Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Teen Wolf Review : Season 6 Episode 7 "Heartless"

Favorite quote from this episode : 

"I need Stiles. He's my anchor." - Malia Tate

This week episode titled "Heartless" is based on Theo who stole his sister's heart and had it implanted to become a chimera by The Dread Doctors, leaving his sister heartless in the underworld.

So many characters are back this episode, and some of our questions are answered too ! On this episode, Scott and Liam make an attempt to capture a Ghost Rider, Malia confronts Peter to find a way into The Wild Hunt. Meanwhile, Lydia tries to convince Sheriff Stilinski of Stiles existence based on the newly found evidence.

- This post below contains spoilers - 

* Heartless 

You've probably been wondering, what happened to Theo while he's in the underworld with his sister, Tara. Now we do know what happened to him. Apparently, Tara rip out her heart from his chest over and over and over again.. Well Theo, karma's a bitch ! And later on, Malia punches his face over and over again is pretty satisfying.. I mean after everything he has done, he deserves it !! 

* Fixing Peter 

Now we know that Peter is alive and well because Malia asks Melissa to heal him with The Nine Herbs, she used on Chris in the previous episode. And now, Malia and Peter searches The Portal to find a way to bring Stiles back and i really enjoyed their father & daughter scene. 

* The Outlaw

Turns out the plan worked and they able to caught one of The Ghost Riders !  And now they wanted to interrogate it. Oh and Theo's bone break when he tries to help Scott with the gate, maybe spending time in the underworld with his heartless sister changed him a bit. 

* "We are The Wild Hunt."

According to Mason, Parrish is the one that can communicate with The Ghost Riders and turns out he's right. Even now, The Ghost Riders can control him. It actually make sense, cause' based on the book that Lydia reads about The Wild Hunt, The Ghost Riders is accompanied by a black dog during The Wild Hunt and that black dog is The Hellhound = Parrish. 

* Stiles' room

My most anticipated moment in this episode, so from the previous episode Stilinski breaking down the wallpaper and found Stiles' room. We later see Lydia convince him that Stiles' real and apparently she's the only one that can see that the room is not empty, it's fill with Stiles' belongings. The most heartwarming scene, when Lydia hold Stiles' jersey and cry then she tosses it to Stilinski and he catch it, meaning he starts to remember. 

* The Void

Image result for claudia stilinski season 6

We finally might have an answer to the whole "Claudia" thing.. Lydia seem to have a theory about her existence, Lydia claimed that Stilinski actually might conjured up his dead wife, Claudia out of his grief because' he loved Stiles so much and its always been the two of them this whole time. So to fill out his void, Claudia appeared just like Caleb and Lenore. Which for me actually makes a lot of sense. 

* Hauptmann

Back to the plan, as i said before the plan works but it didn't succeeded, and who messed it up ? Mr. Douglas a.k.a The Nazi Werewolf who appeared out of nowhere and starts speaking to Theo using a German accent ! This is so ridiculous.. And based on their conversation, we know that they know each other cause' both of them were The Dread Doctors toys, and Theo called him "Hauptmann" which means captain in German. He messed up the plan by EASILY taking down The Outlaw. I mean.. What ? How can he take him down just like that, even beat Scott's true alpha power ?  And then he eats the Pineal Gland, stole the whip, and attack Corey ! Why Corey... ???! Then we see his eyes glowing green, so now he's a Nazi Werewolf Ghost Riders ? 

So i guess we gonna have to wait until next week episode titled "Blitzkrieg" which is a German term for lightning war. Basically, he's going to war against Scott's pack and guys.. they once step closer to save Stiles, Corey, and everyone from The Hunt.