Tuesday, January 10, 2017

The Vampire Diaries : Season 2 Full Recap

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Season two began with the appearances of Katherine in Mystic Falls throws a wrench into the relationship between Elena, Damon, and Stefan and the other residents of Mystic Falls must choose sides as they fall victim to a new breed of danger, cause' it appears that vampires is not the only supernatural creatures in Mystic Falls and also the revelation of The Original Vampires ( The most powerful, oldest, and deadliest vampire in the world ).  In the meantime, something happens to all of the people that Elena loves. New and unexpected friendship will be forged, allies will become enemies, and hearts will be broken.

- This post below contains season 2 spoilers -

This season is a hell of a ride with the returns of Katherine in Mystic Falls, she played mind game with everybody pretending to be Elena, especially The Salvatore Brothers. She uses Caroline to spy on them and if she refuses to do it Katherine will hurt Matt, and later on turned Caroline into a vampire as a "message" for The Salvatore Brothers. 

Jeremy attempt to commit suicide after hearing Anna's death and John gives him The Gilbert's ring to keep him from dying. This actually came handy when Damon gets angry and snap Jeremy's neck. But when Sherrif Forbes accidentally shoots him and not wearing the ring, Bonnie have to uses all of her power and bringing him back to life because she loves him. But, the witches ancestor are angry and warns her there will be consequences for bringing him back. 

Meanwhile, Tyler has been suffering from angry outburst cause' of his father's death and when his uncle, Mason come back to town he explains that the anger is the beginning of the family curse not just any curse, turns out to be a werewolf curse ! But it only can be triggered if he kill someone, which brings us to the scene where Tyler accidentally pushes a girl into a sharp desk corner which kills her, and with Caroline still struggling with her vampire life bringing her closer to Tyler. 

Now every supernatural creatures in Mystic Falls is looking for a magical moonstone that's the key to breaking The Sun and Moon curse that keeps vampires out of the sun and werewolves to turn during the full moon. Which leads us to Elijah, one of The Original vampire who is looking for Elena cause' her doppelganger blood is needed to breaking the curse. Elena offers herself to him in return he must protect all of the people she cares. 

Damon's friend, Rose appears in Mystic Falls but later she's bitten by Mason's werewolf girlfriend, Jules. And soon Rose falls into deep hallucination and decaying while she's dying, until Damon has to stake her himself. Later on, Damon and Stefan vow to save Elena from the werewolves and Elijah. 

Elijah later reveals to Elena that The Sun and Moon Curse is actually fake made to hide the real curse that is actually connected to his brother, Klaus who is also an Original vampire. But because his biological father is a werewolf, the witch put a curse on him to keep his werewolf gene hidden. In order to break this curse Klaus needs The Moonstone, a witch to perform the ritual, a werewolf and a vampire to sacrifice, and the blood of the doppelganger. He intends to uses Bonnie, Tyler, and Caroline, but ends up using his own witch, Jules, and Jenna ( whom he turns right before the ritual). He kills both Jules and Jenna then drains all of Elena's blood. But later on she came back to life with the help of Bonnie by switching her soul to her biological father's, John Gilbert and he dies. Because Klaus succeeded the ritual, he become a hybrid ( half vampire - half werewolf ) and goes on a killing spree, which includes Elijah. 

Damon accidentally bitten by Tyler during the full moon and unable to tell the difference between his past life with Katherine and his present with Elena. Bonnie tells Stefan that Klaus' blood is the cure to the werewolf bite. But, Klaus won't gives his blood for free in return he wants Stefan to go back to his old human killing self "The Ripper". So to saves Damon's life, Stefan left town with Klaus and start killing human and drain all of their blood, leaving Elena with Damon in Mystic Falls. And guys.. A lot happened when Stefan's gone, Damon confess his loves to Elena and she kissed him ! 

Meanwhile Jeremy discovers the consequences of his resurrection as he starting to sees his dead girlfriends, Vicky and Anna in his house.