Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Teen Wolf Review : Season 6 Episode 1 "Memory Lost"

Favorite quote from this episode :
"Lydia, find someway to remember me. Remember you were the first girl i've ever danced with ? Or i had a crush on you freshmen year ? Sophomore year, senior year ? Or how you saved my life ? Just remember.. Remember i love you." - Stiles Stilinski 

- This post contains spoilers -

So, we see a few changes in this season.. The opening credits, changed with the addition of the parents ( Melissa, Chris, and Sheriff Stilinski ) but they haven't add Hayden, Mason, or Corey.. 
and everything also changes with the characters, they started to focus on their non supernatural lives since high school is almost over, they started to think about college.. It's the end of high school and Teen Wolf... 😭

But the thing is, when everyone ready to move on and focus on their "non - supernatural" lives.. Stiles' the only one that not ready to move on, he keep insisting that the incident with Alex is something to do with the supernatural, while the other believe it's just robbery. And turns out he was right, it is something to do with the supernatural ! You should always listen to Stiles 😂

Let's talk about the dead body that Liam, Hayden, and Mason found, we know that there will be two villains this season that's The Ghost Riders and The Nazi Werewolf. I think that murder is something to do with The Nazi Werewolf and the new teacher, Mr. Douglas is actually The Nazi Werewolf. 

Move on with The Ghost Riders, we found out from this episode that they take people, erased them from reality as if they never existed that's also mean they erase their things / belongings, and made people who were left behind forgets about them. And we know from Lydia, that if you see The Ghost Riders means that you're the next target that's gonna be erased.. 
here's the quote that Lydia found : 

"Those who see The Wild Hunt beware, for you are already lost."

It's so emotional when Stiles experience people started to forgets about him, the first was coach cause' we see he gave Stiles' lacrosse jersey to another boy, then he bump into Lydia's mom and she has no clue who he is, then Liam, Hayden, Corey, and Mason, and the most heartbreaking when his dad don't know him. Then right up to there, he call Scott and he also already forgets about him. And Lydia started to realized that Stiles' already saw one of The Ghost Riders and ask Malia where he is, but Malia already forgets about him too.. It's only Lydia who hasn't forget about Stiles. 

Stiles and Lydia moment inside the jeep... That scene so emotional and heartbreaking ! Stiles final moment with Lydia before he's taken, he finally say it directly to her that he loves her and told her to find a way to remember him. From this scene we know, that it's gonna be Lydia that's gonna be the key of remembering Stiles. She's the last one who forgets about him and in the end of the episode the next morning she came to school and sense this weird feeling that something is missing from her life while the other just act like nothing happened.

Hopefully they'll started to remember him.