Wednesday, September 28, 2016


Hi everybody !

Welcome back to my blog.. September almost over ! i'm sorry for posting this post late, but its better than never :)  

So, here's the list of my most anticipated young adult September 2016 reads.

- Tales of the Peculiar by Ransom Riggs

Release : September 3 
Publisher : Dutton Books for young reader

Yup ! I'm so excited to see the movie adaptation on the cinema soon. Okay.. So this book already release right now and if you didn't know this book release on Loop Day, perfect timing. All fans of Miss Peregrine's Home For Peculiar Children gather around, let's be honest guys the cover is beautiful !! This book is narrated by Millard Nullings one of the peculiar children if you remember, he will comment and tell you the story of the peculiar, odd, unfamiliar. They're not odd they're just peculiar am i right ? :) 

- Empire of Storms by Sarah J Mass

Release (US ) : September 6
Publisher : Bloomsbury USA Children's

Come on guys.. Every Sarah J Mass book release is an event, and this one lives up the hype ! If you didn't know, this book is the fifth book in Throne of Glass Series. The long lost queen of Terrasen, Aelin Galathynius has a long journey to reclaim her throne. But, it all will be naught if she allows The Erilea world to shatter around her cause' of brewing feuds and dark forces. 

- As i Descended by Robin Talley 

Release ( US ) : September 6
Publisher : HarperTeen

This book is a retelling of Shakespeare's Macbeth in the21st Century.Follows Deliah Dufrey high school queen bee, but Maria Lyon is determined to beat her and win a prestigious award that will make acceptance into Standford a lock. Meanwhile Maria's closest friend, Lily hold a ruthless desire to take down Deliah. And if you study and read Shakespeare you already know what's going on here.

- The Last True Love Story by Brendan Kiely 

Release ( US ) : September 13
Publisher : Margaret K. Eldery Books

Time for.. Contemporary romance book ! One summertime cross country journey that you won't forget. Follows teenagers Corina and Hendrix both have reasons to escape, Corina is a rock and roll girl trying to live in a suffocating ordinary world and on the other hand, Hendrix's father is dead and her mother is absent ( She's the kind of mom that work and forgot about their children ). One night, they spontaneously take Hendrix's grandpa out of his assisted facility and the three of them road trip to Los Angeles - New York. Why LA ? Hendrix's grandpa want to visit the hill where he first kissed her late wife before his Alzheimer takes over. You know.. This is a story full of heart and soul and loves. 

- Kids of Appetite by David Arnold 

Release : September 20
Publisher : Viking Books for Young Readers

If you think this book is about anorexic kids, you're absolutely wrong. Well tbh, at first i thought this book is about that :) 
This book don't have anything to do with anorexic, follows teenager Vic Benucci coping with his father death while his mother's new boyfriend proposes. Vic decided to leave house and journey across New Jersey to spread his father ashes. While in the middle of his journey, he's become involved in a police investigation. uh - oh...

- Three Dark Crowns by Kendare Blake 

Release : September 20
Publisher : HarperTeen

Crowns ? One thing that pop in your mind must be involved with kingdoms and royalties.. Yup ! In every generation on the island of Fenbirn, a set of triplets is born. In their kingdom, three queens is born all equal heir to throne and somehow they possess a coveted magic / power. The eldest, Mirabella is a fierce elemental she able to spark flames and vicious storms at the snap of her fingers. The second daughter, Katharine is a deadly poisoner or hmm she actually only make people's stomachache. The youngest, Arsenoe told has ability to bloom the reddest rose and control the fiercest lions. To become the crowned queen isn't the only a matter of birth, each of them have to fight for it with their powers. The problem is Katharine and Arsinoe have been faking their power. Meanwhile, Maribella isn't the wiser. The night the triplets turned 16 the battle begin. The last daughter standing obviously gets the crowned, but she will be the darkest of all. 

- Stealing Snow by Danielle Paige 

Release : September 20
Publisher : Bloomsbury USA Children's

After finishing her retelling from the world of Oz, now she going to tell you untold story of The Snow Queen. Snow has spent nearly the first 17 years of her life in a high security mental institution. But Snow knows she's not crazy, so when she has an insightful dream and her favorite orderly Bale disappeared, she escaped. Now she's not sure what's real and not in upstate New York, but as secret revealed she believes she's been on the run from inheriting her royal lines. 

- A Shadow Bright and Burning by Jessica Clueless

Release : September 20
Publisher : Random House Book for Young Readers

This book really hook every reader that read this book. Follows a female sorcerer's, Henrietta. She's the first sorcerer in hundred of years, but she keep her power / abilities hidden for her safety. But, one day she has no choice to reveal her power to help her friend. While she think she's going to be killed, the people praise her and painted her as the "chosen one". So, she's trained to be a royal sorcerer. 

That's all my anticipated release !
See you next time :)