Monday, December 19, 2016

The Vampire Diaries : Season 1 Full Recap

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The Vampire Diaries is the best show The CW debuting since Gossip Girl and Degrassi. The series tell the story of Elena Gilbert 
( Nina Dobrev ) who still mourning her parents death along with her brother, Jeremy Gilbert ( Steven R. McQueen ). She start to hang out with her best friend, Bonnie Bennet ( Kat Graham ) who question herself with her family descended of witches and her frenemy, Caroline Forbes ( Candice Accola ) to distract her mind and move on. As school year begins, Elena is intrigued by a handsome yet mysterious new student, Stefan Salvatore ( Paul Wesley ) who came from another school and the two find themselves drawn to each other, with Elena not realizing that Stefan is actually a century old "vegan" vampire and he has an unfinished business with his older "non vegan" vampire brother, Damon Salvatore ( Ian Somerhalder ) that could be the ruin of Elena and the town. 

- This post contains spoiler of The Vampire Diaries Season 1 -

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Nine months after series of crazy events and fiasco helped Elena learned that not only vampires exist, but the town founders families and councils been hunting them for generations.

They even imprisoned some of the vampires in a tomb. Elena also discovered that she's adopted and her birth mother, Isobel ( Mia Kirshner ) is now a vampire, more crazier the man that she knew and taught was her uncle, John Gilbert ( David Anders ) is actually her birth father, and her late dad was the doctor who presided over her birth #drama 

More drama ? Here's the thing, Elena found out that she look 1000000000 % exactly like the woman who sired and turned The Salvatore Brothers into a vampire, Katherine Petrova ( also played by Nina Dobrev ) and that's play a huge part on why they're so drawn to her. Oh, i'm not done yet.. Katherine might still be alive and wanted Elena dead. 

Even more dramatic, on Founder's day ( the season finale ) Elena uncle "used-to-be" / birth father used that event and the founder's families as bait to catch all the vampires in town cause' he knew some already escaped from the tomb. He used one of the Gilbert's invention that somehow made a high pitch sound and made all of the vampires paralyzed, he and his minion then poisoned them all with Vervain and locked them in an old building and set it on fire. The vampires that's taken includes Damon and Anna ( Malese Jow), who is Jeremy love interest. Sadly, Anna couldn't make it cause' John stake her. 

One of the most shocking plot twist, Tyler Lockwood ( Michael Trevino ) and his father Mayor Lockwood  ( Robert Palgo ) also paralyzed ! Wait.. What ? They're vampires ? But they survived the Vervain, so they're not vampires ? So the invention worked on all supernatural creatures, not just vampires ? Cause' we did see Tyler's eye changed color.. If so what are they ? Sadly, the mayor also not survived, cause' he also killed by John.

Stefan somehow manage to escaped the whole paralyzed thing, with Elena help and Bonnie witch assistance Stefan able to rescue Damon from the fire. 

After learning Anna death from Damon, Jeremy decided to turn into a vampire by drinking Anna's vampire blood that she gives to him earlier and committed suicide by drinking lots of sleeping pills. 

Another insane jaw - dropping plot twist.. Downstairs in the kitchen, a happy celebratory John explained to Elena about his relationship with Isobel. But then, Elena took one of the knife cut his hand and stabbed him ! He then realized that it wasn't actually Elena.. As he began to utter "Katherine.." Elena's vampire psychotic doppleganger šŸ˜± Not only stabbing John, earlier she had a made out session with Damon, who he taught was Elena !!  She really knows how to made a ''comeback'' doesn't she ? But how did she go inside the house ? She can't compel anyone.. Cause' Elena been protecting her families with Vervain. 

The season ends with the real Elena coming back home and find a lot of tragedy happened at her home and she need a lot explaining to do because Damon taught she kissed him and her aunt Jenna 
( Sara Canning ) sees that, i think her nightmare just started.