Sunday, October 4, 2015

We Were Liars Book Review

" A beautiful and distinguished family.
A private Island.
A brilliant, damaged girl. a passionate, political boy.
A group of four friends. the Liars, whose turns destructive.
A revolution. An accident. A secret.
Lies upon Lies.
True love.
The truth. " 

" READ IT. And if anyone asks you how it ends, JUST LIE " 

hi !! i just finished read we were liars a few weeks ago and... i'm still thinking about it ... 
actually this is not kind of book i want to read again, or the kind of book i love. But, the writting was AWESOME !!! 

so.. let's get on the review.

Non - Spoiler : 

If you haven't read it .. there's nothing you need to know further cause' it's more exciting if you read this book without knowing anything. 
But, i will give you a little summary ..
this book tells about a girl named Candence called Cady who is a Sinclair. Sinclair are rich and famous family who owns an island in Massachusetts, and every summer all of the family come to that island usually Candence comes with her 2 cousins Johnny and Mirren and Johnny friend, Gat. The family called 4 of them the Liars. One day, Candence had an accident on summer fifteen that make her can't remember anything that really happened on that summer. What really happened with her ?? 
guess you have to read to know what happened next ... 
go read it !! so we can discuss it together 
Please.. if you haven't read the book just go and read it cause' there's going to be MAJOR SPOILERS ahead... and you don't want to get spoiled so leave !!!! 

Spoiler : 

okay... so the reason i picked up this book is that i know that there's going to be a major twist in this book. 
i thought that the twist is the metaphor Candence tell about when her father shoot her ... i thought the rest of the story will be the story of Candence being a ghost... but it's NOT !! it's only a metaphor and the writting was awesome !! i thought it was real !!! 
BUT, the twist are The Liars burn the whole house down !!! 
and the silly thing is that each of them has to burn each floor cause' they want to burn all of the things so, their family don't have to argue about it. 
But, still that is the silliest plan EVER !!
And when the dogs die in the fire ... it was so sad... 
The reason Candence cannot remember anything is because she hit her head when she realized that she killed everyone in the fire and she was hallucinatung along the story ... 
i rate this book on Goodreads 4 out of 5 stars !! 

that's all about the review..
see you on the next post bye !! 

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