Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Teen Wolf Review : Season 6 Episode 5 "Radio Silence"

Favorite quote from this episode :
"Do you remember the last thing i said to you ?" - Stiles Stilinski
"You said.. You said, 'remember i love you'." - Lydia Martin 

- This post contains spoilers -

I think, this episode is the best episode of the season. 

We've been speculating, how they find the jeep. Turn out, Lydia found it. Somehow she doesn't want the jeep to be tow. 

Peter & Stiles are back !! It's good to know how Peter escape from Eichen House.. Turns out, the gang accidentally play part in his escape plan, while they trying to save Lydia back in season 5. It's kinda funny seeing Peter escape one prison only to landed in another one.. 😂

I loved the scene with Lydia crying against the wall and Stiles also lean against the wall in the train station. It made sense that Lydia cried there, because back in the season she always went to Stiles for comfort and behind that wallpaper is Stiles' room.. It's her subconscious telling her something she just doesn't realized it. Stiles can't be there physically.. But he's still there, maybe that's why they made the scene parallel. 

From this episode we learn that The Ghost Riders really took the people to ''another dimension" train station and the thing is, it's impossible to get out from there cause' you'll get incarnated. Only supernatural creature can passed the portal, but seeing Peter he can go through but he's still get incarnated and its still unclear whether he survive or not.
Now we know, what The Ghost Riders do.. They want to make all the town empty a.k.a Ghost town. 

Its so heartbreaking the scene between Malia and Peter, he risk being incarnated just to meet with her and make them remember Stiles. So Malia and Scott tries to take away his pain but he still burned, and he give Stiles' Jeep key to them. 

Which leads us to this beautiful scene between Stiles, Lydia, and Scott.. Stiles finds a way to communicate with someone through a radio and turns out it connect to the police radio inside Stiles jeep.
Now they remember him and know he's real and does exist ( Quote above ) good thing Malia wasn't there, because the relationship between Malia and Stiles still a blur, they kinda broke up but i'm not sure all though Malia tell Scott in season 5 they did, but there's no closure there. 

So Stiles told them to go to Canaan and we see from next episode promo they go to Canaan and find another Banshee.