Tuesday, January 10, 2017

The Vampire Diaries : Season 3 Full Recap

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Season three opens the door to learn more about Klaus and The Originals Family as his motives for bringing Stefan to his dark side is revealed. As Stefan sinks deeper to his dark side, Elena and Damon struggle to bring him home, but they also struggle with their growing relationship. Jeremy dead girlfriends ghost have a powerful message for him, but their relationship also have impact on his relationship with Bonnie. As Tyler and Caroline grew closer, a war erupts between their families. 

- This post below contains season 3 spoilers -

* Dead girlfriends : 

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Okay.. This is too much to handle.. So, Jeremy keep seeing his dead girlfriends, Vicki and Anna and soon able to communicate with him. Vicki asks him to help her, but Anna told him not to trust her cause' she's surrounded with darkness around her. Since now Jeremy is able to communicate with Anna, his feelings for her started to come back, which effect his current relationship with Bonnie Bennet. Jeremy told Matt that he can see Vicki as the consequences of his resurrection, so Matt decided to commit suicide so he's able to talk to her himself, knowing about this Jeremy told Bonnie about it. But it was too late, Matt committed suicide and Bonnie's able to bring him back to life by performing CPR, and yes.. Now he can see and talk to his dead sister. Vicki told him they need to perform a ritual so he can bring her back, of course, desperate and lonely Matt do it and the ritual complete. But, because it's dark magic there will be consequences to this ritual now ghosts can come and go to our world whenever they wanted to, which leads us to massacre in Mystic Falls. Even crazier, Vicki later revealed that she made a deal with The Original witch from the other side that she need to kill Elena to stop Klaus making hybrids. 

* The Ghost Town

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As Vicki's ritual consequences, Mystic Falls started to get haunted by ghosts. And Bonnie's grandmother also come back to help her restore peace by closing the door from the other side that allows these ghosts to come, and the only way to close it is to break the witch talisman, Elena's necklace. With the ghosts returning to Mystic Falls, some of the ghosts also help them. Like, Lexi she help Elena brings Stefan's humanity back and Mason's ghost help Damon finds a way to kill The Originals, we'll get to that later on. 

* The Ripper 

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As we know from the previous season in order to save Damon's life, Stefan sacrifice himself to Klaus as his wingman and go on a killing spree with him back to his old self as "The Ripper". Elena tries everything to bring him back home and bring back his humanity with the help of Damon and Alaric. But when Klaus fails at making hybrids he go to Chicago to find a witch that will help him figure out what's wrong... Which brings us to..

* Chicago 1920s

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During their trip to Chicago, Klaus revealed that they were friends back in 1920s, and Klaus had a ''thing" with his sister, Rebekah, who is also an original vampire and the first owner of Elena's necklace. But Klaus compels him to forget they knew each other, which leads to Rebekah feeling heartbroken and angry at Klaus cause' she loves Stefan, she plans to go back to him but before she could leave him, Klaus stake her.. Until now, when Klaus asks the witch, to figures out why he can't make hybrids, and she told him she needed Rebekah, cause' she have The Original Witch talisman, The necklace. So Klaus, undaggered Rebekah and she's furious that her necklace is gone. The witch uses a tracking spell and finds out about Elena being the doppelganger still alive, she plans to kill Stefan but is saved by Katherine. Feeling suspicious, Rebekah tell Klaus Stefan is hiding something. So they decided to go back to Mystic Falls to find out what it is.

* The doppelganger

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When Klaus finds out Elena's still alive and finds out Stefan been hiding this fact from him, he decided to compel him to turn off his humanity and become the full ripper. He also figures out that Elena's blood is the key to making hybrids, so he drains all of her blood and uses Tyler as his first trial, and Tyler succeeded the transition and become a hybrid. Thankfully, Damon saves her and warn Klaus about Mikael, a vampire who hunts vampire and been looking for him for centuries. Klaus decided to leave Mystic Falls with Elena's blood leaving Rebekah behind.

* The Gilbert Ring 

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Meanwhile, The Founders family members started to die one by one with a stake in their heart ( even though they're not vampires ) Everyone suspect the new mysterious doctor in town, Meredith Fell is the one behind this killing spree. But we later found out, that it's actually Alaric under the influence of The Gilbert Ring, luring him to the dark side and wanting all vampires in Mystic Falls dead with the help of The Original Witch..

* The Originals 

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With the help of Mason, Damon finds a way to kill The Originals from an old viking drawings. Elena and Alaric thinks that it also tells the story of The Originals family, Elena decided to asks Rebekah about it, she told her after her younger brother is killed by a werewolf their mother, Esther who is The Original Witch wants to keep them save using the immortality spells and turning them into vampires including their father, Mikael and later on he killed her. But based on the drawings, Klaus is the one who actually killed Esther, Rebekah then feels heartbroken.

* Esther  

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After undaggering Finn, Elijah, and Kol, Esther later on comes back to life and wants to kill all of her children cause' making them vampires was her biggest mistakes. So she decided to link them together using Elena's doppelganger blood, so if one die the others will too. But failed cause' Klaus asks Bonnie to unlink them. So, she starts working with "Dark sided vamps hunter" Alaric  and soon turns him into a vampire so he can be more faster and stronger. 

* Elena's death 

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After knowing that Alaric has killed Klaus, Rebekah take matter into her own hands and wants Alaric dead. So, she decided to kill Elena ( cause' Elena and Alaric soul were linked ) and so Elena and Matt had an accident and his truck went off The Wickery Bridge and starts drowning. Stefan come to the rescue, but Elena asks him to help Matt first and when he comes back for her it's too late, Elena is dead. Which leads us to the last scene with Dr. Meredith Fell, she told Damon when Jeremy brought her in this morning her condition was so much worse, she was bleeding from the brain and there's no way she can survive on her own. So, Dr.Fell gives her vampire blood to save her life, meaning.. Elena has died with vampire blood in her system, so she'll be awaken in transition of becoming a vampire.