Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Teen Wolf Review : Season 6 Episode 3 "Sundowning"

Favorite quote from this episode : 
"It won't matter. He'll just be called Stiles anyway." - Sheriff Stilinski 

- This post contains spoilers - 

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This episode focus on two things : Liam's gang  protecting Gwen from The Ghost Riders and Scott's gang searching more clues leading to Stiles. 

Scott continue preparing Liam but i think, he still need Scott guidance because the plan didn't go well.. But, Liam tried and does his best to protect Gwen. 

We see more of Malia act this episode without Stiles as her anchor, first we see her transitioning to full coyote and then she beat up a nurse and when they wanted to press charges she handled it in her way, "I could've beat him up, and i choose not to." 😂

Chris Argent is back in town !! And he made the best comeback by sneak into McCall house and making morning coffee for Melissa.. They ready to catch the villain this season. 

Speaking of villain, this episode confirms that Mr. Douglas is the Nazi Werewolf that The Dread Doctors kept, but is he a success / failure ? We also found out that he's the one that been stealing helium and eating Pineal Gland from human brains that according to Chris, it was the principle seed of the human soul. So.. He need souls to stay alive and be more powerful ? It's always about being immortal and powerful that they after, am i right ? 

Corey, really made a huge.. huge mistake this episode. There two things that we know now, 
1. If Corey touches The Ghost Riders, which bring them to our dimension and be seen.. That means he can do the same with Stiles and the other people that's been taken. 
2. With Corey bring them to our dimension and be seen, meaning everyone on the party can see them, according to Lydia everyone who have seen The Ghost Riders gonna be taken.. So, they are the next target !

We also get clue that The Ghost Riders must've taken the people to a train station.. Cause' Lydia keep hearing train sound, and when Parrish made The Ghost Riders disappear from the party we heard train sound... 

Speaking of Parrish, what the hell is he doing ? Fighting The Ghost Riders with a gun ? Seriously.. A gun ? 😓 
Helloooo... You're a freaking Hellhound ! Why not just turn and burst fire.. Maybe that could worked. Based on next week episode promo, he's gonna used his hellhound power to fight The Ghost Riders.

Move on to Stiles, so from last episode Lydia wrote "Mischief" in a drawing of Stiles.. And we all been wondering is it Stiles real name ? In this episode we found out that Stiles is actually his mother, Claudia father's name.. Sheriff wanted to name his child Stiles cause' he's a great father and man. But, Claudia disagree and told the sheriff ( the quote above ). This moment is so great because it gives clue to Scott that Stiles is actually a real person and he's the sheriff son.