Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Teen Wolf Review : Season 6 Episode 2 "Superposition"

Favorite quote from this episode : 

"I know this sounds crazy, but i think i had a best friend. And i think he was out here with me that night." - Scott McCall
"It doesn't sound crazy. I know that someone chained me up, and i think he wanted me to stay human." - Malia Tate / Hale
"I came to school this morning, and i was sure i was supposed to meet someone, i have been looking for him all day. Whoever it is, i think i loved him." - Lydia Martin


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There's so many people coming back in this episode, there's Dr. Deaton, Parrish, and last but not least Coach !! What a reunion.. Speaking of reunion, there's also a person comeback that shock all of us, and that is Claudia Stilinski. Stiles gone / taken and she's suddenly alive ? But i really don't think that's Claudia ( Stiles' mom and the sheriff's wife ) What if she's only an illusion that The Ghost Riders put to fill in the gap in sheriff life and to stop them from remembering Stiles ? 

I really enjoy and loved the moment between Scott & Liam, Scott really try to prepare Liam to take over his job as lacrosse team captain and Beacon Hills protector once he's gone to college. 

We see Scott, Malia, and Lydia started to experience something felt wrong, and its like there's a hollow in their lives, Scott thinking of Stiles when he's playing lacrosse with Liam and touch Stiles locker, Malia spooning the guy cause' she always do that with Stiles we fans know its their thing and know someone was with her during the full moon and Lydia re-living the whole final scene the night Stiles taken but she's alone and only hear his voice and she almost get hit by a car ! She also walked into Stiles locker and lean on it. Dr. Deaton explained that its like "Phantom Limb Syndrome" and their subconscious try to tell them something. But the thing is, it's only happening to the three of them not everyone else like Liam, Corey, Mason, Hayden, Sheriff.. Maybe because these three really close to Stiles. 
So the three of them started working together and realized they all missing the same person and we get to the scene in the woods         ( quotes above ), and i've been thinking that all this time Lydia actually loved Stiles. But, apart of her didn't want to admit it. Maybe because now Stiles is taken, all these barrier that she put on herself when she's conscious Stiles exist, they're gone.. And the raw feelings / emotions started to come out of her. 

And the final cliffhanger scene, Lydia try out her Banshee ability like when she drew the Nemeton. She write a word "Mischief" in a drawing of Stiles, so is Stiles' real name is Mischief ? I guess we're gonna find out soon.. 😏