Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Teen Wolf Review : Season 6 Episode 4 "Relics"

Favorite quote from this episode : 
"Stiles is real. I know it." - Lydia Martin

- This post contains spoilers - 

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First off, there could be a spark between Melissa and Chris.. Because i ship them ! They made a really good team together and i always taught Melissa would ended up with the sheriff but now seeing her with Chris, not bad... 💗

Chris as a mentor to Malia.. I really enjoyed that, because Chris had lose his daughter so he sees Malia as a daughter figure for him, so does Malia.. He sees Chris as a father figure. 

There's a new captain in town ! Liam is now lacrosse team captain !
And coach pep talk for Liam beside lacrosse, it encourage him to defeat The Ghost Riders. 

The Ghost Riders really came back and take everyone that sees them at the party and didn't leave anyone behind.. Except for Scott and Liam's gang, i have a theory for this : 
1. Because they fight back. So far the people that The Ghost Riders take only run and try to hide, they didn't fight back. 
2. Because they're Stiles' relics. Lydia told Scott that Stiles left "Just us" So maybe they also Stiles' relics. Let's be real, Stiles spend too much moments with them and there's too much memories to be erased.

Mason think Parrish can defeat The Ghost Riders cause' he made one of them disappear at the party. But, no.. He can't. The Ghost Riders shoot him with their guns, and it seems like they tame him. Cause' based in the book that Lydia reads in season 5 it says,
"In The Wild Hunt, The Ghost Riders are accompanied by black dogs, The Hellhound." 
Probably now, they control him and that's what the green fire meant for.

Lydia tearing off the wallpaper at Stilinski's house, and being stopped by 'angry' Claudia. I think behind that wallpaper is Stiles' room, because in the trailer we see the sheriff walk into a dark room with a broken wall, that's the same wall !!

At the end, we actually found Stiles' relic !!  Roscoe, his beloved jeep. I think the jeep re-appear but i'm not 100% sure.