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Riverdale Review : Chapter Eleven "To Riverdale and Back Again."

The last episode before we find out the person behind Jason's death next week ! On this episode, Cheryl and Polly decide to attend the homecoming in Jason's honor until a revelation waylays their plans. Meanwhile, Alice turns to Archie and Veronica for help with her investigation that could threatens their friendship with Jughead. 

- This post below contains spoilers - 

* Homecoming

If you think i'm gonna talk about Riverdale High's homecoming and alumni night, We'll get to that later for now i'm gonna talk about real homecoming with Archie, Veronica, and Jughead's parent. Let's start of with Veronica and The Lodges, Hermione tells Veronica that she receives a call from Hiram's lawyer telling her that their statement for Hiram gonna help Hiram on court and he probably gonna come home in a few months. Hearing this Hermione is really happy and ready to welcome Hiram back in their life, while Veronica thinks that her dad is involve in Jason's murder as a payback for The Blossoms for putting him in jail. Hermione then snaps back at Veronica telling her to stop ''demonizing'' Hiram with no prove and move on. 

While, Archie is trying to cope with now that her mom, Mary is gonna be staying with him and Fred, and tries to come back and getting more involve in his life. So, Archie decides to tells Mary to come to Riverdale High's homecoming and alumni night because Archie's planning to perform. 

Jughead decides to go to FP's trailer and have breakfast with him. Surprisingly, FP is now literally sober, he has shaved and clean up his trailer, which put smiles in our faces and Jughead's. He also tells Jughead that he has read Jughead's manuscript about Jason Blossom, he thinks that Jughead's an amazing writer but he should be writing about something else rather than a dead boy, he also questions a lot of things about it. Why FP decides to read it ? and questions a lot of things ? Did he really has something to do with Jason's murder ? Jughead then answers that he thinks it's like Jason's story finds him, and the whole story is not about who killed him but the darkness around it. 

* Alice's Investigation 

After seeing FP and Joaquin have a ''shady'' meeting in the previous episode, Alice decides to talk with Betty and Veronica where she asks them to investigate everyone else that's not in the room meaning they're all suspect for Jason's murder, and she's suspects one person in particular.. FP Jones ! Betty then snaps back saying that Alice needs to stop suspecting him because Jughead's dad is not the killer, and she believes it, Betty then leaves with Veronica. Although we can see that Veronica doesn't agree with Betty, and later on its true that she's not.   

Veronica come back to Alice and saying that she's in on whatever Alice's planning to investigate FP, Betty may has full loyalty to The Jones but she's not. Veronica thinks that FP might be the one that do all the ''works'' while Hiram's in jail and Veronica just want to knows the truth about her dad. But, she warns Alice that Betty could never finds out about this. 

After helping Archie talk to Betty so he can perform at the homecoming and alumni night, Veronica asks Archie something in return. She tells him that she's going to work with Alice to investigate FP and she wants Archie to help her. At this point, Archie doesn't want to help because he thinks they're gonna betray Jughead and Betty. But after Archie learns later on from Jughead that FP has been reading Jughead's manuscript and seems interested in it, Archie feels something shady and decides to goes to Veronica to join the investigation because he just wants to protect Jughead from being hurt again by his father. 
And so the investigation begins ! 

While Betty is preparing for the homecoming and alumni night, Jughead comes to Betty and tells her that Alice has invited him and FP to dinner. Jughead tells Betty that he's so excited because their family can get to know each other. Betty than confronts Alice while she's preparing pie for the dessert, Betty tells Alice to cancel the dinner because she knows that's just one of Alice's plan to questions FP for her investigation. Alice then tells Betty that cancelling the dinner plan is the last thing she wants to do because Jughead's seems pretty hype about the whole thing, which leaves Betty no choice. So, it's time for another awkward family dinner in Riverdale.. 

Yup, Alice really goes investigating by asking FP about Jason, and the drive-in land. Thankfully, the bell rings and this time Betty strikes back landing a bomb on Alice's face by inviting Hal.. Later on, FP strikes back by telling Betty a story about his homecoming night back in high school where he heard teens Alice and Hal arguing about something that's the matter of life and death. Anyone else thinks that there's where Alice told Hal that she's pregnant and that's why they're arguing ? Things get way more awkward afterwards, so Betty and Jughead decides to leaves then FP tells them that he'll drives them to school. 

Turns out the dinner is a huge part on Alice's plan because not just it's to question FP but it's for Veronica and Archie being able to investigate FP's trailer. They search the whole place but they couldn't find anything that could prove that FP has something to do with Jason's murder. Both of them are kinda relief because there's no prove that Hiram and FP are involves in Jason's murder, she then kisses Archie when Alice text her that FP has leaves. 

* Polly's Investigation 

Meanwhile Alice is investigating FP, Polly is having her own investigation back at Thornhill, like mother like daughter ? Polly's walking on the hall where he sees that Clifford is not a red head ! His hair is actually grey and he has a lot of red wigs. Polly then call Betty that she's still investigating The Blossoms and will keep Betty posted, she tells Betty that she only agrees to go to the homecoming with Cheryl to keep her distracted. Betty then tells Polly to come home if she didn't find anything after the homecoming and alumni night, their phone call got interrupted when Polly heard someone's coming. 

Which turns out to be Penelope, bringing Polly her daily milkshake. What ??! The moment Penelope offers it to her, i was just like.. Polly don't drink it ! But of course, she drinks it anyway. Penelope then tells Polly that she can wonder anywhere in Thornhill, except the east wing which is her and Clifford's bedroom. Polly then tells that she's sorry and she'll never do that again.

