Thursday, November 12, 2015

November Releases and TBR

Yass... November releases and TBR !!! finally here....

This month is another month full with exciting, thrilling books to add to your TBR ..  not just that those exciting books are written by several author that have been our favorites author too.

So, Let's get on the list..

* First of... we got ( DRUM ROLLS )


Winter by Marissa Meyer

In the 4th series of The Lunar Chronicles, this book tell about Princess Winter ( which is Queen Levanna's Stepdaughter ) and if you probably didn't know The Lunar Chronicles is a retelling of a classic fairytales.. the first book, Cinder is the retelling of Cinderella. The second book, Scarlett is the retelling of Little Red Riding Hood..and the third book Cress about Rapunzel..

So.. Winter in the 4th book will join Cinder and her allies to defeated Queen Levanna.

* The second book is ...

The Lies About the Truth by Courtney C. Stevens.

This book tell about... Sadie Kingston, a girl that living in the aftermath of a car accident that killed her friend, Trent. And also leave several scars on  her face and body. Since then, she can't move foward. Only Trent's brother, Max that could understand her. Later on, Sadie begins to fall for him and else. But, then she know the truth about what happen to the car accident,  and she has to decide if she want to step forward into the future or stuck trapped in her past. This book was published on November 3rd by Harper Teen and consist of 336 pages..
i had some feeling that this book is a little same as We Were Liars.. dark and mysterious..

* The third book ...

Soundless by Richelle Mead.

Whoa ! i seriously freak out when i know that Richelle Mead the same author that bought and created Vampire Academy, has a new book coming out !!! 
Soundless tell about a fantasy novel set in a Chinese folkfore... the main character is Fei. She live in a village, and in the story the villagers used to collect food for the mysterious kingdom. But, when suddenly the villagers turn blind and they can't collect food for the kingdom.. hunger are everywhere. And Fei start to go on a journey to the mysterious kingdom.. 

* Next book.. is the book that i seriously wanted so much to read !! 

November 9 by Colleen Hoover !!!  

woo hooo !! so . excited to read it !! 
The story tell about a love story between a writer and his unexpected muse. So, Fallon meets Ben.. a novelist who looking for an inspiration for his new book. And during the story they begin to start a relationship and untill one day, Fallon think Ben don't tell the truth and there's going to be an ultimate plot twist in the story.. 
This novel was published exactly in November 9. 
Can't wait to  read and review it !! 

* The next book is a very mysterious book that i'm so excited to read it !! 

It is ....

Hotel Ruby by Suzanne Young !! 

Suzanne Young the same author who brought The Program trilogy!!! 

" Stay Tonight, Stay Forever .. " 

that sentence really creep me out. Okay, so.. Hotel Ruby tells the story of Audrey Casella. She and her brother have to stay unplanned at Grand Hotel Ruby after their mother's death. At the hotel, Ruby find someone that make her pulse racing.. as she and her brother start feeling safe there, something strange about that hotel.. Audrey starts hearing whispers about the hotel dark past. The more people she meet, her curiousity starts grow. 

* the next book is also mysterious and dark.. 

Dangerous Lies by Becca Fitzpatrick

" Stella Gordon is not her real name.. Nebraska is not her real home... and not her real life.." 

This book tell about Stella Gordon, a girl who witness a lethal crime. She's going to start Senior Year with a boyfriend she loves. She's planning not to stay there forever. As she feel a little safer, she also felt threat increase.. cause' the enemy is closer than she thinks.. This book was published by Simon & Schuster. 

* The last book is... 

" No one gets something for nothing.. we all should known better." 

This book tell about a high school teenagers at Winsconsin, Nottawa high school drawn into a social networking site that promise to grant their every wishes and need ( regard, the consequences ) Soon, the site turn sinister with simple pranks to lethal crimes. This YA Thriller, teach us about a dark story of social media and dark side of a human nature. 

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