Monday, October 5, 2015

Finding Audrey by Sophie Kinsella Book Review

Hi readers !!

i've just finished reading Finding Audrey a while ago, and i was so happy and glad that i can read this book ... why ?? because Sophie Kinsella was really an awesome writter !!
Finding Audrey was my first Sophie Kinsella book. i will read more of her book when i grow up.
so, let's get on to the review !!

Non-Spoilers :

Finding Audrey tell about a 14 year old girl named Audrey and she has this eye contact anxiety problem so she has to wear sunglasses where ever she is ( at home, public,etc). Because of her anxiety so she cannot go to school ( she will explain why ?? in the book ) and she has to visit her personal doctor / psychologist that help her through her anxiety. Then, she meet this guy named Linus, her brother friend and she feels that Linus is someone that she can talk to about her anxiety and make her feel better.  Also, all of her family was supporting her and helping her through her anxiety.
That's all you need to know.. you have to read this book and i'm sure you will loved it !!
go read it so we can discuss it together !
BYE !!!

Spoilers :

OMG !! i really loved Audrey and Linus relationship it was so adorable espicially their trip to Starbucks !! it was so cute..
i really laugh so hard when her mother screaming and keep yelling at Audrey brother to stop playing with his game ... hahahaha really remind me of how my mother used to do the same thing to me when i keep playing with my Playstation hahahahahaha
oh ! and the letter Audrey and Linus used to send each other it was so cute !!! and they ask Audrey little brother to send it aaaaaaahhh it was so cute !!
i really like that Sophie Kinsella didn't tell us what happened to Audrey before so she had this anxiety, so through out the book we just following Audrey recovering from her anxiety with the help of everyone that loved her ...
That's all about the review !! hope you enjoyed it !!

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