While getting ready with Cheryl, Polly suggest that they should borrow some of Penelope's vintage to match the homecoming theme, this is actually Polly's plan so she can get into the bedroom. These two had a talk where Polly asks about Clifford's hair, then Cheryl reveals that it runs in the family because her father have nightmare about great grandpa Blossom. Later on, Cheryl finds one particular item.. Nana's ring ! Which cause Polly to freak out because the ring was with Jason, and there's no way that he'll give it to Penelope. When Polly about to take it from Cheryl, Cheryl grabs her wrist and warns her that being pregnant will guarantee not her safety. Afterwards, Polly asks Penelope about the ring where she reveals that Jason threw it in Clifford's face because he doesn't want to be a Blossom or having a connection with them anymore. Clifford then gives it to Penelope for safe keeping. The next thing we know, Polly is laying unconscious in bed where Cheryl come into the room and asks what happened. Penelope reveals that she drugged Polly's milkshake but will not harm the babies it's just to make Polly asleep 'til morning. Here's my question, how stupid is Polly ? She knew from the very start that she can't trust The Blossoms, but why on earth that she wants to drink the milkshake and didn't suspect that Penelope put something in it, unless Polly actually knows it and has another hidden agenda. Penelope then asks Cheryl about Nana's ring, Cheryl then tells them that she flushes it down the toilet in case Polly tells anyone about it, it will be Polly's word against them with no prove. Clifford and Penelope seems please with Cheryl saying she's a true Blossom and then Cheryl leave to go to the homecoming.

* Homecoming & Alumni Night 

When they arrives after Betty leaves the car, Jughead tells FP that he thinks that he should live back with FP now that it seems that FP has proven himself as a dad for Jughead. FP then tells Jughead that he thinks that it's time not just for Jughead but the whole Jones family to get back together and he decides that it's best if they all start over in Toledo. At the dance, Jughead is gonna tell Betty about it. But, Betty interrupted because she saw Veronica and Archie talking in the corner, 

we all know that Veronica and Archie tells Alice that they couldn't find anything that prove FP has something to do with Jason's death. Betty then walks up to Veronica and Archie to asks why they're talking to her mother, but before they can answer it's Veronica and Archie time to perform, we all thought Betty was jealous at Veronica and Archie but turns out she's not. She's furious because she knows that Veronica and Archie have been working with her mom. 

This clip was release way before the episode release but we only see Veronica and Archie's performance, in this episode we get to see a clip of scenes of Sheriff Keller's search warrant to FP's trailer. We then see Sheriff and some other men search the whole place, and when Sheriff Keller search the closet, we see he find a lockbox and inside there's a gun !!!

 Which i think is Grundy's gun, because it looks the same and the lock box also similar. But the last time we see this gun is with Alice because Betty stole it and her mom finds it, but we don't know what happened to it until this.

After the performance, Betty confronts Veronica and Archie in the hallway. They ends up telling the truth to Betty about working together with Alice to investigate FP, Veronica explains that she just wants to know the truth about her dad, while Archie explains that he just looking out for Jughead. Betty is literally disappointed and furious with them pointing out she never gonna talk with them ever again. Then, Jughead walks up to them asking what happened ? He feels like he's being left out. Veronica and Archie then tells him everything. Jughead feels disappointed at them because he feel like being betrayed. 

After knowing that the dinner was only a distraction for his dad, Jughead tells Betty that he's about to turn down his dad offers for moving to Toledo because he doesn't want to leave her, he then points out that Betty could warns him but she didn't. Their argument gets interrupted when Kevin, Alice, Hermione, Fred, and Mary walks up to them, Kevin tells them that he just heard his dad talking to Mayor McCoy about FP being arrested, then Fred decides to drop the bomb saying that FP is arrested for the murder of Jason Blossom ! Before anyone could say anything, Jughead rushes out from the school. 

* The Breakdown 

We then see Jughead at FP's trailer where he literally breaks the police line and the whole place, he then breaks down on the floor and remembers when FP told him that he may not be perfect and not a great dad but he's not a killer. Poor Juggie..! 

Back at The Coopers', we see Alice telling Betty that she's thankful that Betty has no more connection with The Jones. Betty than snaps back saying that she loves Jughead, no matter what. #bughead 
We then see a glimpse of ''Dark Betty'' when she tells Alice to stay away because she will push back. 

While back in Thornhill, we see Cheryl checking up on Polly whether she's okay or not. Then, Cheryl overhears her parents arguing about FP being Jason's killer and Penelope demands that she wants FP to pay the price for killing her son. We then see, Cheryl holding something which turns out to be Nana's ring that she claims earlier that she flushed it down the toilet. What are you up to, Cheryl ? 

At The Lodges', Hermione tells Veronica with FP being in jail Veronica's intuition about Hiram might be true, if so Hiram will be dead to her and they will no longer attached themselves with Hiram. But, Veronica warns her mother it will not be that easy. 

While at The Andrews', Mary wants Archie to move to Chicago with her because Riverdale is no longer safe. Archie says that he can't just leave everything behind, but Mary tells him to think about it. We then see, Fred overhears the whole thing from the stairwell. Poor Fred..

The episode ends with Betty looking for Jughead at Pop's, where she meets with Veronica and Archie that are also looking for him. Veronica and Archie then tells Betty that they just receives a call from Kevin that Sheriff finds a gun in FP's closet, but the thing is they were there earlier and they've searched the whole place and didn't find a gun. So, they think that someone must've put it there after they leaves, meaning that FP is being framed !

Woah... This episode is really intense. We're gonna find out who killed Jason and WHY ? Next episode ! 
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