty because he doesn't want to lose his status, etc. So he decides to trade information as long as they keep "The Gunshot" under wraps. The information is that he saw Miss Grundy's car by the river that day. Jughead obviously know why but Betty and the rest of Riverdale don't, and Jughead explains to us that he'll do anything to protect Archie but Dilton just opened Pandora's box and there's nothing anyone could do to save him. If you watch next week episode promo, you know that Miss Grundy is a big part of the episode and we'll get to that later. 

* Riverdale High's Burn Book 

Another big reveal is that we get more insight into Jason's true character and what happened to Polly, thanks to Barb ! I mean, Ethel a.k.a Shannon Purser who played Barb on Stranger Things. This part of the episode is set up when Veronica goes on a date with the co-captain of the football team, Chuck Clayton. 

Their date goes well and they make out. But then the next morning, he posted their picture on social media saying things that didn't happen on their date and Veronica ends up getting "Slut-shamed". Meanwhile, Betty tries to get a good article for the school newspaper wants to expose Chuck. So she ends up finding a group of  other girls / victims including Ethel,

And we learned that there's a "Secret Playbook" of all the girls that the football guys have dated or done things with, and its like a game to them. When a former football player coming up to them and tell them about where they keep the playbook, Betty and co. ended up finding the book and discovered Polly's name is in that book, next to Jason's ! So it looks like, Jason wasn't the nice guy everyone thought he was and maybe he didn't treat Polly so well. I still needs answers of what exactly happened between them !! And this obviously Betty wants vengeance and Cheryl claimed she's sorry for what Jason did to Polly and maybe she didn't know her brother like she thought she did.

* Betty's Alter Ego 

Just as we thought Veronica is the one that's gonna go full dark with no stars, Betty is well... She has a dark side, even darker than Veronica and maybe a little off the line. In order to get Chuck to confess, Betty lures him to Ethel's hot tub where Veronica greets him,

As they waited for Betty to arrive, well she arrives not in the way you think she would and everyone including us and Veronica looks confused and shocks ! Betty is that really you ??! 

My reaction to this other Betty is Cheryl's saying, "What will your holy roly mother says about this, Betty ?"
She literally flip her switch and handcuffed Chuck to the rail, drugs his drink, and take things a little too far. She basically tortured him until he confess and when he finally does and apologizes to Veronica, Betty keep pushing and pushing until at some point she finally breaks and ends up calling Chuck, Jason and calling herself Polly ! 

The next morning when Veronica confronts her about it, Betty points out she doesn't even remember what happened its like a blackout for her but she does remember saying Jason and Polly but not in the way she said last night. 

I think that this may have just put Betty higher on the suspect list, if she can get that crazy and doesn't remember what she done, it's scary.. Oh and Also, Ethel seem shady as well ! The way she look when she creepily watched Betty tortures Chuck, maybe she could have her own motives. 

* Taste of Riverdale 

Archie still working on his music but gets grounded and now that Miss Grundy stopped their music lesson because she's mad at him for telling Sheriff Keller about the gunshot, Cheryl grant him a favor for his confession that help her and he gets to hang out with Josie and The Pussycats and ends up writing a song with them which later they perform it at The Taste of Riverdale. 

Archie's dad finally seems to come around and beginning to accept Archie's passion for music after he has a small talk with Miss Grundy, and decides to soundproof the garage so Archie can practice his music. 

Meanwhile, Cheryl's mom, Penelope Blossom punch Alice Cooper for exposing Jason's autopsy report and i think Alice deserves it !!

* The Consequences 

At the end of the episode, as Jughead narrates we learned that Coach Clayton had to cut his own son, Chuck and his football friends from the football team thanks to Betty's article. Which also got Betty and Veronica in a little trouble. But what we've learned, this will have some big consequences coming up and it definitely doesn't sound good. 

Archie and Miss Grundy seems back on, which leads into what might comes next week. Things surrounding Miss Grundy is coming up and based on what we've seen in the promo, she might not be who she said she is cause' the real Miss Grundy died 7 years ago ! That promo makes me so excited for the next episode.