Monday, January 18, 2016

PS I Still Love you ( Book Review ) - Jenny Han

I've just finished reading this book and i loved it !!
reading this book was so fast... i really adore this book i wish it could be a lot more, okay then.. let's discuss it !! 
This review will be divided by 2 section for spoilers and non - spoilers. 

Non - Spoilers : 

If you probably didn't know, the first book..To All the Boys I Loved Before, tell about Lara Jean, she write a love letter to all the boys she ever loved, but she never meant to send the letter to them. So, she keep all of the letter in her secret box beneath her bed. Until one day, all letters got sent and she was so embarrassed. 
I was so happy reading this 2 books cause' the feeling just the same as i read the 1st book. The writing was so easy to read.
That's all for non spoilers section.. go and read the book and come back to read the whole review. 

Spoilers : 

I was so angry at Peter when Lara Jean saw him with Geneveive, i even throw the book cause' i was so mad at him. I still don't know Peter telling the truth or he's cheating like Lara Jean thought. But, i think for me it was a normal reaction for Lara Jean to be mad at him. Seeing your boyfriend with your ex- girlfriend. Also, when we started to know that Geneveive send that video to Instagram. I already knew from the beginning that it must be Geneveive. But, later we found out that Peter still love her and so as Lara Jean.

I really don't know how to choose between John and Peter cause' no way i'm choosing one of them and you know the reason why.. :) 

When John and Lara Jean attend the party for the grandparents I really love the scene when Peter and Geneveive showed up, and then John and Lara Jean started to wear 1940's uniform i was so happy and then Geneveive try to tag Lara Jean out and Lara Jean run into John's car i was laughing it was so funny ...

I already knew that Stormy's grandchild must be John. 
The sad part in this book, when her father know about the video and her father tell her that even she doesn't have a mom, her dad try to be a mom for all of them. It was so sad... Also, when Kitty and Lara Jean start to talk to each other about their feelings and start to give each other advice. 

Remember the scene when Peter and Lara Jean make a contract, a list of what they should do and don't..That was my favorite part of the book.

Until the end of this book, i still don't know the friendship between Geneveive and Lara Jean. I think it don't work out. That part when Lara Jean ask Geneveive why she hated her so much, Gen start to explain that she saw Lara Jean and Peter kissed in the basement when they were in 7th grade. Then, Gen also ask Lara Jean to never tell anyone or anything about what Lara Jean saw Gen father dating a younger girl. 

I just don't want this book to be over.. And i'm planning to read Jenny Han's other books. 
This book really teach me about making mistakes and how to make it right, family the only one on this earth that really love you no matter how you make so many mistakes, no matter how many times you screw things up, first love or being in a relationship with someone is not a target.. it's not a race and you don't have to faking it just to be like your other friends, if you have a sister or a sibling love them like you love yourself,help each other, give advice to each other. 

That's all my thoughts and review for PS I Still Love you by Jenny Han i hope you enjoyed it. Thanks for visiting. 

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