Monday, February 20, 2017

Riverdale Review : Chapter Four "The Last Picture Show"

I'm back with another review of Riverdale, this week episode four titled "The Last Picture Show". This episode revolves around so many things and people, first we got Jughead who desperately wants to keep the local drive-in theater open after hearing an anonymous buyer plan to tear it down. As we know from the promo, this episode promises us to reveal who the hell is Miss Grundy ? Betty finds startling information about her, and Alice plans to destroy Archie's image. Meanwhile, Veronica confronts her mother about her being shady.

- This post below contains spoilers - 

* What is Hermione Lodge up to ?

Hermione Lodge a.k.a Veronica's mom, from what we see from her so far she seem nice & like-able she's just a single mom who tries to pick up the pieces of her life with her husband being in jail, she's waitressing at Pop's to make some income, and i lovee her in this episode where she speaks up to Cheryl ! She's fierce just like Veronica.. Like mother like daughter ? 

Though i like Hermione.. But everyone is not who they seem in Riverdale, Hermione is no exception ! Outside of Pop's, Cheryl sees Hermione having an intense conversation with a man who later revealed to be one of "The Southside Serpent"  a.k.a A group of biker gang from the south side of Riverdale who apparently to be drug dealers and thieves ! Cheryl being her usual ''annoying'' self, took a picture of them and the next morning, shows it to Veronica. 

Veronica then confronts her mother about it and Hermione plays it off and claims she just catching up with old friends from high school, but we can tell Hermione is up to something.. 

As we know, the local drive in has been bought by an anonymous buyer. In fact, that buyer turns out to be The Lodges' Industries a.k.a Hiram Lodge = Veronica's father ! We see Hermione enters The Mayor's office with a bag of money that we see back in episode 1 from Hiram. Hermione hands the bag and told The Mayor its a donation for the election campaign. Turns out that The Twilight Drive-In is apparently a really precious real estate at Riverdale ! But we're not really sure why...

The Mayor points out no one needs to know about this, especially not The Blossoms. Hermione assures her that her secret is safe, as long as she keep her "end of the bargain". And we still don't know what's the end of their bargain.. Veronica once again confronts her mother after she saw Hermione sneaking out during the last picture show at the drive-in with the same South Side Serpent guy. Back at home, Veronica told her mother about it and that she saw her, Hermione ends up revealing to Veronica that her father hires The South Side Serpent to help decrease the value of the drive-in, so he can purchase it for a cheaper price for an offshore LLC. What Veronica saw was just Hermione paying them for a job well done. I guess we just have to wait and see why this land is so important..

* OMG ! Jughead.. 

This episode also reveals some things about Jughead. As we see through out the episode, Jughead keep telling everyone how the drive-in is so important and why they shouldn't sell it, he even goes to the mayor to convince her. 

I get that Jughead is a film geek, and that he works there but it get to one point where i kinda wonder why that place is so important to him like his life depends on it. Well, we eventually find out at the end of the episode that his life actually depends on it. As Jughead packs his things up in a large backpack, we see there's a bed and we starts to learn that he actually lives there !! Jughead is homeless ?! 

This leads us to another reveal, remember one of The South Side Serpent man that talking with Hermione ? Turns out, he's Jughead father !!

And now.. The biggest question is why Jughead won't live with  his dad ? What exactly happened with these two ? And where Jughead gonna live now ? Since none of his friends know that he's homeless.

* Who the hell is Geraldine Grundy ?

From the previous episode, now Betty has learned that Miss Grundy was at Sweetwater River on the 4th of July and since she knows Archie was there too, leave her wondering if they were together that day.. Fred invites Grundy to go on a dinner with him and Archie at Pop's, where apparently Betty, Veronica, Jughead, and Kevin are hanging out. Betty ends up dragging Archie outside and she asks him about his "relationship" with Grundy, in which point Archie spills everything out to Betty and Veronica happens to walk out and hears everything !

So, Betty playing Nancy Drew this episode search everything there is to know about Grundy, and the next day she decides to make up an article for the school newspaper where she starts profiling teacher of course she starts by interviewing Grundy. We then finds out, before her private lesson with Archie she's been giving private lesson to two other students and guess what ? One of them is.. Jason Blossom !!

So, this could be possible that there's something going on between Jason and Grundy like between her and Archie. Betty ends up doing more digging about Grundy and reveals that Grundy shows up a year ago from out of nowhere and there's no record of her, all of her social media accounts were made a year ago and the only Geraldine Grundy she could find online is an old woman ( The Ms. Grundy that we know from the comics ) who died 7 years ago. 

Betty told Archie about this and he seems just ignoring her and told her to stop. But of course, its Betty.. Betty just couldn't stop digging around, she and Veronica ends up breaking into Grundy's car !

Betty finds a tool box in the back seat and inside founds 2 things. First, she finds Grundy's Minnesota drive's license with the name Jennifer Gibson ! And the second thing is, a gun !!! Could this be the possible murder weapon ??! Betty and Veronica waits up for Archie outside his house and told him about it, leaving all of them wondering could she be involve in Jason's murder ?
Finally Archie asks Grundy about everything that he has find out about her from Betty and she ends up telling Archie her backstory that she was married once to an abusive alcoholic husband and things got a little out of hand so she ends up getting a divorce and run away with a new identity, and she brought a gun for protection.. Of course, sweet Archie believe her story ! 😒

Things get even more crazy, when Alice Cooper founds Grundy's gun in Betty's drawer that leads her to reads Betty's diary in which she finds out everything about Grundy and Archie.. She confronts Betty about it and ends up at the school with Fred, when those three walk-in on Grundy and Archie ! 

Alice obviously confronts them and Archie seem didn't want to get Grundy in trouble by trying to take the blame for everything that happened, saying Grundy isn't a child predator because he wanted all of this to happened. Just as i thought Alice somehow become less annoying and wants justice, turns out she has her own motive. She wants Betty to see what kind of person Archie is so she has to stop being friends with him and planning to expose to him. Until at some point, Betty snaps and speaks up to her mom, 

"Why are you doing this mom ? I'm never going to stop being friends with Archie. Ever. Publish one word about this mom, and i will tell everyone that i broke into Ms.Grundy's car, that i robbed her, and made up the story of their affair. It will be like, i finally.. Snapped, like Polly. It'll prove what everyone already thinks about us, 'Crazy runs in that family'. Like mother like daughter."

Ms. Grundy ends up saying she'll quit and Alice told her to leave town in the morning, which breaks Archie's little heart. So it seems like Grundy gonna be gone and stop ruining Archie... or is she ? 

Because when she's about to leave, we kinda see she hasn't change at all ! She puts on her lolita sunglasses and checking on teen boys that walk pass by. Maybe she will return and she definitely has a connection to Jason that i really want to know. 

* The Break In  

Earlier in this episode we see Kevin asks his dad, Sheriff Keller if he can borrow his car and we see Sheriff's murder wall surrounding Jason's murder, shouldn't this be in the sheriff's station or something ? Not in your own home.. Later when they came back from the drive-in theater, they see their house has been broken into and finds files and papers have been spread out all over the floor and the murder board has been totally destroyed ! 

Someone must have know that maybe the sheriff has been pretty close and doesn't want Jason's murder to be solve, but who is it ??

Next week, episode seems more interesting and deadly. I think they'll reveal some more things and this time revolves around The Blossoms ! Check out the promo below :